Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Overnight in the Museum of Science

Merry Meet :)))

Picture 450 girls locked in a Museum of Science overnight......what do you get? The greatest sleepover ever and a lot of tired little girls. :)))

We were to be there at 5:00 in the evening.  The first thing that jumped out at me was 5:00 traffic downtown Boston.  Awesome. Second thing, yep sun is setting about 4:15 here now.  Hmmmm so I'm going to be driving in a city, during rush hour traffic at night.  *gulp*  I'm not one for driving in cities or at night.  Think "country girl" lol  So I was already nervous.  Toss in the fact that I am a highly sensitive empath and am going to be locked in with a ton of people overnight.  Nah, wasn't nervous at all! I really wanted to go though.  When I was little I stayed overnight at the Children's museum in Boston and loved it.  So yes, yes, I had volunteered to go and help chaperone.

My solution for driving in downtown Boston traffic was my trusty GPS.  I love my GPS.  It gives me a freedom to go anywhere and not worry about getting lost.  As we finally approached the city, it was definitely dark, but funny thing about cities, they have TONS of lights! So I relaxed a little bit, following the little map ticking by on my GPS.  So we started down into one of the many tunnels in Boston.  Hmmm here's another thing I get nervous with, going underground and driving in tight spaces.  I'll be ok, I thought to myself.  I cranked my music up and just tried to maneuver in the underground maze of Boston. I was actually handling everything well, and then my GPS said the dreaded thing to me.  "Lost Signal".  What???? Are you kidding me??? but but but I have like 4 turns coming up, no idea which way to go? What was the name of that road? I silently cursed myself for looking more at the picture on the GPS then the road titles.  I spent about 10 more minutes underground, making choices that sounded right to me? Going with intuition GPS here and prayed for the lights of the City of Boston to come back to me.

I finally made my way out of the tunnel and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the light and my GPS came back on.  Ok take a left onto... Unknown???? Wait a minute.  Unknown is a bridge that goes over the highway.  Panic started creeping up again.  Really? So apparently my GPS can't tell the difference between a road on the ground, underground, or overhead.  Yeah, no that's not an issue in Boston at all.  I found myself weaving through lanes of traffic trying not to get hit, and scrambling for my iphone to get the directions from the museum website hoping to find something that could save me.  I thought of pulling over I don't know how many times and calling someone for help, but really? What are they gonna do for me? They can't see me, and have no way to help me.  No, it's just me and Melody out here in the big city and I'm gonna have to make this work.

More deep breathing.  I can do this. I told myself.  I kept saying it over and over.  I managed to find two streets listed on the website and told my daughter to look for them.  Finally we saw one of them.  After almost 45 minutes of driving around downtown Boston we finally made it into the Parking Garage at the Museum.  I can tell you I all but kissed the concrete floor as I stepped out of my car shaking all over.  I took a few deep breaths and admired the city lights.  Calming myself before I walked into what I knew was going to be a very crowded museum.  I was proud of myself for being calm and getting us there in one piece. lol

Melody and I walked into the room. She was letting out excited little squeals of excitement as little girls do when they are excited as we walked into the museum.  I hadn't been to the Boston Museum of Science in years and I can tell you it is absolutely enormous.  We walked into this area that had animal exhibits.  The first one I saw was of a Mother fox watching her cubs playing.  I took it as a sign.  The red fox has become a third animal guide for me along with my Hawk and Wolf.  I have seen her many times in meditations and just seeing this exhibit immediately made me more comfortable.  I mean what are the odds of running into this exhibit as the first one in a museum of this size? I let my daughter run up the hallway for a moment as we checked out all the animal exhibits in this gallery.  I was finally starting to relax and realized we were going to have an amazing night.

Next step is to check in!  We figured out where we were suppose to go and were given maps and an itinerary for our overnight.  I scanned it quickly.  Lights out at Midnight.  Midnight? oh my wow.  Ok that's ok, little late for the little ones but they probably wouldn't fall asleep till around that time anyway so why not have them in activities.  Lights on......6:45.  Huh? Museum opens at 10, and they're gonna bounce me outta bed at 6? arghhhh.  Happy to note that it says coffee is available.  Clearly we won't be sleeping much tonight. lol   Each troop is assigned a place to sleep for the night.  We were told that we would be sleeping in the bird exhibit. I was kinda hoping to sleep under a huge dinosaur but that works! We wanted to see where we were sleeping so we looked at the map to figure out where this was. It was in the basement of the museum.  As soon as I walked in I saw him.  My Hawk! :))))))) The room was filled with cases of birds and they had a birds chirping recording, which I was able to pick out my hawk in.  The bird exhibit is a great place for me to sleep I thought.  Wow, two signs and I just got here! lol

So I was deciding where I was going to set up my bed for the night.  Right next to the bird exhibit was this hunter's room.  It was kinda cool as you walked into this vault like area.  It had a wooden floor.  I was loving the "cove" kinda feel to it.  When I walked in there I was amazed by how many skins were in this room.  They built this room from a man's house.  Pretty much moved all of the things from his house to the museum.  I can't even begin to count how many skins were in this room.  I sat there for a few minutes just looking about the room, and then I could feel the energy shift.

As if the skins didn't make me uncomfortable enough the energy shift made me extremely uncomfortable.  I knew nobody I was with would understand what I was experiencing, and I wasn't really wanting to receive any "across the veil" messages in the museum, so I made my excuses and wandered back into the bird area. :)

After exploring a little it was time to start our schedule. First stop...a welcoming show where the mission was to get the girls to scream as loud as they could.  To get rid of some of their energy? I'm assuming.  I haven't felt my ear drums rattle in a long time but I did in that show! lol  Then off to a astronomy project in the space area.  I wandered the space exhibits as my daughter played with her friends there.

The shows took up a few hours and then it was time to set up our sleeping area and get on our pajamas.  It was now 11:00.  We went back to the bird exhibit area and  I found a little computer exhibit pretty close to where my hawk was.  Wonder if my air mattress will fit in there? There was something about having a couple walls around me that was really appealing to me.  I blew up my air mattress and it fit perfectly! There was a stool in there to rest my tea upon and all my things fit nicely under the computer.  It was to be my home for the night.

The walls really helped me to feel more secure.  Something about the energy? Maybe it was purely psychological that they helped but I felt better about it! lol

I was most excited about what was next as were most of the girls.  We were off to a lightning show! The description was "indoor bolts produced by the world's largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator spark exciting explorations of lightning, electric charge, and storm safety.  I was a little concerned about lightning inside but HOW COOL! lol   We decided to be different and rather then watch it from the first floor we watched it from the third.  All the girls got close to the glass and waited to watch the show.  It was absolutely amazing!  You can see in the picture one of the demonstrations she did about how lightning energy conducts on the outside of a cage and you are safe on the inside.Both the girls and I loved every minute of the show. Lightning bolts came out of the two huge poles in the picture as well as several items on the ground.  I've never seen lightning that close up. I'm trying to do a good job explaining it but it's really something you have to see. I did take a small 11 second video though :)) Maybe this will help.  ( I love my iphone)

After that it was midnight! Time for bed!  We all made our way back to the basement with the birds and worked on getting settled in for the night.  We finally all got to sleep around 2 am.  Well that's when I drifted off finally lol.  It was cute listening to the giggles of the excited girls as they talked about all they had seen and how much fun they were having.  One by one they finally started floating off into dreamland.

At 6:15 the next morning the girls started to stir.  It was still dark in the museum except for the bathroom and emergency lights.  6:45 I was met by some very very bright lights, and the sounds of birds chirping.  We had to pack everything up and get dressed and get all our gear out to our cars before the museum opened.  An hour and a half later I finally got my coffee! lol   The museum sits on water and I must admit I was quite a bit awestruck at the view of the city in the morning on the water.  Definitely a highlight to my trip. We had our breakfast overlooking the city waking up. Was quite the cool experience.  

We had two shows scheduled for the morning. The planetarium and the IMAX theatre. We saw the Explore the Universe show in the Planetarium which was just amazing.  We were taken on a tour of the Universe and taught to identify stars and planets in our system.  I was surprised to learn that the north star is actually part of the small dipper. Something I suppose I should have known! But I always thought it was the brightest star.  We also learned when looking at the night sky that to tell the difference between planets and stars that the stars will twinkle, where the planets will not.  It was a great show and my daughter and I have been putting a lot of what we learned to use while skygazing in the jaccuzzi at night.

At the Omni theatre we saw Amazing Journeys.  The movie was about the life-and-death dramas of five of the most incredible animal migrations — monarch butterflies, migratory birds, gray whales, red crabs, and zebras.  In the Mugar Omni Theater, the world's largest film format is projected onto a five-story-tall IMAX® Dome screen. It wraps audiences in larger-than-life images of flora, fauna, and faraway places. A state-of-the-art digital sound system completes the immersion effect. Just incredible. A lot of the girls were reaching out to touch the butterflies that floated by them and giggling as the crabs raced across the screen.  A great way to wake up in the morning. 

That was the end of the sleepover.  A group of us decided to go downtown Boston.  So Melody and I spent the rest of the day wandering through Haymarket Square, a ginormous farmer's market, and the many shops and restaurants down there.  The farmer's market was the largest I have ever seen.  I felt like I was transported back in time as we wandered through the tent city that stretched for blocks on end with amazing prices on fresh fish, fruits, veggies and cheese.  The vendors were standing on crates in the tents yelling out their prices.  It just was so cool to see and be a part of.   It was the lighting of the Christmas tree in Boston so they had tree lighting festivities going on all around us as well. There were a lot of musicians in the street playing the most amazing celtic music.  I absolutely loved Melody watching everything all wide eyed and excited.  I honestly couldn't believe she was still standing at this point! lol 

All in all we had an absolutely amazing time.  I loved the time I got to spend with Melody and the girls and Moms from her troop.  I have always had a difficult time being in large crowds and attending things like this, so the fact that I was so relaxed and had such a wonderful time talking to everyone really shows me how far I have come as an Empath on my journey.   My gift is mine and it's under control and I can now enjoy things in life without having to decline invitation because of a comfort level.  We are planning to stay overnight in the Mystic Aquarium in February and I cannot wait to go. :)))  For those of you who have little ones I always recommend the Girl Scouts.  I did 15 years with them growing up and always had the most amazing experiences.  Now I get to do it all over again with my daughter.  

Love and Blessings to you all :)))

Jasmeine Moonsong

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