Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Renewing Self

Merry Meet :))

...A little divine intervention and a sincere thank you for the gift I received.

I have always loved the beach, the smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.

This past weekend I was very lucky and had the opportunity to spend 4 days and 3 nights in Wells Maine with my kids.  We were getting our floors in our house tiled this weekend and I had been stressing about what I was going to do with my kids as we wouldn't be able to be home much at all over the three day weekend, and we really weren't suppose to walk on the tile at all. I had known about the tile for a month and had been looking for a place to stay for awhile.    However money is tight and I couldn't find anything that I could justify spending the money on as everything I saw was at least $100 a night.

The tile was to be started the day after Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving night we came home from the family dinners and I felt the urge to give my search one last look. I started scanning the last minute deals.  In my mind I was thinking that if I could find a place for $100 for the weekend I would do it. Then my practical self started arguing with me, that a price like that was absurd.  I was really tired so dismissed my logical side. lol :) I was looking at places in my state, Massachusetts.  All of a sudden I had an urge to check Maine.  So I typed in Maine.  The first ad caught my eye.  Three nights for $99.00.   Really? I rubbed my eyes.  I knew this was it.  The motel was called the SeaMist in Wells, Maine.  It wasn't far from the ocean, had an inground pool, 2 queen size beds, and a kitchenette that had a fridge and microwave.  It was absolutely perfect!

I silently said my thank you's and called them to book the deal.  I just knew this was meant to be.  My son had been asking to go to the beach for the last week and here it was! So now instead of being stressed about having to have my children out of the house for three days I was bouncing off the walls excited.  I ran in to tell my children and we all started getting things packed as we would have to leave at 8:00 the next morning.

We had the most amazing weekend.  The weather was actually fantastic. It was sunny and almost 60 degrees most of the weekend.  Warm enough to spend lots of time on the beach and outside with a very light jacket on. We spent the first day on the beach picking up all kinds of shells and marveling at the sealife in the little tidal pools on the beach.  We actually saw starfish. :)))) My kids were very excited.

On the second day we spent the day hiking in Wells Reserve at Laudholm.  It's old farmland that was originally settled in 1643 by Henry Boade.  It was absolutely beautiful. It combined the best of an old farm and fields, and mountains, the marsh and the ocean all in one.  If you are ever in Wells, Maine I highly recommend it. :))  My son and daughter had a blast reading the trail map and walking the different trails.  The energy in that area was just incredible.  So relaxing.  It was like walking back in time 300 years and it was just my children and I and the natural beauty around us.

We also spent a lot of time in Perkins Cove. Perkins Cove is in Ogunquit Maine, one town over from where we were. It's a little cove with boats, shopping, and an amazing walk along the cliffs of the ocean.  Another place that just feels like home to me.  I normally don't like shopping but we loved walking the quaint little artisan shops and seeing the artists at work.  The walkway was incredible.  I actually was able to let go and go down onto the rocks themselves with my children.  Something you would appreciate if you were there. lol :)

 It was amazing to see how relaxed and happy myself and my children were.  It was truly a gift for me where I could focus just solely on my children for a few days and enjoy the best of nature in an area that I have dreams of moving to one day.  This vacation was the first time I have taken both my children overnight anywhere.  It was a small victory for me.  I finally felt independent and free.  On this weekend I was able to share with my children my personal dream.  I was true to myself this weekend.  As I was in my element I was completely comfortable as we stopped at various beaches and I taught them what I knew about the nature around us, and pointed out the amazing beauty surrounding us everywhere.  This trip was truly a gift for me.  A renewal of self and affirmation of how I want my future to look.  Given all the work I've been doing with affirmations lately and working towards my true self and my future, it honestly made perfect sense to me.  I am very blessed to have had that opportunity. I have always loved Maine, and one day I hope to have the opportunity to live there with my children.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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