Sunday, July 31, 2011

Message from a Butterfly

Merry Meet :)

I woke up early this morning and decided to go outside to enjoy the day early before it got too hot outside.  I picked up a copy of "A Seed of Love" by Cheryl Hanish last night on my Kindle.  I had read the first couple of chapters a few weeks ago and the book was one that I knew I was suppose to read.  I often will get given lessons I am to learn or messages through books that I read.  Today was no exception.

I settled into my chair outside listening to the kids playing in the yard and immediately got caught up in her book. It's really an amazing book if you get the opportunity to read it.  I am struck by how many things she describes that are familiar to me.  Sensations of how she communicates and how she found her path.  It's like reading a version of my own life story.  The energy was right around me.  Some of you may understand what I mean by that.  I had a feeling a message was coming.

While I was reading about her journey I was struck immediately by a certain section.

"These weren't just any angels; these were my angels, and they wanted me to know they were with me.  It was a reminder that I had never been and never woul be alone.  I was deeply loved and cared for, always and forever.  They held me closest in those times when I did not know if I could make it one more day.  They worked to uplift me and support me, so I would not end my time here on Earth too soon.  These fractal angels also had another message, a different message.   And it was part of the message that broke me down into a full sobbing cry.  They were telling me that just as they were here uplifting me, I was here to uplift others.  They wanted me to know that this is what I was meant to do. "

As soon as I read this part my heart chakra just started tingling and I got that feeling in my solar plexus that tells me when I've just been passed a message.  I "knew" that message was for me as it's a question I've been searching for an answer to for a little while now. Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that I love validation.  I'm the type of person that questions everything and I love to be smacked on the head with a message so hard that I can't possibly reason my way out of it logically.   I am blessed to have guides that will do this for me.

At that moment my son was standing still and said  Mommy Look.  He pointed at a butterfly right in front of him.  He stood perfectly still and just watched this butterfly dance about him.  Butterflies have been a sign for me for a long time now.  This particular one was deciding to hang around for a long time.  I watched for a good 5 minutes while my son just stood there and the butterfly circled him and landed at his feet.  I finally got out of my chair very slowly and walked over to join him.  I got a couple of pictures of her as she landed at our feet.  She continued to run a figure eight pattern about the two of us and then land at our feet.  A few moments later my daughter came outside wondering what we were doing.  The three of us stood here with this butterfly as she danced in circles about us and teased us by landing at our feet.  I have never seen a butterfly hang around us for so long.  It is no exaggeration when I tell you she interacted with us for a good 15 minutes.  We put out a little bowl of sugar water for her and she is actually still sitting on my lawn as I write this.  I am a little baffled to say the least.

So I am encouraged through them to tell you of my experiences in hope that some of them may strike a chord with you or look familiar.  Like Cheryl I am willing to bare my soul in front of you and tell you of my experiences in the hope that they may somehow help you to realize that you receive messages as well.  They are all around you.  Just take the time to look at the simple things.  You are loved.  You are never alone.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

*LOL! as "Story of Your Life" comes on the radio. :))))

ps. The butterfly in the graphic is the photo I took of her. I just added a frame :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dream - You Can Control the Elements

From a dream the other night......

I stared out through the cracked glass in the window at the dust and dead plants blowing by below.  The sky above me was a putrid green color and I could see the funnel looming in the distance threatening to take over the building I was standing in. 

The old brick building had already taken a fair amount of damage from the first two storms to go.  People were screaming and pushing trying to be the first on the stairs towards the basement. I was surrounded by a couple of older men who were talking to me about the storm in the distance and what we should do next.  I knew in my heart that this was it.  This tornado was going to be a direct hit and there was nowhere else we could get all these people to safely before it hit.  I was very much aware of the fact that my two children were in the building as well. 

Feeling desperation starting to kick in I started to act on instinct.  I could feel the energy starting to surge through me in a desire to protect my children and all those who this storm threatened.  I urged one of the old men to get my children to safety and watch them for me.  He knew by the tone in my voice not to question me.  As they all started to make their way down the rickety stairs in the building I worked on weaving my way up through the crowd.  As I reached the third floor I took a deep breath and looked out at the storm beginning to close in on me. 

I was nudged forward onto the balcony with a very strong voice in my ear telling me "You CAN control the elements." I was familiar with this voice but it was determined now.  I knew what I had to do.  I surrendered myself over to the instincts that were coming naturally to me.  I raised my arms and started to summon elementals and my guides to help me in my task.  

I spoke in a language that was different from what we spoke in the dream and not familiar to me in this life but it flowed effortlessly from my tongue.  I started to work with the energy in my hands to move the gray clouds towards the funnel in the center in an attempt to narrow it down to a smaller area.  Having success with that I kept on reciting something and eventually worked my way to the tornado coming very close to the building.  I used the energy to guide the tornado past the building and out into the desert beyond the building.  I had almost all I could do to hold my hands in the air as the wind in the area was extremely strong and the lightning was threatening me with cracks all around me. 

After I guided the storm past the building I fell to my knees and became very aware of how soft the velvet cloak was that was all around me.  It was the most beautiful navy blue velvet and had a white satin liner.  A cloak that is familiar to me.  This is where I awoke from my dream. 

I wish I had grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down some of the words I recited as I'm sure they would've given me a clue as to the basis for what I was saying as I attempted to control the storm.  I was aware that though my children were there they had different names.  My daughter's name was Julia in the dream. I have not much for a guess in when this was set.  It was somewhere in a sort of desert area.  Very very dry.  The building was three stories.  All brick and very very run down.  I'm not even sure that there was a basement as that seemed to be part of the chaos on the staircase.  I'm also not sure who the two older men were that were with me.  Though I feel that they had been my teachers at one point.  It was just a very very vivid dream one that will likely be on my mind for awhile.  I was most baffled by the language I spoke.  It seemed familiar to me but I can't place it.  Something to think about.......


Jasmeine Moonsong

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Beading to Beat Autism

Merry Meet :))

Every once in awhile I happen across a cause that I can't help but just support.  This is one of those causes.  The story about what this little girl has done for her little brother is heartwarming to say the least.  If you get a moment please read the story, check out the website and if so inclined see if you can help.  They have a lot of beautiful bracelets that you can get for just $3.00.  Let's help to show this little girl that her ambition to help her brother and pure heart will pay off.  I know I am ;)  There are all sorts of options to help from making the bracelets to purchasing them.  Thank you in advance to those of you who stop by the page and help out.

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong


Her youngest brother, Evan, has autism. In February 2006, Evan began receiving IV infusions of an amino acid called Glutathione. Evan was the first Glutathione IV patient at Kosair Childrens Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. He gets these IV’s every week and they have been very helpful in Evan’s battle to overcome autism. Evan responded so well to this medical treatment that Kosair physicians decided they wanted to do a medical study using the same IV protocol on more kids with autism, but they didn’t have the money to do it. Even though Evan was already getting this very helpful therapy, Michala wanted other kids battling autism to be able to get these IV’s as well. She gave her mother $7.35 and said. “It’s not enough but you can have it for the study.” She continued, “I’m going to make more bracelets and I’m going to raise that money.” Michala believed that thousands of beaded bracelets would raise the $200,000.00that Kosair needed to conduct the study. Michala, full of faith and ambition was ready to take on the challenge and raise the needed funds one bead and one bracelet at a time! When Michala was confronted by doubters that didn’t think she could raise such a large amount of money, the 10-year old athlete in her would boldly reply, “If you go into a game thinking you’re gonna lose, it’s game over- you’ve lost- YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!!!” Michala recruited volunteers she affectionately called her “ Peeps” to help bead and distribute thousands of bracelets at local art shows and community events. Armed with her “You Gotta Believe” Motto and unwavering faith, Michala’s initial donation of $7.35 and relentless hard work, reaped a harvest of astounding proportions. God honored her faith and hard work as Michala and her Peeps not only met but, exceeded their goal. People nationwide heard about Michala’s dedication and success through her appearances on “Good Morning America” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Within six short months she shocked the nation by raising nearly $300,000.00 for the study and put autism on the country’s radar screen.  A half-million dollars later, she is on a new mission to bring Autism Awareness to even greater levels and build the most comprehensive Autism Research and Treatment Center in the world. The price tag- $300 Million dollars! – and she has a three-year plan to get it done!!!

Please join Michala’s mission

Promote Autism Awareness and build a world-class Autism Research and Treatment Center by supporting her project. Click here for more information on how you can Get a BraceletBecome a “Peep” and help Michala make a difference.  Like Michala says, “If you go into a game thinking you’re gonna lose, game over, you’ve already lost- You Gotta Believe!.”
The Michala Riggle Beat Autism Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, completely dedicated to promoting awareness, determining causation, treating and eradication the dreadful disorder of autism.

The Bridge

Merry Meet :))

I received the most amazing birthday present from my parents last night.  It's something that I've been longing for, for some time but wasn't ready before.  The bridge is the one you see in the picture and I absolutely love it. :)))

I've done incredible amounts of work in my back yard over the past few months.  There's a small stream that runs through my backyard and since living here the entire length of the stream between my backyard and the stream has been overgrown so that during the summer you weren't able to see the field and all the wildlife behind me.  I finally have it cleared so that a bridge just looks absolutely perfect in this location now.  We are in the process of putting a rock wall next to it as well.  On the other side of the bridge is the field, my daughter's fairy garden, and my vegetable garden.

While I have been working very hard on my back yard, I have also been working very hard on myself as well.   Learning to stand in my own truth.  To be open and honest in everything I do and learn to love myself so that I may take that love and help others around me.  My goal in life is not only to raise a healthy family as I love my children to pieces, but also to be able to help others navigate through the sometimes rocky waters of this life and find themselves on the path to their own happiness.

I have also been learning to bridge the gap between this world and the "other side" as I still refer to it.  So that I am able to communicate and "see" clearly on both sides.  The timing on the bridge was just absolutely perfect for me and while I'm attempting to describe the meaning it has to me I know I'm just barely brushing on the emotions that I feel.  It also means so much to me that it came from my parents.  Truly. I don't know if they realize just how much they gave me with this gift. :))))

The other week I was at my sisters house for a visit. It's the first time I've been to see her in quite some time, outside of the normal holiday get togethers up at my parents.  The house she is renting is beautiful by the way.  We decided to watch a movie that night.  My sister was cute bustling in and out of the living room to get us tons of snacks to eat while we watched the movie.  As she sat down and finally relaxed to watch the movie I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  A woman was standing there watching us.  I'm getting a little more use to seeing apparitions about but typically I see them with my minds eye.  This one I could see clear as a bell.  A sense of warm calmness was over me, and while I was a little startled to catch her there I wasn't afraid or nervous at all. I recognized the energy.  As I slowly turned my head I was able to make out the hair and height of the woman.  While her face wasn't perfectly clear I was aware of who she was.  It was my grandmother.  :))))

I didn't want to alarm my sister so I made the decision on the spot to not tell her right then.  However the next day I took some time to think about it and realize what I had seen and reflect upon it.  My grandmother passed in 2011 and she was like a second mother to me.  I had a really difficult time handling her passing and to this day it still gets to me.  While I have seen some signs of her presence about I had a harder time sensing her then my grandfather.  I couldn't understand why I was never able to see her.  This was the first time I have ever seen her.  It happened very similar to how it did when I saw my grandfather and words can't describe how overwhelming this experience was for me.

The reason I tell you this now is that my mother bought the bridge that next morning for me.  She was all excited in telling me how she found it and that she felt the bridge was meant for me.  There was even more to this sequence of events but in light of having you read a book on my blog these are the main events that went into the emotions and attachment I already have with this bridge.  It's a definite marker on my life path and I will remember this moment in time each time I see the bridge.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

ps. the picture that you see is actually from my grandmothers stone. I took it when I went to visit the cemetary the other day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Win a Trio Pack Cheryl Lee Harnish - An Answer Found in a Sweepstakes!

Merry Meet :)))

A lot of times I will learn something from my guides and then find it validated for me in various forms over the next few days.  It can come by someone bringing up the topic out of nowhere, finding it in printed material, etc.  Always one of those moments that makes me go wow, and helps me to know I'm on the right path.

The majority of what I've been taught in how to sense things is with either my solar plexus or third eye chakra.    I came across this sweepstakes and I absolutely love her tarot deck that I use online on facebook so I decided to give it a try.  I had to read two chapters of Cheryl's new book "A Seed of Love" and answer a question.  I absolutely loved my reading of the first two chapters, let's start there. :))) Just being able to preview the book was a treat in itself.  I then found the answer to the question "What did the "teachers" (spirit guides) in the book say was the most effective way to facilitate an intuitive connection with them?"   

I couldn't believe what I was reading.  There it was in black and white.  How Cheryl's guides had taught her the exact same thing I've been learning, how to establish a connection through my heart chakra or heart center.  I am bubbling over with joy as I love this sort of validation.  For those who have not given it a try yet I encourage you to try it out.  In Cheryl's book she tells you an exercise that she did to help with it.  Again ;) Even if you don't want to enter the sweepstakes the first two chapters are excellent and a very very easy read.    I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity.  Best of Luck for the winner of the contest!  I will put the information below for you :))) 

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

I originally found it on her facebook page...

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What did the "teachers" (spirit guides) in the book say was the most effective way to facilitate an intuitive connection with them?

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