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Crystal Children and Autism

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I am being encouraged to write about the Autistic child and ask you to consider the fact that they may be Crystal Children.  I am not saying that all of them are, but to encourage you to see them in a different light and consider the possibilities.  If you are the parent of an Autistic child, or know one who is, I ask you to consider the following, and I would love your feedback on the issue.

This is a theory that I first encountered from Doreen Virtue, and her work with the Crystal Children.  I will post links to her articles at the end of this.

Characteristics of a Crystal Child

The crystal children first started coming here between 1990 - 2010, although there were a few early "scouts" who came before that. Their purpose here is to help us recognize our true nature and higher power and to help us adapt to an ever evolving earth.  These children are extremely sensitive. In sense, they are empaths.  They can feel everything that you are feeling, but let's take this a step further, they can see into your soul as well.  You cannot deceive a Crystal Child as your soul is laid bare for them.  They are extremely intuitive.  They see the world different then us.  As they are sensitive to all the energy of this world, they spend much of their time "seeing" differently then we do.  They see energy, and light, and love and who you truly are.  They are capable of communicating telepathically, it comes naturally to them.

Many of them will not start speaking till much later in life as they don't feel a need to.  If you are a mom of one of these children you will probably notice that they do not need to speak. For you always understand their needs and at times you swear you can communicate with them without it needing to be verbal.  Yes, you are most likely communicating with them telepathically.  These Crystal Children choose their parents very carefully.  Because of their mission here, they make sure that they are born to very loving parents who are spiritually evolved so that they can help to pave the way for them. As a result there are reports from parents of Crystal children that their parents psychic abilities have increased as a result of their birth.

I am one of them.  My son is a crystal child.  I have been gifted all my life, but do to the nonacceptance of society of sensitives I schooled myself not to see.  My son's birth reawoke these gifts in me.  I understood that when he was born a big part of my life was to pave the way for him.  My son is not autistic, however, I have had people concerned about his speech my entire life.  However I've never had an issue understanding him.  We have a very intense bond and I can feel his energy as I know he can feel mine.

A lot of these children get commented that they are old souls and wise beyond their years.  When they do decide to speak you will be astounded by some of the things they say.  They are like wise ones wandering around in little bodies.  As that is indeed what they are.  One of the most significant phsycial features is their eyes.  They are usually large and very soothing but piercing.  When they look at you, you can just feel them connect to you almost as if they are starting into your soul, for indeed that's essentially what they are doing.
Part of the reason they got their name is they also will have a strong connection to rocks and crystals.  The following list is from Doreen Virtue on their characteristics.

 - Have large, communicative eyes and an intense stare.
 - Are highly affectionate.
 - Begin speaking later in life, but often uses telepathy or self-invented words or sign language to communicate.
 - Love music and may even sing before talking.
 - Are extremely connected to animals and nature. Are often very interested in rocks, crystals, and stones.
 - Are extremely artistic.
 - Are highly empathic and sensitive.
 - Are forgiving and generous to others.
 - Draw people and animals near them and love attention.
 - Often have good sense of balance and are fearless when exploring high places.
 - Often see or hear angels and spirit guides - both they’re own and others’. Dislike high-stress environments with many distractions.
 - Dislike loud/sharp sounds.
 - Dislike bright, unnatural lights.
 -Often enjoy choosing their own meals and/or when they eat them.
 - Often speak about universal love and healing.
 - Sometimes show healing gifts at young ages.
 - Don’t react well to sugar, caffeine, or unnatural foods/chemicals.
 - Dislike fighting or refuse to keep an argument going very long.
 - Often show strength in telekinesis (or Psychokinesis).
 - Often amplify emotional energies they gain from their environment (such as negative energies).
 - Can become uncomfortable when around electrical devices too long (watching TV, computer, etc.), sometimes resulting in a trance-like state.
 - Sometimes seem ‘clingy’ to their parents until 4 or 5.
 - Often stare at people for long periods of time (this allows them to read a person and find out more about them through their own personal memories and energy).
 - Can sometimes be manipulative and throw tantrums if they cannot create a reality that is good for them.
 - Are easily over-stimulated and need to meditate/be alone often to replenish themselves.
 - Don’t usually have trouble with fear or worry.
 - Enjoy discussing spiritual or philosophical topics.
 - May appear to be looking at nothing or talking to no one (sign of clairvoyance and/or clairaudience).

My son has many of these characteristics. I know that I am raising a crystal child.  If anyone has any questions about them, or needs any assistance please feel free to message me and I will do my best to help you as well.

As far as crystal children relating to autism.  I am no expert on the autistic child.  However, I know that we live in a society that is quick to diagnose someone who is different as having something wrong with them rather then recognizing that they may have a gift.  I am not saying that all autistic children are Crystal children, however I believe that a good amount may be. Crystal children are extremely sensitive and our society can be shocking to them.  If they are unable to adapt properly they can become withdrawn, seem to exist in "another world", not communicate with others well, and become extremely frustrated with their surrounding.

While they are highly evolved, that is a part of the issue.  They are evolved much higher then what we are use to seeing. If we don't recognize who they are and encourage them and enjoy their light and love then they can become products of our society and labeled as having "something wrong."

So for those of you who are moms of autistic children, or even have a close relationship with one I ask you to look into them and see if any of these characteristics are recognizeable.  I ask you to consider if they may indeed be gifted and just having a hard time adjusting to life here.  Reach out to them and see if some nontraditional methods may help with them.  Try to communicate with them intuitively and see what happens.   Play soft music around them.  Get them outside as much as possible.  See how they react to different types of rocks and gemstones.  Watch what they are eating as they may be sensitive to wheat, gluten, sugar, caffeine, and dairy. Try to get them to be artistic with paints and other medium and see if it helps.  Send them your loving energy.  Picture a ball of white light filled with love surrounding them.  Sending energy is indeed that easy.  If your intention is true, then divine guidance will assist you.

For those of you who are just parents of crystal children.  Read as much as you can about them.  Get to know their characteristics and possible obstacles. Be their advocate.  Recognize that they may speak slower in life, don't take to heart those who are wanting to label your child.  Look inside your heart for what you think to be true.  Because odds are if you have a crystal child, then you are an advocate for the divine as well and are here to guide them. Many of us are Indigo children that they are paired with.  I will get into Indigo children in a different blog entry.  Be that guide for your children, for they are indeed amazing gifts sent to us. I also highly recommend Doreen Virtues book The Crystal Children.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Crystal Children - Doreen Virtue

What are Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults -


  1. crystal healing is a medicine technique that uses stones and crystals in order to heal the mind or body.... i am also using this techniques and it really works..

  2. Hi my name is Tonya and I believe that me and my autistic son may be connected to a higher power.I had him in 2007 exactly seven years after my grandfather died 7 years exact to the date he died on march 14 and my son was born march 14 exactly 7 years later.He is 5 non verbal completely but I can always tell what he wants I seem to just know.One day I was thinking in my mind that my throat was hurting and my son came up to me and touched my throat.I never said it hurt or was sore I just woke up thinking it.He is always hugging me,and when I am angry or sad he can absorb that feeling and he becomes upset or sad.He loves to play with rocks he even eats them and seems happier around natural light nature and does not like loud noises or violence.He has to be on an organic diet with no dyes or sugars he has rashes when he eats fake ingredients.He also has very dark eyes but big and pulsating like he is looking through my soul.I am also very connected to nature I feel things and have to have nature around me I can read people and hear things others cannot hear.I have dreams of things that actually happen,and I have visions daydreams of things that later on happen,I do not tell people because I do not want them to think I am a wacko crazy person.I can read people and the feelings they carry,not sure if this has anything to do with autism but it is crazy ,he loves water,wind,breeze,and rocks.

  3. My name is Rachel and I have a really strong connection with My son. He is diagnosed with Autism. I have been told by autism professionals that he is gifted musically and that they are really impressed and astounded by our connection. They said I am very good at knowing what he needs because he is at this time pretty much non-verbal. I just know when he is thirsty, hungry, bored, annoyed where-as nobody else does. Another thing I found interesting is that I have been told by people that his eyes, when he makes eye contact feels very intense and piercing, and they feel almost lucky that they got that from him. I notice people are drawn to him, but like me we are sensitive to others energies so we like to stay close to eachother and and avoid crowds and hostile energies. He does sing has been singing since he was just over a year old. Almost always with perfect timing and pitch, he can tap out complicated rhythms and he can tell when words have been switched up from songs. He will be 3 next month. He has some delays, but I just have a feeling he is going to be something amazing. He already is. So warm and affectionate and just amazing.

  4. I have a 4 year old autistic son who is similar. We have a close bond, communicate often without words. I am also on the ASD spectrum, I was born in 1979. I have a feeling my father would have been on the spectrum as well, and he was born in 1929! I have had and continue to have some issues with sensory processing and social activities are still very difficult for me. It is a blessing in some ways that I am high functioning ASD because I can deeply understand and empathize with my son's experiences in ways that neurotypical people cannot. I used to say in high school that it was hard to go to school because it felt like I could feel everyone's thoughts inside my head and the pressure was immense.

    My son has speech delays and delayed echolalia - he repeats what is said to him rather than engaging in real social conversation, but this is not constant. He is spontaneously socially communicative, and I believe the echolalia is mainly an attempt to please others because they demand some kind of verbal parlance. He has an amazing sense of direction and can point out and navigate not only through our town but to nearby towns as well. He has a special relationship with animals, minerals, and plants - especially trees.

    I have communicated to him that there are certain things that this society requires for interaction and he has been able to meet those challenges. It was interesting because I never had to potty train him, I explained when he was around 3 1/2 that going to the bathroom unassisted was part of the expectations of this society, specifically his preschool, and he just spontaneously started going by himself. He's a great singer, too, and has some unique taste in music (unrelated to my preferences, I might add).

    I suffered a lot of low self esteem related to my ASD issues, and he has been the best teacher showing me the gifts that come with this way of being.

  5. Reading this brought tears to my eyes..u described me and both my sons..I can't even start to describe what I am feeling right now..It would be much longer then everyone Else's comments..Just know how much u posting this means to me!! <3 keep up the good work and I will be waiting for the next...Thank U!!!

  6. Thats my son. i had him in 2007. He lost his speech at 18months old. hes been diagnosed with adhd and aspergers. hes drawn to power stones. hes very intelligent and is a strong empath. he does get mad when hes in large crowds and with unnatural lighting. when he was nonverbal, hed still "talk" to me and his gma with his eyes and with telepathy. he regained his speech when i placed him in head start at 3. this is crazy. he loves rocks and stones but i never thought of him possibly being a crystal child. i cant wait for the indigo child.

  7. My son 15 is autistic and blind, anybody got a take on that?

  8. wow...This is something i needed to son was born in 2007. When we took him home from the hospital we noticed we was hearing things on his baby monitor....and his toys would go off by themselves....we ended up putting him in bed with us because the lady we was hearing in the monitor was mean and was telling him to shut up and he would be husband would get mad at me thinking i was in the room with him yelling at him....i wouldn't even be in the room...he was in fact asleep in his crib...when he got a little older he started having night terrors and sleep walking....he has his own way of communication...he does not speak that well but i know what he's funny how you read something like this and say that's my baby, that's me....he has been diagnosed with autism...but this just makes sense ...just two night ago he told me a girl was talking to him and she was a ghost...then last night he told me she was standing behind me while i was giving him his bath....i see and know things that i wouldn't know if i wasn't sensitive...just makes perfect sense now...I know can make sense of a few things so may be i can help him more...the one thing...i know about the dairy, glutten, and starch....what do you do when that is all your kid will eat....he loves milk...i did try the silk he hates it....i am buying glutten free cerel...hotdogs is the only meat he will eat and does not eat veggies...he eats fruit...i try to make sure he take vitamins....i just don't know what to do when it comes to his eating...thank you for sharing this it really helps....

  9. Hello. I am a woman in my late 30s, (I will be 39 next week). I am high function Autistic...and I already have been confirmed by more than one Wiccan to be a True Crystal Child. I have had a number of abilities as a kid, including empathy and off-and-on telepathy growing up. I am even able to do what I call "go on little walks" (I learned later that this is astral travel to other worlds and dimensions). However, starting on April 7, 2009...let's just say that a lot has changed, and I am in need of a teacher in the NW South Carolina area.

  10. My son is autistic. Will be 4 on Saturday. Since he was a baby he would always look and play with my rocks/crystals. He even brings some home that he has found. This has just made my day. I only googled what stone to get him to help with his autism. Thank you so much :)

  11. Omg!!! I have an autistic 5 year old its,the same things he does I'm a wicca and I guess that he is my gift!!! I can feel him drawing himself to me when he's hurting or in need of affection. So many people mis understand him. He is my life!!!! Thank you so much for this I feel so much better knowing my baby is gifted!!!!


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