Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Soul Attends Tarot Seminar

Merry Meet :)

I attended a one day Tarot Class seminar with Sheilaa Hite yesterday :))) It was absolutely amazing.  Sheilaa is just a tremendously loving energy to be around.  Her method of teaching is just fantastic.  I spent 9 hours with her in a classroom learning tarot and it felt like I was there for two.  She really taught me to read the cards.  She taught me the meanings of the cards but taught me to look beyond that.  When I do a spread, don't look at what the cards mean.... "LOOK" at the cards. :) Look at the picture on the cards, the colors on the card, the story the card is telling.  While sometimes the card may mean what it traditionally means it is open to my interpretation and I have to get down into the card for it may have nothing to do with what the traditional meaning is.  I honestly can't say enough good about her. :)))) She pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me dependent upon my intuition and not the knowledge I have gained.  It really was incredible.  She taught me to stand and face my own truth. Just an absolutely amazing teacher and soul.  I really can't recommend her enough.  If you ever get the chance to take a seminar with her or a meditation you should. :))))

From the moment I saw her, she felt familiar to me, and I was scanning through my memories trying to figure out why.  During the class she told me that myself, the girl seated next to me were all in past lives and were "burned at the stake"  I wasn't surprised when she told me this. :) It's not the first time I've been told I was a witch in a past life, and that I practiced as a healer in a past life. She also told me that myself and the girl next to me were old souls, and that I was an adept.  This is not the first time I've heard this either. I've been singled out many times and told I'm an old soul.  I am learning to recognize people who are.  It takes me longer though.  I need to spend a good deal of time with them to be able to tell.    It's funny how I wonder how they can tell, but I can tell you with confidence that my son is.   I learned so much yesterday from Sheila my head is still swimming, and I know it will likely take me the next few days to just absorb it.  But I'm wanting to focus in on the "old soul" part of it this morning.  So I hit up my google to browse the information available. :)

I found this description of an old soul on a reincarnation quiz online on facebook and loved it. :) If you want to take the quiz on facebook you can find it here:

"When the winds of change blow, you, Old Soul, sense the outcome ahead of others, having seen so much before. Surprises come in smaller forms to you, as in the unexpected experiences of the senses, deepening your appreciation of the physical. You want life to last so you can explore your mature understanding of existence. You have become patient with the younger souls, understanding their paths and of the challenges they face. You forgive much, often acting as mentor without pushing your beliefs upon others. You give without great expectations of receiving. Love has become the most valued concept in your universe - this life may be your quest to perfect your ability to express and receive perfect love. Thoughts of dying do not fill you with dread, as you understand death is a part of life, and life is a process of becoming... so death is a graduation, not an end. At rest, you feel at one with the universe and are grateful for your current home, Earth. You have a heartfelt affinity for history - the connections to various periods throughout time are undeniable. Very old souls are adept at recognizing other old souls... mutual respect forms naturally between them."

I found this description on an article Mystery of the Soul Part 4.  This is only a paragraph from it.  I would definitely recommend taking a read if this area interests you. :)

Old souls are the teachers and guides of the younger souls. Having experienced life and its many facets, spiritually speaking, they are the ones among human souls most qualified to show others the Way. Usually, they possess not mere intellectual knowledge of Universal Truths, but have experienced them personally through soul-perception. Old souls enjoy their freedom and have a sense of inter-relatedness. All things to the Old soul are inseparable from itself, and are but aspects of itself. They see and feel God in everything. From the perspective of Young souls, old timers are sometimes hard to fathom. The Old ones seem to lack any powerful ambition, motivation, and enthusiasm for earthly life. They appear to be detached, reticent, and aloof. Old souls enjoy unorthodox spiritual practices, and alternative forms of healing. They are esoterically inclined--always searching for the inner truths in religion rather than conforming to its formalities; they are more spiritually aware than the soul groups of any other soul stage. Old souls are adept in choosing and expressing any of their past-life personalities according to the situations that they face in life. They might appear authoritative one moment, and at another they may act docile, sweet and innocent. Old souls know that life is a play and that they are merely actors playing roles. From the viewpoint of Baby and Young souls, the Old ones with their spiritual vision and mystical understanding are simply heretical. Old souls have often been persecuted and executed by the ignorant younger souls. The Young ones tend to attack what they fear and do not understand in the Old ones and thus create unnecessary karma. The Old soul is easygoing, eccentric, kind, gentle, loving, insightful, intuitive, and harmless, these are just some of their positive traits; Old souls have very little negative traits and ego left, although there are some "species" that can seemingly be obnoxious for certain karmic reasons. Old souls are at times lazy, weird, and unmotivated. 

I hope you enjoy :)) Big Hugs

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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