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The Fox

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The weather has been beautiful lately and I found myself lucky enough to have one of those days just perfect for sitting and working outside.  I set up on my deck overlooking the field in my backyard.  I was working on one of my newsletters looked up to noticed a fox walking across my field.  I've seen him before go dashing across the field at dawn but never in the middle of the afternoon.  He was taking his time sauntering across the field, pausing every few minutes to look straight at me.  It was one of those moments that you just go wow, am I really seeing what I am seeing? I wanted to get closer so I slowly started making my way across the yard.

He looked at me and his ears perked in interest as he was watching what I was doing.  I was creeping towards him slowly wanting to get a better look.  I honestly think he'd all but have let me walk right up to him if my little one wasn't going "Mommy look at the fox!" hot on my heels all the way behind me lol.

At one point I stopped reallizing my son wasn't going to quiet down and so I stood there trying to quiet my son and get him to stand still so I could watch the fox.  The fox looked at me, cocked his head to the side a bit then sat down and fluffed his tail round the front of him and just watched me.  I was floored to say the least.  I couldn't have been more then 20 feet from him.  It was amazing to see him so close. What a beautiful creature.  It was just one of those moments........

Thoughts on Fox Meanings, Fox Totems and Animal Symbolism Related to the Fox

In China, fox animal symbolism revolved around the afterlife. Lore has it that a fox sighting was thought to be a signal from the spirits of the deceased.
Fox animal symbolism takes a turn of intelligence in the Celtic realm, as the Celts believed the fox to be a guide, and was honored for its wisdom. The Celts understood the fox knows the woods intimately, and they would rely upon the fox as their guide in the spirit world.
In Japan, the fox was considered one of the rain spirits, and a messenger of Inari the rice god. Here the fox also symbolizes longevity and protection from evil.
In Native American lore, fox animal symbolism deals with two interpretations. One perspective (Northern tribes) observes the fox as a wise and noble messenger. The other (Plains tribes) views the fox as a trickster playing pranks, or worse - luring one to demise.
Overwhelmingly, cultural consensus on fox animal symbolism deals with:
  • cunning
  • strategy
  • quick-thinking
  • adaptability
  • cleverness
  • wisdom
It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow - straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to "hit the target" of our desires.
The red in the fox is representative of a solar emblem. As a solar emblem the fox animal symbolism deals with:
  • passion
  • desire
  • intensity
  • expression
The fox encourages us to think outside of the box and use our intelligence in different, creative ways. The fox also brings us a message to try to approach our circumstances differently that we normally would. Be aware of some of our habits, and try a different angle of action.
The fox also a reminder that we must utilize all of our resources (seen and unseen) in order to accomplish our goals. Sometimes this means calling upon some unorthodox methods.
Furthermore, the fox is a sign to be mindful of our surroundings.
Phenomenally effective shapeshifters and incredibly adaptable, the fox beckons us to not make too many waves but rather, adapt to our surroundings, blend into it, and use our surroundings (and circumstances) to our advantage.
Other generalized fox symbolic meanings deal with
  • focus
  • determination
  • right-action
It should be obvious from this summary that fox animal symbolism goes far beyond what we may see on the surface. On the contrary, the fox has an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with us if/when we are willing to be still for the teachings.
Spend some meditative time with the spirit of the fox - odds are you will be amazed at the powerful insight this regal creature has to offer you.

My friend Tansy from Sacred Mists did a wonderful blog post about the meaning of a fox. :)) You can check it out here:

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  1. Great info about the fox, thank you :D
    thought you might like my machinima film The Lammas Wickerman which also features a fox, dancing...
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