Friday, November 4, 2011

Samhain Snow Storm

Merry Meet :)))

This years Samhain was definitely different for me. I do believe I was given a gift from the other side though.  In the form of five days with no is sure different with no technology.

We finally have power here where I live again.  On Saturday night, my area got hit with a snowstorm that dropped a bit over a foot of snow on us.  I live in New England so am use to snow.  However this snow storm was extremely early.  The leaves hadn't finished falling off the trees.  The snow was extremely wet and heavy and just clung to the trees.  It created massive damage where I live.  We had downed trees and powerlines absolutely everywhere.  I have honestly never seen so many downed trees and power lines in my life.

Our power went down on Saturday night at around 8:00.  The first thing I noticed was how amazingly calm and quiet our house was.  I could just feel the tension drain out of me in that first 5 minutes of silence.  You never realize how noisy a house is until you cut power to it.  I grabbed a blanket out of my bedroom and settled down with my kindle and booklight to read for the evening.

We were one of the lucky ones in Westfield.  Our house is on a rather wet area.  We have to have a sub-pump in our basement so that it will not flood.  Because of this we have a generator for our house, so if the power goes out our basement will not flood.  It also is enough to have our heat work as well.  I was very very grateful for this generator.  Our power was out for five full days.

I actually much enjoyed the power outage.  It was five days that we were all home as a family without technology everywhere.  So we spent lots of time reading, going for walks and drives and taking care of each other.  It honestly put a new perspective on my life.  I do believe everything happens for a reason.  I spent the time learning more about working with the angels, and deepening my medium skills.  I learned to hear my guides clearer and to be able to feel their presence better.

One of the questions that jumped out at me over this vacation is I wonder how many of you work with the angels, and how many people realize that Wiccans can work as Angels, and even Ascended Masters? Jesus is an Ascended Master.  I happen to know several that do. It would be nice if there was a way to educate the public so that they don't find us so fearful?

I am a lightworker? I work with energy, the Earth, and my guides to help people.  My heart is filled with nothing but love.  I honestly don't believe I am capable of anything resembling evil.  I believe whatever I put out there for energy will come back to me.

I am always shocked at how many angry people there are in the world and how much anger is out there.  As I watched the facebook page for my Gas & Electric company I was floored at how many people were leaving angry comments.  I tried to tell myself that they were cold and hungry and that's where most of the anger was coming from.  I left a few comments there thanking the workers, and spent lots of time trying to send loving energy out to those around me and the community as a whole to help us all band together to work through this tough time.

This experience helped me to ground myself.  I learned how to stand in my true center.  When you stand there the world looks a lot different.  It's easier to see why people do what they do, and what causes them to act certain ways.  It helps you to understand yourself as well.  When you find that place it's amazing.  Your whole body is relaxed and content, and you literally have no worries as you know you will be taken care of.  I learned to trust this weekend.  I truly felt like I just came through a five day spiritual crash course where I learned to trust, and increased my confidence.

While I don't wish a five day power outage on anyone, lol :) I would encourage you to shut everything off in your house for an hour and see how you feel.  If you are sensitive, you'll likely notice a big difference right away.  Can you feel tension melt away?  How does the true quiet affect you?

I have much more to learn as always but am grateful for the lessons I received and I know I will continue to receive.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Sounds like a very special experience :-) I often try to spend a day without technology but sometimes my mind wanders and I go back to the computer out of pure habit! But I like the idea of shutting off everything for an hour especially when it's after dark.
    Best wishes

  2. I love the idea of turning off all technology and electricity for one or even a couple of hours! And while I don't wish a snowstorm upon me as severe as the on you experienced (I don't wish that on anyone!) those pictures you posted make me long for some snow to fall around where I live! Snow has such a calming and peaceful effect while being so much fun at the same time. Best wishes and thanks for sharing!


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