Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Resting Tree

"The Resting Tree is a sign for you to stop focusing and planning and be at peace in the moment.  This is the representative of non-action and relaxation.  Patience is the key to being with this Ally."

Merry Meet :)))

I've been a bit quiet for the past week.  I unfortunately suffered a ruptured kidney cyst and then managed to get the flu on top of it.  So I've been panicking for the last week trying to get some of my work done while being in a haze of pain pills to help with the pain and feeling as if I was going to fall asleep on my keyboard.  I did this for about a week.  A friend of mine asked me yesterday morning when I was going to actually rest and work on getting myself better.  I was baffled.... I'd stopped doing most of the physical work for the last week.   I thought about it for the next hour and realized that I get in these phases where I will literally work myself to death.   I set unrealistic expectations of myself and don't set aside time to relax and just enjoy life. It gets worse if I am sick or in pain. I am so determined not to fail I can't see anything else. Even though I hadn't been doing as much physical work I had been mentally working myself the past week in some attempt to compensate for not doing enough physical work in my mind.  Yes I'm an overachiever. :)

That one sentence said to me by my friend, made a huge impact on me yesterday.  So I took all day yesterday off. I snuggled a lot more with my kids, I watched extra tv, played a game on the computer, read a bit and just relaxed and concentrated on nothing but being happy for the day.  I woke up this morning well rested, and I feel better today then I have in a week.  I know within the next couple days I will be back in full swing. I made a decision to let all the stress go yesterday, stop trying to control things that are out of my control right now and do what my friend told me to, work on getting myself better.

I typically do tarot pulls for myself daily.  One of the decks I work with is an oracle deck called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Collette Baron-Reid. I absolutely love this deck.  If you've not had the chance to give it a looksie I definitely recommend it.  It's a gorgeous oracle deck. In any event, I pulled the card "The Resting Tree" this morning.  My readings always surprise me with how accurate they are to my current situation.  I had a huge "aha" moment this morning when I saw this card.  You see, I know I'm guilty of getting caught up in work and letting stress overwhelm me.  I'm quite sure I'm not the only one guilty of this.  Here's the thing, the energy you are putting out will attract similar energy.  So if I'm stressed and putting out stressful energy it's like putting up a beacon saying send me more crap luck. :P  By taking the time to take regular time outs, focus and center, you can stop the pattern of negativity.  My house is cleaner today, everything is under control, my work load is manageable, and my friends and children are all happy today.  Coincidence? You decide. :)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Resting Tree

"The Resting Tree is a sign for you to stop focusing and planning and be at peace in the moment.  This is the representative of non-action and relaxation.  Patience is the key to being with this Ally.

The Resting Tree asks you to slow down, sit back, and watch the roses bloom and the birds feed in the meadow. This isn't the time to forge ahead in any way.  You may not be taking enough breaks, so you're invited to be still and contemplate your good fortune, even if it means blessing the chaos in your life.  This is a sign to allow everything to fall away except the stillness of the moment; it's like living within the space between breaths. 

When the Resting Tree appears, it signals that you've done all you can for now and it's time to unwind and allow your story to unfold of its own accord.  You've earned the right to rest and relax.  Amazing ideas will come if you do.  Remember the ancient saying "We do without doing and everything gets done."


The Resting Tree appearing as a Challenger asks you to consider if you're so frenetic that all you can think about is how stressed you are.  Running around and overdoing anything only makes you into a human "doing," not a human "being."  This is a sign to be careful or you may become physically ill, or at the very least , unable to enjoy your life. 

Be still.  It's time to meditate and take time out or you'll make some mistakes that you may regret later.  Don't worry; all those things you're trying to manage will still be there when you're ready to move forward again. Only then will you have a clearer head with which to think. "


  1. I went to draw a card yesterday but when I picked up the deck, I saw this card on the bottom and so many 'bells and whistles' went off in my head that I went online looking for an image of 'The Resting Tree' to use as my desktop background. That is how I found your space here... what a treat! You have helped me more than I can say in one sentence that isn't full of 5000 commas, dashes, parenthesis, and ...s!

  2. I had this card drawn on a Tarot reading ....the first time I ever had one. The meaning sticks with me, however it's compelling how your experience relates with mine.


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