Friday, May 6, 2011

Out into the World

Merry Meet :)))

So I'm officially working on making my way out into the world.  Until now I've kept the majority of what I do online. However, I've been feeling lately like I need to start being in person with people to work on my path, and two days after the New Moon ritual I have two classes that have fallen upon my lap.  I will be going to the first class tonight, Connecting With Your Psychic Self.  It's at a wellness center fairly close to where I live.  I'm very excited to be going. It's two hours for the next few weeks.

This past Sunday I took a "day off". :) I went for a drive to the Crystal Wellness Center in Great Barrington MA.   The area it was in itself was enough to make me walk around with my mouth open a bit and excitement in my eyes.  It was a little area just full of quaint little shops that anyone interested in New Age material would love.  I found myself wandering around the shop for well over an hour.  They have a wonderful array of crystals and gemstones and gemstone jewelry to peruse.  I was also content wandering among the many handpicked books for your reading within the store.  The store itself just has a wonderful energy about it and I enjoyed my time there. What caught my attention while I was out there though was the fact that they have workshops and seminars there as well.  I actually had one come up this week that I signed up for. :))) It's going to be held on June 4.  Learn to read the Tarot in One Day with Sheila Hite.  You can check out her website here:  I've been working with the tarot cards for quite some time now so I'm really excited about this course.

It's hard to explain, it seems like things always have a way of just falling into place for me.  If I can relax and trusts my instincts and follow the path being laid out for me I know all will be ok.  I do feel like I am getting a huge nudge to eventually start working with people offline.  I thought it rather ironic that I felt like I needed to take classes in person and two fell onto my lap in a couple of days.  I've not seen much for classes around where I am and it's like I've just put a key into this special door that allows me to find where everyone is in my area.  I am peering inside cautiously but loving what I am finding ;)

I hope this message finds everyone well.
Love and Blessings to you all,
Jasmeine Moonsong

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