Monday, September 12, 2011

The Darkened Path..

The dirt and pebbles crunched under my feet as I stumbled blindly trying to find my way.  I was shocked at how many thorns reached out trying to scratch me on my journey.  I had the feeling I had been on this path before but could not remember the way out.  The path was well worn so I knew many had been here before me.  Up ahead in the road I could see a fork in the road.  One way was more worn then the other but other then that they both looked the same.  The dark forest loomed in front of me and I hesitated wondering what to do. Just because a path is more worn then one does that necessarily mean that it's the correct choice?

Pausing on the road unsure of where the next correct step would be on my path I got on my knees as I had done several times along my journey. The rocks cut into my knees and the wind whipped about my shoulders.  I felt so alone and unprotected.  I pulled my cloak tight around me and raised my head to the stars knowing what I had to do. I called my guides for assistance.  I called upon the strength of my wolf, the wisdom of my crow, the guidance of my personal guides and the love of the Angels.  I sat and waited in silence for the sign that I knew would come.

For even in the darkness faced with decisions I know that I never walk alone.  I am strong and wise and I will not fail this life as I am a Priestess.  I will surround myself with light and fill my heart with love.  Even though the thorns scratch out towards me threatening and the night is dark I look to the light of the moon and the love of my guides for guidance upon my journey, confident in the fact that they will not allow me to fail as long as I listen.  I am not afraid to follow the less traveled path if that is the path meant for me.

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