Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Renewing Self

Merry Meet :))

...A little divine intervention and a sincere thank you for the gift I received.

I have always loved the beach, the smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.

This past weekend I was very lucky and had the opportunity to spend 4 days and 3 nights in Wells Maine with my kids.  We were getting our floors in our house tiled this weekend and I had been stressing about what I was going to do with my kids as we wouldn't be able to be home much at all over the three day weekend, and we really weren't suppose to walk on the tile at all. I had known about the tile for a month and had been looking for a place to stay for awhile.    However money is tight and I couldn't find anything that I could justify spending the money on as everything I saw was at least $100 a night.

The tile was to be started the day after Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving night we came home from the family dinners and I felt the urge to give my search one last look. I started scanning the last minute deals.  In my mind I was thinking that if I could find a place for $100 for the weekend I would do it. Then my practical self started arguing with me, that a price like that was absurd.  I was really tired so dismissed my logical side. lol :) I was looking at places in my state, Massachusetts.  All of a sudden I had an urge to check Maine.  So I typed in Maine.  The first ad caught my eye.  Three nights for $99.00.   Really? I rubbed my eyes.  I knew this was it.  The motel was called the SeaMist in Wells, Maine.  It wasn't far from the ocean, had an inground pool, 2 queen size beds, and a kitchenette that had a fridge and microwave.  It was absolutely perfect!

I silently said my thank you's and called them to book the deal.  I just knew this was meant to be.  My son had been asking to go to the beach for the last week and here it was! So now instead of being stressed about having to have my children out of the house for three days I was bouncing off the walls excited.  I ran in to tell my children and we all started getting things packed as we would have to leave at 8:00 the next morning.

We had the most amazing weekend.  The weather was actually fantastic. It was sunny and almost 60 degrees most of the weekend.  Warm enough to spend lots of time on the beach and outside with a very light jacket on. We spent the first day on the beach picking up all kinds of shells and marveling at the sealife in the little tidal pools on the beach.  We actually saw starfish. :)))) My kids were very excited.

On the second day we spent the day hiking in Wells Reserve at Laudholm.  It's old farmland that was originally settled in 1643 by Henry Boade.  It was absolutely beautiful. It combined the best of an old farm and fields, and mountains, the marsh and the ocean all in one.  If you are ever in Wells, Maine I highly recommend it. :))  My son and daughter had a blast reading the trail map and walking the different trails.  The energy in that area was just incredible.  So relaxing.  It was like walking back in time 300 years and it was just my children and I and the natural beauty around us.

We also spent a lot of time in Perkins Cove. Perkins Cove is in Ogunquit Maine, one town over from where we were. It's a little cove with boats, shopping, and an amazing walk along the cliffs of the ocean.  Another place that just feels like home to me.  I normally don't like shopping but we loved walking the quaint little artisan shops and seeing the artists at work.  The walkway was incredible.  I actually was able to let go and go down onto the rocks themselves with my children.  Something you would appreciate if you were there. lol :)

 It was amazing to see how relaxed and happy myself and my children were.  It was truly a gift for me where I could focus just solely on my children for a few days and enjoy the best of nature in an area that I have dreams of moving to one day.  This vacation was the first time I have taken both my children overnight anywhere.  It was a small victory for me.  I finally felt independent and free.  On this weekend I was able to share with my children my personal dream.  I was true to myself this weekend.  As I was in my element I was completely comfortable as we stopped at various beaches and I taught them what I knew about the nature around us, and pointed out the amazing beauty surrounding us everywhere.  This trip was truly a gift for me.  A renewal of self and affirmation of how I want my future to look.  Given all the work I've been doing with affirmations lately and working towards my true self and my future, it honestly made perfect sense to me.  I am very blessed to have had that opportunity. I have always loved Maine, and one day I hope to have the opportunity to live there with my children.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wiccan Thanksgiving Blessing

Thanksgiving Blessing

The sun slowly rises and sparkles through the trees,

on this day I thank the Lord & Lady for the beauty that I see,

Eternally blessed to be a part of this world

and experience the gifts of love and life that around me unfold.

I kneel in silent gratitude give thanks and honor thee,

my ancestors, and the sprits who walked in courageous spirit before me,

Blessings to everyone in this world, may you have the courage to stand and be heard,

to live the life you want and be free, knowing this energy I will bestow upon thee.

On this Thanksgiving, my energy is sent to you tonight, 

May you and your loved ones be blessed with love and light

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Overnight in the Museum of Science

Merry Meet :)))

Picture 450 girls locked in a Museum of Science overnight......what do you get? The greatest sleepover ever and a lot of tired little girls. :)))

We were to be there at 5:00 in the evening.  The first thing that jumped out at me was 5:00 traffic downtown Boston.  Awesome. Second thing, yep sun is setting about 4:15 here now.  Hmmmm so I'm going to be driving in a city, during rush hour traffic at night.  *gulp*  I'm not one for driving in cities or at night.  Think "country girl" lol  So I was already nervous.  Toss in the fact that I am a highly sensitive empath and am going to be locked in with a ton of people overnight.  Nah, wasn't nervous at all! I really wanted to go though.  When I was little I stayed overnight at the Children's museum in Boston and loved it.  So yes, yes, I had volunteered to go and help chaperone.

My solution for driving in downtown Boston traffic was my trusty GPS.  I love my GPS.  It gives me a freedom to go anywhere and not worry about getting lost.  As we finally approached the city, it was definitely dark, but funny thing about cities, they have TONS of lights! So I relaxed a little bit, following the little map ticking by on my GPS.  So we started down into one of the many tunnels in Boston.  Hmmm here's another thing I get nervous with, going underground and driving in tight spaces.  I'll be ok, I thought to myself.  I cranked my music up and just tried to maneuver in the underground maze of Boston. I was actually handling everything well, and then my GPS said the dreaded thing to me.  "Lost Signal".  What???? Are you kidding me??? but but but I have like 4 turns coming up, no idea which way to go? What was the name of that road? I silently cursed myself for looking more at the picture on the GPS then the road titles.  I spent about 10 more minutes underground, making choices that sounded right to me? Going with intuition GPS here and prayed for the lights of the City of Boston to come back to me.

I finally made my way out of the tunnel and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the light and my GPS came back on.  Ok take a left onto... Unknown???? Wait a minute.  Unknown is a bridge that goes over the highway.  Panic started creeping up again.  Really? So apparently my GPS can't tell the difference between a road on the ground, underground, or overhead.  Yeah, no that's not an issue in Boston at all.  I found myself weaving through lanes of traffic trying not to get hit, and scrambling for my iphone to get the directions from the museum website hoping to find something that could save me.  I thought of pulling over I don't know how many times and calling someone for help, but really? What are they gonna do for me? They can't see me, and have no way to help me.  No, it's just me and Melody out here in the big city and I'm gonna have to make this work.

More deep breathing.  I can do this. I told myself.  I kept saying it over and over.  I managed to find two streets listed on the website and told my daughter to look for them.  Finally we saw one of them.  After almost 45 minutes of driving around downtown Boston we finally made it into the Parking Garage at the Museum.  I can tell you I all but kissed the concrete floor as I stepped out of my car shaking all over.  I took a few deep breaths and admired the city lights.  Calming myself before I walked into what I knew was going to be a very crowded museum.  I was proud of myself for being calm and getting us there in one piece. lol

Melody and I walked into the room. She was letting out excited little squeals of excitement as little girls do when they are excited as we walked into the museum.  I hadn't been to the Boston Museum of Science in years and I can tell you it is absolutely enormous.  We walked into this area that had animal exhibits.  The first one I saw was of a Mother fox watching her cubs playing.  I took it as a sign.  The red fox has become a third animal guide for me along with my Hawk and Wolf.  I have seen her many times in meditations and just seeing this exhibit immediately made me more comfortable.  I mean what are the odds of running into this exhibit as the first one in a museum of this size? I let my daughter run up the hallway for a moment as we checked out all the animal exhibits in this gallery.  I was finally starting to relax and realized we were going to have an amazing night.

Next step is to check in!  We figured out where we were suppose to go and were given maps and an itinerary for our overnight.  I scanned it quickly.  Lights out at Midnight.  Midnight? oh my wow.  Ok that's ok, little late for the little ones but they probably wouldn't fall asleep till around that time anyway so why not have them in activities.  Lights on......6:45.  Huh? Museum opens at 10, and they're gonna bounce me outta bed at 6? arghhhh.  Happy to note that it says coffee is available.  Clearly we won't be sleeping much tonight. lol   Each troop is assigned a place to sleep for the night.  We were told that we would be sleeping in the bird exhibit. I was kinda hoping to sleep under a huge dinosaur but that works! We wanted to see where we were sleeping so we looked at the map to figure out where this was. It was in the basement of the museum.  As soon as I walked in I saw him.  My Hawk! :))))))) The room was filled with cases of birds and they had a birds chirping recording, which I was able to pick out my hawk in.  The bird exhibit is a great place for me to sleep I thought.  Wow, two signs and I just got here! lol

So I was deciding where I was going to set up my bed for the night.  Right next to the bird exhibit was this hunter's room.  It was kinda cool as you walked into this vault like area.  It had a wooden floor.  I was loving the "cove" kinda feel to it.  When I walked in there I was amazed by how many skins were in this room.  They built this room from a man's house.  Pretty much moved all of the things from his house to the museum.  I can't even begin to count how many skins were in this room.  I sat there for a few minutes just looking about the room, and then I could feel the energy shift.

As if the skins didn't make me uncomfortable enough the energy shift made me extremely uncomfortable.  I knew nobody I was with would understand what I was experiencing, and I wasn't really wanting to receive any "across the veil" messages in the museum, so I made my excuses and wandered back into the bird area. :)

After exploring a little it was time to start our schedule. First stop...a welcoming show where the mission was to get the girls to scream as loud as they could.  To get rid of some of their energy? I'm assuming.  I haven't felt my ear drums rattle in a long time but I did in that show! lol  Then off to a astronomy project in the space area.  I wandered the space exhibits as my daughter played with her friends there.

The shows took up a few hours and then it was time to set up our sleeping area and get on our pajamas.  It was now 11:00.  We went back to the bird exhibit area and  I found a little computer exhibit pretty close to where my hawk was.  Wonder if my air mattress will fit in there? There was something about having a couple walls around me that was really appealing to me.  I blew up my air mattress and it fit perfectly! There was a stool in there to rest my tea upon and all my things fit nicely under the computer.  It was to be my home for the night.

The walls really helped me to feel more secure.  Something about the energy? Maybe it was purely psychological that they helped but I felt better about it! lol

I was most excited about what was next as were most of the girls.  We were off to a lightning show! The description was "indoor bolts produced by the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator spark exciting explorations of lightning, electric charge, and storm safety.  I was a little concerned about lightning inside but HOW COOL! lol   We decided to be different and rather then watch it from the first floor we watched it from the third.  All the girls got close to the glass and waited to watch the show.  It was absolutely amazing!  You can see in the picture one of the demonstrations she did about how lightning energy conducts on the outside of a cage and you are safe on the inside.Both the girls and I loved every minute of the show. Lightning bolts came out of the two huge poles in the picture as well as several items on the ground.  I've never seen lightning that close up. I'm trying to do a good job explaining it but it's really something you have to see. I did take a small 11 second video though :)) Maybe this will help.  ( I love my iphone)

After that it was midnight! Time for bed!  We all made our way back to the basement with the birds and worked on getting settled in for the night.  We finally all got to sleep around 2 am.  Well that's when I drifted off finally lol.  It was cute listening to the giggles of the excited girls as they talked about all they had seen and how much fun they were having.  One by one they finally started floating off into dreamland.

At 6:15 the next morning the girls started to stir.  It was still dark in the museum except for the bathroom and emergency lights.  6:45 I was met by some very very bright lights, and the sounds of birds chirping.  We had to pack everything up and get dressed and get all our gear out to our cars before the museum opened.  An hour and a half later I finally got my coffee! lol   The museum sits on water and I must admit I was quite a bit awestruck at the view of the city in the morning on the water.  Definitely a highlight to my trip. We had our breakfast overlooking the city waking up. Was quite the cool experience.  

We had two shows scheduled for the morning. The planetarium and the IMAX theatre. We saw the Explore the Universe show in the Planetarium which was just amazing.  We were taken on a tour of the Universe and taught to identify stars and planets in our system.  I was surprised to learn that the north star is actually part of the small dipper. Something I suppose I should have known! But I always thought it was the brightest star.  We also learned when looking at the night sky that to tell the difference between planets and stars that the stars will twinkle, where the planets will not.  It was a great show and my daughter and I have been putting a lot of what we learned to use while skygazing in the jaccuzzi at night.

At the Omni theatre we saw Amazing Journeys.  The movie was about the life-and-death dramas of five of the most incredible animal migrations — monarch butterflies, migratory birds, gray whales, red crabs, and zebras.  In the Mugar Omni Theater, the world's largest film format is projected onto a five-story-tall IMAX® Dome screen. It wraps audiences in larger-than-life images of flora, fauna, and faraway places. A state-of-the-art digital sound system completes the immersion effect. Just incredible. A lot of the girls were reaching out to touch the butterflies that floated by them and giggling as the crabs raced across the screen.  A great way to wake up in the morning. 

That was the end of the sleepover.  A group of us decided to go downtown Boston.  So Melody and I spent the rest of the day wandering through Haymarket Square, a ginormous farmer's market, and the many shops and restaurants down there.  The farmer's market was the largest I have ever seen.  I felt like I was transported back in time as we wandered through the tent city that stretched for blocks on end with amazing prices on fresh fish, fruits, veggies and cheese.  The vendors were standing on crates in the tents yelling out their prices.  It just was so cool to see and be a part of.   It was the lighting of the Christmas tree in Boston so they had tree lighting festivities going on all around us as well. There were a lot of musicians in the street playing the most amazing celtic music.  I absolutely loved Melody watching everything all wide eyed and excited.  I honestly couldn't believe she was still standing at this point! lol 

All in all we had an absolutely amazing time.  I loved the time I got to spend with Melody and the girls and Moms from her troop.  I have always had a difficult time being in large crowds and attending things like this, so the fact that I was so relaxed and had such a wonderful time talking to everyone really shows me how far I have come as an Empath on my journey.   My gift is mine and it's under control and I can now enjoy things in life without having to decline invitation because of a comfort level.  We are planning to stay overnight in the Mystic Aquarium in February and I cannot wait to go. :)))  For those of you who have little ones I always recommend the Girl Scouts.  I did 15 years with them growing up and always had the most amazing experiences.  Now I get to do it all over again with my daughter.  

Love and Blessings to you all :)))

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, November 14, 2011

Karma, Past Lives, and Life Purpose

Merry Meet :))

Yesterday I spent all day in beautiful Great Barrington MA, at the Crystal Essence Center at a workshop with Sheilaa Hite called Karma, Past Lives, and Life Purpose.  What an amazing day.  Let me actually back up a bit to before I got to the workshop.

Yesterday morning I woke up and the house was nice and quiet.  Something of a rarity about here when I have two little ones.  I took a shower and was doing a meditation in there clearing my chakras and grounding getting ready to receive whatever information I was meant to at the workshop.  ..... yeah... at the workshop.... All of a sudden I had this image in my mind of a book.  Now I've had the urge to write a book before but have always kind of half listened thinking it's a monstrous project and what am I going to write it on? Not only was I told specifically to write this book, but given an outline in it's entirety of what this book will be about.  I could hardly get out of the shower fast enough and found myself actually saying "hold on a second" out loud as I stumbled to grab a towel and the notepad on my phone.  I spent the next 15 minutes dripping water on my floor and typing as fast as I could type on a notepad application.  When I finally finished and it was quiet again I was astounded by what I saw.  I had literally almost 100 lines, an entire outline of a book to coach Empaths.

I have been teaching Empaths at the Mists for almost three years now. It's definitely a passion of mine as most of you know.  I have been reading a lot of books in the past three years, some that I thought didn't relate to being an empath, but here's the funny thing.... everything I have read and done in the last three years was all there.... in this perfect outline, and it all makes perfect sense.  You question if it was divine intervention? Tell me that you would wake up in the morning, half asleep, stumble into the shower and have an entire book outline just roll out of you in 15 minutes before you even had a cup of coffee.  I'm definitely not that girl.  I was helped. :))) Lol   Apparently I will be writing a book coaching Empaths.  I will be starting this afternoon. :)

So after that I managed to get my cup of coffee. I've still had trouble giving up my morning coffee...but I digress. The ride to Great Barrington is just amazing.  It takes me a bit over an hour and leads me over the mountain through all these old towns.  So I was watching the early morning sun wake up all these old houses and farms on my way there still a bit baffled about my morning shower and looking forward to the days events.

When I got there, there were a lot of people in the class! I was honestly a little intimidated as I'm not much for the whole lots of people thing.  But I saw a couple of familiar faces and managed to calm my nerves and settle down into a table.  One of the questions we were searching for an answer to in this class is our Life Purpose.  I got that very early on in the class, when Sheila told me "They are telling me, you are done taking classes, You need to teach."   LOL! Teach? *gulp* right ok.  The girl who has all she can do to walk in and sit down in a classroom, I'm meant to stand in front of a room and teach everyone? You do realize that would involve everyone looking at and listening to me right? ehmmmmmmm.....   In all honesty though, I know this, I've known this. I know I am a spiritual coach and counselor who is meant to teach empaths and guide people on their lifepaths.  It's just a little more comfy doing it behind the scenes at the Mists.

It all makes perfect sense to me.  I will be writing the book, designing in my free time, and coaching and teaching workshops.  I've officially been shoved out of the nest.  I told Sheilaa about my experiences in the last couple weeks with my google income hitting the skids and losing power for a week and she just laughed.  She knows, as she has been there.  When you are meant to do something you are going to do it.

We worked a lot with astrology during the day which was very interesting for me.  Funny enough, I've been saying over the past couple months that I wanted to learn more about it, but wasn't finding the time and here I was in an astrology "crash course" yesterday.  I can understand the charts a bit better now.  We worked with our solar charts to find out more about our past lives.

We did three meditations throughout the day.  The first one was extremely profound for me.  It was based on finding answers to our questions about our past lives.  A past life regression of sorts.  I am not sure how long the meditation was but it felt like I was in it for quite some time.  The emotion on this meditation was absolutely overwhelming for me.  We were guided to a scene from our past lives which would help answer our questions.   I came up the path in the road, and we were suppose to be at a house.  I, however, was somewhere in Ireland.  If I were better at history I could guess the time-frame for you, but I can tell you there weren't much for houses in that time.  There was no house in this scene for me. I was led with my guide to a stone circle.  ...

Funny I just went to look for a stone circle to show you and found that picture and my stomach lurched.  That's pretty much exactly what I saw. Except when I was there there was less grass and more of a stone wall round about it.  This is the link for where I got that photo. It is called Grange Stone Circle or Stones of the sun in Ireland.  I haven't looked into the history of this site yet but I will be! lol

I saw a scene, with a large bonfire and a maypole with some of the most beautiful scraps of material around it.  There was a very large group dancing around it.  I was told by my guide that I could go and join my people if I so choosed.  Well of course I did! lol   I grabbed onto this beautiful blue ribbon and joined in the dance.  There was the most beautiful celtic music playing and the smells of the food were amazing.  I was overwhelmed with emotions of love and belonging.  I knew this was my spiritual family there.  I was their leader. They were my home.  I was vaguely aware of having a cottage made mostly of stone in another area.  I'm quite sure it was the one I saw in my past life regression previously.  The emotions were just extremely overwhelming.  The most powerful I have ever felt in a meditation.  It honestly felt more like a regression as I was there, and most of my senses were actively engaged.  Helps to explain my draw to celtic music and lore and art, and why those things are so comforting to me, being as I've never been to Ireland and as far as I know have no Irish lineage.

Sheilaa then started to get us ready to come back to the room.  My guide told me it was time to go.  I tried to protest but I knew it was no use.  Here's where it got very emotional for me.  I knew I was to die.    This was either my last night with these people in this life or very close to it.  The act of walking away from the group with my guide brought back this torrential flood of memories of fear and pain knowing that I was put to death for what I believed and helping all these people.  I actually had to excuse myself from the class after the meditation to go outside and catch my breath for a moment.  That is definitely an experience I will not forget.

As always Sheilaa was absolutely amazing.  Her teaching is effortless.  She is able to make eight hours go by and seem like two. You also feel not as if you're in a classroom, but as if you are talking to your best friend at a lunch.  Just incredible how easy going she is when she teaches and how easy to understand.  She has a way of simplifying things that makes it easy to grasp the concepts she wants you to.  I am always blessed to take her class.

I definitely received answers to quite a few of the questions that I had going into this.  I got a clearer look at one of my past lives and my life's purpose was definitely clearly defined for me yesterday.  I learned to balance my karma in this life so that hopefully things will become easier for me.  I hope all of you have a Blessed Day :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Swan, Mill, Angel and Lady :)

Merry Meet :)

I just got back home, feel absolutely amazing.  It's pretty cold out but amazing how good an hour of fresh air feels even when it's cold.  I got a few nice pictures that I thought I would share with you. I hope you enjoy! :)

Flickering Lights and The World Wide Summit

Merry Meet,

Yesterday was rather cold and dreary here, so I found myself settled into work most of the day.  I started working on one of my old sites.  Before I knew it I had invested almost 5  hours into it and had not much to show for it and I was frustrated and tired to say the least.  All of a sudden the lights started flickering in the house.  I first got really annoyed, thinking I was going to lose all I had been working on. Then a wave of emotion took over.  Calmness.  I instantly thought of the five days without power and remembered all I had learned.  What was I doing? I was busting my tail on something I said I would give up a week ago.

It's funny as there really is no reason the power should've been flickering here yesterday.  It was raining but not hard, and was a little windy but nowhere near enough to cause that.  It made me remember where my happiness and reminded me how unhappy I was working that old site.   It's just very difficult for me to let go of as that site has been financial security for me for the past 7 years.  I am still coming to grips that one update on google can take 8 years of work and throw it out the window.  But I understand why and what I am suppose to do.  So I am grateful for the reminder I was given.

I resolved to get back on track and started working on my designs for Wiccan Moonsong.  I stumbled across a page for the World Wide Summit. ( )  It's a free summit featuring 30 days of free audio recording and videos from  100 amazing authors and business people in the New Age line of work.  The seminar is basically life coaching on topics such as Health, Wealth, Spirtuality, Creativity and Business.  I made a commitment to do the thirty days of it.  I took as a sign.  I needed some encouragement on the path I'm on, and there it was delivered to me in an email of 100 life coaches to work with me for the next month. Really? Brings all new meaning to ask and you shall receive. lol   I completed the first day this morning.  It had two audio's and one video.  The first one was "How to Shine Your Business Life Even Brighter" with Alexandra Frenzen, the second was "Making Peace with Maintenance" with Cairene MacDonald, and the final video was with Jamie Ridler, "Awaken Your Creative Spirit".   I learned so much just with this first day's worth of help.  Each one was about 20 minutes.  I listened with my headphones while I did some artwork this morning.  It changed my entire day.

I just find it amazing how if you do what you love and have faith things will happen.  Doors will open.  The toughest part is just letting go and having faith that you will be taken care of.  I have the most amazing coaching team in the world.  They won't do the work for me, but they will definitely assist me whenever I ask them to and swing those doors of opportunity open for me. :))))  So I invite you to come with me on this 30 day challenge.  I'm confident you will love it, and it's free! <3

I'm now going to bundle up the kids and take them and my dog Max for a walk in the woods as I don't feel like I have to sit here chained to these old websites.  I finally figured out where my chains are and I am determined to break free. ;)   Many blessings to all of you on this Saturday.  May you have the courage and support to follow your dreams.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anywhere Is....

The moon upon the ocean
Is swept around in motion
But without ever knowing
The reason for its flowing
In motion on the ocean
The moon still keeps on moving
The waves still keep on waving
And I still keep on going...

*Enya "Anywhere Is"

Merry Meet,

I happened across this while looking at artwork to go with quotes today and it just gave me chills.  As you all know I'm very attached to the ocean, and the moon. :) The image just really struck home with me so I thought I would share it with you. :)))) For those of you have have been reading my blog for awhile you may know why. ;) It honestly sums up my past life regressions that I've had into one photo.  Just a haunting experience for me to see this....

The ironic part about this is I am taking a class Sunday called Karmic Relationships, Past Lives and Your Life's Purpose on Sunday. It was a class I really wanted to take but was unable to until yesterday. I was suppose to be tiling my kitchen and hallway this weekend so was going to be unable to go.  Due to things happening the tiling had to be moved to Thanksgiving weekend, so the day opened up for me.  I am beyond excited to go as it directly deals with a topic that I have a huge interest in.  So between this picture and the way the opportunity opened up for me I took it as a sign. :)

If that wasn't all obvious enough for me, I just brought my daughter to art class.  It's been raining this afternoon so the sky is all gray and it's very very misty.  There was an opening in all this mist that I just thought looked amazing. I actually stopped my car to take a picture of it.  The picture didn't come out well, but I will include it.  About three minutes later my mother called me all excited telling me that there was a rainbow in the back of her house and asking if I could see it.  She reminded me of the brilliant rainbow that we all saw the day after my labrador passed away a year ago.  Just an amazing day for me.  I am thankful for all that I am blessed with.

The was done by Lady Amarillis. You can find the original page here:
Lady Amarillis - Anywhere Is

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mourning Moon

Merry Meet,

Are you ready for new beginnings? Tonight is the night! :) The mourning moon is the time to let go of anything you don't want to carry with you into our new year.  Do you have any fears or worries holding you back? Habits that you wish to break? Relationships that may no longer be working for you?

In celebration of the full moon tonight, take the time to focus on those things you wish to let go and let them go. Spend a bit of time and sit down with a piece of paper.  Write down everything that you wish to let go of.  Water is an important element tonight.  You can use a mason jar or a small glass.  Fill it most of the way with water.  Shred the pieces of paper and put them in the glass of water.  As you shred the paper ask the Goddess to help you remove these items from your life. You may also call upon Bastet, Isis, Kali, Hecate or Astarte as they are the Gods appropriate to call upon during this full moon. Leave the water with your paper in it out overnight in the light of the moon.  When you wake up in the morning, bury the paper deep in the earth, and thank the Goddess for her assistance.  If you are a techno witch or need a easier version, you may instead consider writing those things you wish to be rid of all out on a word document.  Once you are done writing them all out, ask the Goddess to assist you with removing these things from your life and hit that delete button! The key to this is to let go.  Make sure you allow yourself to let go of those things which are no longer beneficial in your life.

While it's time to get rid of those old habits and let go of the past, let's not forget that it is time to begin anew! Happy New Year!  What do you want this year? What are your goals? What new habits do you want to form to replace those that you have let go of? Write a list on a piece of paper of what new habits or things you want this year.  Place the list on your fridge or somewhere visible to you on a daily basis.  Your list should be setup like affirmations.  For example, I am getting a job that I love.  I take time for myself each and every day to meditate. I have happy and healthy relationships.  Ask the Goddess to assist you in reaching your goals for the New Year.  Each morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed, read your list.  If you can do that other times during the day that will help as well.  Give thanks for divine assistance in your life as this is your year! You can do it!

Lapiz Lazuli, Turquoise and Topaz are the stones associated with the Mourning moon.  If you enjoy working with crystals and gemstones consider getting one to use with your workings.  You can have it on you and keep it with you after you are done as a promise to yourself to let go and start anew.

Love and Blessings to All of You,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once Upon A Time....

Merry Meet,

Once upon a time.... there was a curse that fell over all the characters from your favorite fairy tales.  They are all in StoryBrooke Maine and have forgotten who they once were.  The evil queen from Snow White has cast a curse over all of them and this series highlights the journey between Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter and her son trying to remove the curse.

When I first saw the previews for it I was captivated by the scenery in the previews.   The scenes are just gorgeous.  I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy a series based on fairy tale characters.  I have now watched the first three episodes and I am hooked! lol

It's nice to sit down to a television show that's based on some fairy tales and a bit of magick.  The series is really well done and all three episodes held my interest.  It's definitely a series that you will want to watch in order though as it's more like an extended movie.  The story jumps back and forth between the story of Snow White and the evil queen in the fairy tales and modern time in StoryBrooke Maine.  They've been very clever in finding ways to portray the characters like Jiminy Cricket, Rumpelstilskin, Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen and so many more into modern day characters.  The little boy in the story in Maine is the one trying to save them all from the curse and it's enjoyable to watch him convince the adults around him of the magick of fairy tales, especially his Mom.

So for those of you who enjoyed fairy tales when you were little, and were able to believe that magic existed all around you, I think you may find this series a nice reminder of what it's like to believe.  If you get the chance to watch it I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  You can catch the latest episode on the series website here:

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moon in Incense

Merry Meet,

Each night before I go to sleep I light eucalyptus spearmint oil in my wiccan incense burner.  I went to light it last night and was surprised by what I saw. :) If you look at how the oil is in the burner it forms a perfect crescent moon.  I got the best picture I could of it.   the flash made a glare on it. But you can make out the outline of the crescent moon.  It's a blue stone burner that I got awhile back and I absolutely love.  Just an example of the little signs around.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, November 4, 2011

Samhain Snow Storm

Merry Meet :)))

This years Samhain was definitely different for me. I do believe I was given a gift from the other side though.  In the form of five days with no is sure different with no technology.

We finally have power here where I live again.  On Saturday night, my area got hit with a snowstorm that dropped a bit over a foot of snow on us.  I live in New England so am use to snow.  However this snow storm was extremely early.  The leaves hadn't finished falling off the trees.  The snow was extremely wet and heavy and just clung to the trees.  It created massive damage where I live.  We had downed trees and powerlines absolutely everywhere.  I have honestly never seen so many downed trees and power lines in my life.

Our power went down on Saturday night at around 8:00.  The first thing I noticed was how amazingly calm and quiet our house was.  I could just feel the tension drain out of me in that first 5 minutes of silence.  You never realize how noisy a house is until you cut power to it.  I grabbed a blanket out of my bedroom and settled down with my kindle and booklight to read for the evening.

We were one of the lucky ones in Westfield.  Our house is on a rather wet area.  We have to have a sub-pump in our basement so that it will not flood.  Because of this we have a generator for our house, so if the power goes out our basement will not flood.  It also is enough to have our heat work as well.  I was very very grateful for this generator.  Our power was out for five full days.

I actually much enjoyed the power outage.  It was five days that we were all home as a family without technology everywhere.  So we spent lots of time reading, going for walks and drives and taking care of each other.  It honestly put a new perspective on my life.  I do believe everything happens for a reason.  I spent the time learning more about working with the angels, and deepening my medium skills.  I learned to hear my guides clearer and to be able to feel their presence better.

One of the questions that jumped out at me over this vacation is I wonder how many of you work with the angels, and how many people realize that Wiccans can work as Angels, and even Ascended Masters? Jesus is an Ascended Master.  I happen to know several that do. It would be nice if there was a way to educate the public so that they don't find us so fearful?

I am a lightworker? I work with energy, the Earth, and my guides to help people.  My heart is filled with nothing but love.  I honestly don't believe I am capable of anything resembling evil.  I believe whatever I put out there for energy will come back to me.

I am always shocked at how many angry people there are in the world and how much anger is out there.  As I watched the facebook page for my Gas & Electric company I was floored at how many people were leaving angry comments.  I tried to tell myself that they were cold and hungry and that's where most of the anger was coming from.  I left a few comments there thanking the workers, and spent lots of time trying to send loving energy out to those around me and the community as a whole to help us all band together to work through this tough time.

This experience helped me to ground myself.  I learned how to stand in my true center.  When you stand there the world looks a lot different.  It's easier to see why people do what they do, and what causes them to act certain ways.  It helps you to understand yourself as well.  When you find that place it's amazing.  Your whole body is relaxed and content, and you literally have no worries as you know you will be taken care of.  I learned to trust this weekend.  I truly felt like I just came through a five day spiritual crash course where I learned to trust, and increased my confidence.

While I don't wish a five day power outage on anyone, lol :) I would encourage you to shut everything off in your house for an hour and see how you feel.  If you are sensitive, you'll likely notice a big difference right away.  Can you feel tension melt away?  How does the true quiet affect you?

I have much more to learn as always but am grateful for the lessons I received and I know I will continue to receive.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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