Monday, November 14, 2011

Karma, Past Lives, and Life Purpose

Merry Meet :))

Yesterday I spent all day in beautiful Great Barrington MA, at the Crystal Essence Center at a workshop with Sheilaa Hite called Karma, Past Lives, and Life Purpose.  What an amazing day.  Let me actually back up a bit to before I got to the workshop.

Yesterday morning I woke up and the house was nice and quiet.  Something of a rarity about here when I have two little ones.  I took a shower and was doing a meditation in there clearing my chakras and grounding getting ready to receive whatever information I was meant to at the workshop.  ..... yeah... at the workshop.... All of a sudden I had this image in my mind of a book.  Now I've had the urge to write a book before but have always kind of half listened thinking it's a monstrous project and what am I going to write it on? Not only was I told specifically to write this book, but given an outline in it's entirety of what this book will be about.  I could hardly get out of the shower fast enough and found myself actually saying "hold on a second" out loud as I stumbled to grab a towel and the notepad on my phone.  I spent the next 15 minutes dripping water on my floor and typing as fast as I could type on a notepad application.  When I finally finished and it was quiet again I was astounded by what I saw.  I had literally almost 100 lines, an entire outline of a book to coach Empaths.

I have been teaching Empaths at the Mists for almost three years now. It's definitely a passion of mine as most of you know.  I have been reading a lot of books in the past three years, some that I thought didn't relate to being an empath, but here's the funny thing.... everything I have read and done in the last three years was all there.... in this perfect outline, and it all makes perfect sense.  You question if it was divine intervention? Tell me that you would wake up in the morning, half asleep, stumble into the shower and have an entire book outline just roll out of you in 15 minutes before you even had a cup of coffee.  I'm definitely not that girl.  I was helped. :))) Lol   Apparently I will be writing a book coaching Empaths.  I will be starting this afternoon. :)

So after that I managed to get my cup of coffee. I've still had trouble giving up my morning coffee...but I digress. The ride to Great Barrington is just amazing.  It takes me a bit over an hour and leads me over the mountain through all these old towns.  So I was watching the early morning sun wake up all these old houses and farms on my way there still a bit baffled about my morning shower and looking forward to the days events.

When I got there, there were a lot of people in the class! I was honestly a little intimidated as I'm not much for the whole lots of people thing.  But I saw a couple of familiar faces and managed to calm my nerves and settle down into a table.  One of the questions we were searching for an answer to in this class is our Life Purpose.  I got that very early on in the class, when Sheila told me "They are telling me, you are done taking classes, You need to teach."   LOL! Teach? *gulp* right ok.  The girl who has all she can do to walk in and sit down in a classroom, I'm meant to stand in front of a room and teach everyone? You do realize that would involve everyone looking at and listening to me right? ehmmmmmmm.....   In all honesty though, I know this, I've known this. I know I am a spiritual coach and counselor who is meant to teach empaths and guide people on their lifepaths.  It's just a little more comfy doing it behind the scenes at the Mists.

It all makes perfect sense to me.  I will be writing the book, designing in my free time, and coaching and teaching workshops.  I've officially been shoved out of the nest.  I told Sheilaa about my experiences in the last couple weeks with my google income hitting the skids and losing power for a week and she just laughed.  She knows, as she has been there.  When you are meant to do something you are going to do it.

We worked a lot with astrology during the day which was very interesting for me.  Funny enough, I've been saying over the past couple months that I wanted to learn more about it, but wasn't finding the time and here I was in an astrology "crash course" yesterday.  I can understand the charts a bit better now.  We worked with our solar charts to find out more about our past lives.

We did three meditations throughout the day.  The first one was extremely profound for me.  It was based on finding answers to our questions about our past lives.  A past life regression of sorts.  I am not sure how long the meditation was but it felt like I was in it for quite some time.  The emotion on this meditation was absolutely overwhelming for me.  We were guided to a scene from our past lives which would help answer our questions.   I came up the path in the road, and we were suppose to be at a house.  I, however, was somewhere in Ireland.  If I were better at history I could guess the time-frame for you, but I can tell you there weren't much for houses in that time.  There was no house in this scene for me. I was led with my guide to a stone circle.  ...

Funny I just went to look for a stone circle to show you and found that picture and my stomach lurched.  That's pretty much exactly what I saw. Except when I was there there was less grass and more of a stone wall round about it.  This is the link for where I got that photo. It is called Grange Stone Circle or Stones of the sun in Ireland.  I haven't looked into the history of this site yet but I will be! lol

I saw a scene, with a large bonfire and a maypole with some of the most beautiful scraps of material around it.  There was a very large group dancing around it.  I was told by my guide that I could go and join my people if I so choosed.  Well of course I did! lol   I grabbed onto this beautiful blue ribbon and joined in the dance.  There was the most beautiful celtic music playing and the smells of the food were amazing.  I was overwhelmed with emotions of love and belonging.  I knew this was my spiritual family there.  I was their leader. They were my home.  I was vaguely aware of having a cottage made mostly of stone in another area.  I'm quite sure it was the one I saw in my past life regression previously.  The emotions were just extremely overwhelming.  The most powerful I have ever felt in a meditation.  It honestly felt more like a regression as I was there, and most of my senses were actively engaged.  Helps to explain my draw to celtic music and lore and art, and why those things are so comforting to me, being as I've never been to Ireland and as far as I know have no Irish lineage.

Sheilaa then started to get us ready to come back to the room.  My guide told me it was time to go.  I tried to protest but I knew it was no use.  Here's where it got very emotional for me.  I knew I was to die.    This was either my last night with these people in this life or very close to it.  The act of walking away from the group with my guide brought back this torrential flood of memories of fear and pain knowing that I was put to death for what I believed and helping all these people.  I actually had to excuse myself from the class after the meditation to go outside and catch my breath for a moment.  That is definitely an experience I will not forget.

As always Sheilaa was absolutely amazing.  Her teaching is effortless.  She is able to make eight hours go by and seem like two. You also feel not as if you're in a classroom, but as if you are talking to your best friend at a lunch.  Just incredible how easy going she is when she teaches and how easy to understand.  She has a way of simplifying things that makes it easy to grasp the concepts she wants you to.  I am always blessed to take her class.

I definitely received answers to quite a few of the questions that I had going into this.  I got a clearer look at one of my past lives and my life's purpose was definitely clearly defined for me yesterday.  I learned to balance my karma in this life so that hopefully things will become easier for me.  I hope all of you have a Blessed Day :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. wow this sounds amazing! Im happy that you figured out what to do! I wish that would happen with all of us lol And I dont know what I would do If I had seen all of this..the maypole scene and all..I hope all is good though!

  2. Sounds like a great workshop! Congratulations on the book. LOL, I got bit by that bug too, and I am working on a book on the Tarot. Best of luck!


  3. oooh! That's so exciting Raush! :))) You'll have to let me know how it's going :))) are you designing a deck of cards too? Best of Luck to you as well! :)

    Estell, all is well :))))) I love getting insight to my past lives and how it affects me this life. Thank you for stopping by!


    Jasmeine Moonsong


Thank you for stopping by :))) Love and Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong

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