Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dream - You Can Control the Elements

From a dream the other night......

I stared out through the cracked glass in the window at the dust and dead plants blowing by below.  The sky above me was a putrid green color and I could see the funnel looming in the distance threatening to take over the building I was standing in. 

The old brick building had already taken a fair amount of damage from the first two storms to go.  People were screaming and pushing trying to be the first on the stairs towards the basement. I was surrounded by a couple of older men who were talking to me about the storm in the distance and what we should do next.  I knew in my heart that this was it.  This tornado was going to be a direct hit and there was nowhere else we could get all these people to safely before it hit.  I was very much aware of the fact that my two children were in the building as well. 

Feeling desperation starting to kick in I started to act on instinct.  I could feel the energy starting to surge through me in a desire to protect my children and all those who this storm threatened.  I urged one of the old men to get my children to safety and watch them for me.  He knew by the tone in my voice not to question me.  As they all started to make their way down the rickety stairs in the building I worked on weaving my way up through the crowd.  As I reached the third floor I took a deep breath and looked out at the storm beginning to close in on me. 

I was nudged forward onto the balcony with a very strong voice in my ear telling me "You CAN control the elements." I was familiar with this voice but it was determined now.  I knew what I had to do.  I surrendered myself over to the instincts that were coming naturally to me.  I raised my arms and started to summon elementals and my guides to help me in my task.  

I spoke in a language that was different from what we spoke in the dream and not familiar to me in this life but it flowed effortlessly from my tongue.  I started to work with the energy in my hands to move the gray clouds towards the funnel in the center in an attempt to narrow it down to a smaller area.  Having success with that I kept on reciting something and eventually worked my way to the tornado coming very close to the building.  I used the energy to guide the tornado past the building and out into the desert beyond the building.  I had almost all I could do to hold my hands in the air as the wind in the area was extremely strong and the lightning was threatening me with cracks all around me. 

After I guided the storm past the building I fell to my knees and became very aware of how soft the velvet cloak was that was all around me.  It was the most beautiful navy blue velvet and had a white satin liner.  A cloak that is familiar to me.  This is where I awoke from my dream. 

I wish I had grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down some of the words I recited as I'm sure they would've given me a clue as to the basis for what I was saying as I attempted to control the storm.  I was aware that though my children were there they had different names.  My daughter's name was Julia in the dream. I have not much for a guess in when this was set.  It was somewhere in a sort of desert area.  Very very dry.  The building was three stories.  All brick and very very run down.  I'm not even sure that there was a basement as that seemed to be part of the chaos on the staircase.  I'm also not sure who the two older men were that were with me.  Though I feel that they had been my teachers at one point.  It was just a very very vivid dream one that will likely be on my mind for awhile.  I was most baffled by the language I spoke.  It seemed familiar to me but I can't place it.  Something to think about.......


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