Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flickering Lights and The World Wide Summit

Merry Meet,

Yesterday was rather cold and dreary here, so I found myself settled into work most of the day.  I started working on one of my old sites.  Before I knew it I had invested almost 5  hours into it and had not much to show for it and I was frustrated and tired to say the least.  All of a sudden the lights started flickering in the house.  I first got really annoyed, thinking I was going to lose all I had been working on. Then a wave of emotion took over.  Calmness.  I instantly thought of the five days without power and remembered all I had learned.  What was I doing? I was busting my tail on something I said I would give up a week ago.

It's funny as there really is no reason the power should've been flickering here yesterday.  It was raining but not hard, and was a little windy but nowhere near enough to cause that.  It made me remember where my happiness and reminded me how unhappy I was working that old site.   It's just very difficult for me to let go of as that site has been financial security for me for the past 7 years.  I am still coming to grips that one update on google can take 8 years of work and throw it out the window.  But I understand why and what I am suppose to do.  So I am grateful for the reminder I was given.

I resolved to get back on track and started working on my designs for Wiccan Moonsong.  I stumbled across a page for the World Wide Summit. ( )  It's a free summit featuring 30 days of free audio recording and videos from  100 amazing authors and business people in the New Age line of work.  The seminar is basically life coaching on topics such as Health, Wealth, Spirtuality, Creativity and Business.  I made a commitment to do the thirty days of it.  I took as a sign.  I needed some encouragement on the path I'm on, and there it was delivered to me in an email of 100 life coaches to work with me for the next month. Really? Brings all new meaning to ask and you shall receive. lol   I completed the first day this morning.  It had two audio's and one video.  The first one was "How to Shine Your Business Life Even Brighter" with Alexandra Frenzen, the second was "Making Peace with Maintenance" with Cairene MacDonald, and the final video was with Jamie Ridler, "Awaken Your Creative Spirit".   I learned so much just with this first day's worth of help.  Each one was about 20 minutes.  I listened with my headphones while I did some artwork this morning.  It changed my entire day.

I just find it amazing how if you do what you love and have faith things will happen.  Doors will open.  The toughest part is just letting go and having faith that you will be taken care of.  I have the most amazing coaching team in the world.  They won't do the work for me, but they will definitely assist me whenever I ask them to and swing those doors of opportunity open for me. :))))  So I invite you to come with me on this 30 day challenge.  I'm confident you will love it, and it's free! <3

I'm now going to bundle up the kids and take them and my dog Max for a walk in the woods as I don't feel like I have to sit here chained to these old websites.  I finally figured out where my chains are and I am determined to break free. ;)   Many blessings to all of you on this Saturday.  May you have the courage and support to follow your dreams.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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