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Gemstones and Protection Spell

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Some of you may know I have been working quite a bit with gemstones over the last few months.  I'm very interested in healing so have been working a lot with the stones to learn how to heal both emotionally and physically.  I spent this afternoon making up a personal gemstone bag for myself with crystals that I wish to have in it, and writing a gemstone spell for protection, to charge one of the crystals that I will include in my bag.  I know several of you who read this blog are empaths and highly sensitive so I thought you might like to see what I   came up with. :))

Moonstone - Moonstone has a reflective and calming energy.  Moonstone is a stone for “new beginnings”.  It’s a stone of inner growth and strength.  Moonstone soothes stress and anxiety.  It strengthens intuition and psychic perception, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business.  It helps to aid the digestive system, dieting, gardening, psychic awareness and meditation.  It stimulates the pineal gland and balances hormonal cycles.  Placed under the pillow it can allow for more peaceful sleep.  The Rainbow Moonstone can be cleansing and uplifting because of it’s broad spectrum of colors. I have been drawn to this stone for quite some time now and I have one that I wear all the time.

Sunstone - Compliments the Moonstone. Sunstone is a very positive gemstone.  It promotes good humor, cheerfulness and an even temper.  It can help to provide energy to help complete tasks that one may find daunting.   The Sunstone helps to provide self-confidence and assists in discovering your own nature and living accordingly.  It helps maintain a positive attitude towards life.  Keep a Sunstone with you if you have difficulty saying “no” to people and you continually sacrifice for others.  It will detach feelings of abandonment and discrimination, remove inhibitions and hangups, and reverse feelings of failure.  This stone helps to increase your self-worth and confidence giving you encouraging optimism and enthusiasm.  It enhances the holders self healing powers.  It’s healing properties include stimulating the autonomic nervous system and enhancing the functioning of all body organs.  It’s very helpful in cases of exhaustion.  You can use it to treat sore throats and relieve the pain of stomach ulcers.  This stone has been very effective at helping with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Sunstone can help to lift depression.

Sapphire - Historically the star sapphire is used to protect the wearer by reflecting harmful or evil spells back to the sender.  Sapphires can be used to open yourself up to spiritual messages, and aid you in clarifying what the information received means to you.  When used during meditation it can help you find your hidden potential and see the vision of your life’s work.  Sapphires will help to clear a mental path for your new journey.  Sapphires are also helpful in achieving material dreams and maintaining wealth once you acquire it.  Sapphire is the most effective healing stone for the nervous system.  It is helpful for nervous heart trouble.  It can also aid in strengthening the walls of blood vessels.  It is my birthstone. I also wear a star sapphire ring all the time.  :))

Celestite  - Celestite is popular to use in communicating with angelic and spirit guides.  This stone can instantly lift you above mundane life.  If you meditate with celestite it will open a clear channel of communication.  This stone can be used to assist in remembering your dreams and helps with lucid dreaming.  When you keep a stone under your pillow, you can call upon the stone in the morning to help you remember your dreams to write in your dream journal.  It can be used in Astral Travel to improve the accuracy of where you wish to travel.  Celestite eases stress in the physical body and helps to prevent diseases brought on by worrying.  It can help to improve eyesight and hearing.  It can also help with the digestive process.  Celestite helps to relieve headaches and tension in the bodies by removing stress from physical form.

Malachite - Malachite has a long history with Egyptian culture.  Malachite is wonderful to help us remember and renew our connection with the All.  It allows us to get to know our core self without the fear that can typically hold us back.  It helps to find the child within and be reborn of light.  Malachite is very soothing to the soul and is helpful to release stress and help to create new beginnings.  Malachite helps increase concentration and helps both physical and psychic vision.  Malachite will help find a balanced path between our ego’s desire, and desires of our higher will.  It aids us to remove blockages, and inspires with ideas with help to manifest goals.  Malachite promotes growth and builds strength.  It helps with heart pain and cardiac asthma.  The stone can absorb negative energy from the auric field and cleanse it helping to balance the person wearing it and protect them from negative energies.  This stone can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies and encourage true, pure love.  It is used for enhancing emotional stability and balance.

Rose Quartz -  Rose Quartz is the gem of unconditional love.  Rose quartz brings gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance and helps to balance one’s emotions to bring inner peace and harmony.  Rose quartz raises self-esteem and self-worth.  It helps heal emotional wounds and traumas including grief to bring peace and calm.  Rose quartz removes feelings of resentment and anger.  It can heal and release childhood trauma, neglect, and lack of love by enhancing inner awareness.  It can help with reconciliation of family and others.  Rose quartz benefits the heart in crystal healing.  It aids in proper function of the circulatory system, kidneys, adrenals, genitals, liver, lungs and heart.  It can assist with kidney disease, migraines, sinus problems, throat problems, depression, addictions. Rose quartz can slow signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, spleen probles, fibromyalgia and help with weight loss.  This stone is typically used in rituals and spells associated with love.  It’s also an excellent calming stone for children.

Fluorite (Rainbow)  - Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy especially mental, emotional and nervous energy.  It can help you to straighten out your thoughts and reduce emotional involvement in a situation to get a more accurate perspective.  It’s a powerful healing stone and affects all the chakras.  Fluorite is excellent to use to cleanse the chakra.  It is also known to rid the aura of unwanted energy lines from other people.  Fluorite can aid in channeling and is very helpful for past life work.  When put with other stones, Fluorite can amplify their effects, especially when you are working towards spiritual wholeness and development.  It is also extremely helpful with shielding against unwanted energies.  It can help remove pain when placed directly on the area.  It can be helpful with respiratory issues, skin diseases and arthritis.  Fluorite can be used to help with ulcers.

Black Tourmaline - Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds.  It is also a very strong grounding stone.  It is believed among many that this is the best protection stone that you can use.  It is very powerful for healing and protection and will strengthen the immune system.

Black Tourmaline Spell of Protection 

Cast a circle and create a sacred space.  
Best performed on the night of the waning moon.
Charge a black tourmaline gemstone with this chant

“By the Moon, by the sea,
this stone be charged in protection be,
no harm may come to those beside me,

for whom may try may they be bound,
unable to hurt anyone nor make a sound

hear my plea this night
a ring of protection where this stone is in sight

these words which I abide,
an it harm none do as ye will

so mote it be”


  1. Thank you for being here! Peace,Love,& Harmony!
    Blessed Be!

  2. Hi, I have a dark blue sapphire ring and I really like it though it's not my birthstone for I'm under cancer zodiac, can I still use it?will I still benefit for the blue sapphire protections and healing matter? I'm also in deep understanding about witchcraft now and I'm also hoping to cast own spells soon. Can u pls guide me? Thank u! And have a good life.

  3. Merry Meet sweetie :))))) You can absolutely use a sapphire that's in a ring :))) A lot of times I suggest if you are going to work with a stone if you can get it in a ring, necklace or bracelet that's the best way as you can keep it on you :))))))) Have a magickal day :)))

    Much Love and Many Blessings,

    Jasmeine Moonsong


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