Saturday, May 7, 2011

Validation for Me

In the past couple of weeks I have felt like things were going to start to change for me.  It's hard to explain, but I have seen the signs, and my card pulls are reflecting what I am getting for information. I am getting nudged out of the nest so to speak.  Pretty much everything I have done with Wicca has been online for the most part.

I took a trip to a quaint little New Age shop recently where a pendulum called my attention.  It's absolutely gorgeous. It's definitely one to help me work with obtaining messages from the other side.  It's the one in the picture.  It's hard to get a picture to show it right, but it is beautiful. The light catches it in sooo many different ways. It has a little crystal ball on the top, and a small quartz coming off of the bottom.  As soon as I picked it up I knew immediately it was for me and what I was to use it for.

So since receiving that I had two classes fall into my lap. I was invited to intend a one day tarot class at that shop with Sheila Hite in June. I'm soooo excited about it! I also had a class come up in a town right next to where I live that is for developing Psychic Awareness. I've been saying I wanted to attend classes out but have never seen any in my area and here they are!

So I went to my first class for Psychic Awareness last night. I absolutely loved it! The girls in the class had taken other classes together before so I was the newbie.  I was pretty comfortable with the material being presented though.  Come to find out they will be meeting weekly! :))))))) I was so nervous driving up there as I'm one who tends to doubt my gifts. *blushes* So I was worried that I was going to get there and just be out of my league.

About half way through the class she started teaching meditations.  Something I'm comfortable enough with due to my time at the Mists.  We started with a basic simple meditation.  I laid on the floor and got comfy.  The point of it was to control breathing and focus on an object.  Easy enough right?  OMG! I couldn't concentrate for the life of me! I kept feeling like there was an older lady standing over me looking down at me with arms crossed with this kind of "what are you doing laying on my floor" attitude.  Not threatening at all just like she wanted to know why I was there?   So I was frustrated and the girl leading the class noticed it.  Now the entire class had been talking about a male spirit who tends to lurk as the center is an old house, but they said nothing about a woman.  So I'm thinking ok my mind is being wayyyy overactive.  But I couldn't get it to settle down.  She was getting ready to start the next meditation and I kindof whispered to the class leader asking her if she was aware of a female presence as well.  She answered me loudly *blushes* with a why yes there is a female presence here as well.  She then asked me to describe what I saw and a couple other girls in the class got excited when i described her.  Come to find out she's well known there as well, she just doesn't appear nearly as often.  :))))))))))))))))))

I'm so proud!

I know, it sounds like something so simple, but it was the validation that I needed for my skills, which was a huge reason I wanted to take some classes in person to begin with. :)))) I am looking forward to going back.  I will be sure to bring my pendulum with me next time.

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Ain't validation grand??!! Good for you!!



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