Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awww Man, You Broke My Concentration

Dance Dance Revolution Max 2So what exactly is concentration? Concentration is when you direct your mental powers or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject or problem.  This is controlled by your conscious mind.  In your unconscious mind you store everything you have ever seen heard and experienced in these neat little files called your memory.  If you can learn to access these files then you can recall more information.  The human body has one of the most sophisticated filing systems out there.  Unfortunately we are seldom taught how sort everything properly into files, and recall that information.

This morning, I was dancing with a DDR max program. It's one of those games where you follow the arrows on the screen and put your foot on the corresponding square. I haven't played it in awhile, but some time ago I use to do it almost every day as a means to stay in shape.  As I was doing this I noticed I was relaxing.  Exercise always relaxes me.  I noticed a few times I did the routines flawlessly.  Those times when I forgot what I was doing but saw the score at the end and was like wow, perfect score.  The minute my concentration was broke, I was off step and analyzing how to get back on track.  The more I actually tried to think about what I was doing the worse I did.  Yes, for those of you going oh wow this is a playstation 2 game I know my system is outdated and I really need to get the Wii :))))))

So I tried to just listen to the music and relax.  The more I just listened to the music and relaxed the better I did.  Why? Because I was letting my subconscious take over.  When my body is doing what it's suppose to flawlessly because of images on a screen, that would be my subconscious leading and my conscious mind sitting in the back seat for a time being.  It is literally translating the arrows on my screen as to an action I am suppose to take.  Without my conscious chiming in it's opinion like it's too fast, or I missed that step, etc.  The conscious mind can be quite negative if you don't teach it to quiet down. :P By allowing yourself to get lost in what you are doing and let your subconscious take over for awhile, it can have the same effect as meditation.  Part of the purpose of meditating is to quiet your consciousness for a little while.  A lot of people I work with tell me that they don't have the time or quietness in their life to meditate.  That's fine, but there are other ways you can achieve the same results.  This is an example of one that worked for me.  After a bit over an hour of doing it, I was relaxed, both physically and mentally.  I also ran the equivalent of 2.5 miles the games says. :) *beams* lol

So what I'm proposing is this: When you believe that someone is actually breaking your concentration, ie you working consciously to complete an activity, they are actually interrupting your subconscious mind at work accessing your memory, or files that you have stored.  It would be the equivalent of someone making a loud noise during a meditation.  It jolts you back to consciousness.


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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