Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Meet,

My feet hit the icy cold tile floor as I made my way through the house bleary eyed searching for the coffee maker.  As I poured the steaming hot coffee into my mug I glanced out my kitchen and caught my breath in wonder.  The sliver of the waning fourth quarter moon sparkled and shimmered and seemed to dance in the still dark sky in front of my eyes.  I took a moment to just enjoy the moon and the few twinkling stars around it.

As I sipped on my coffee I watched as the first rays of light started to appear above the field behind my house. The sky was dark with the looming possibility of snow, but somehow the area behind my house was perfectly clear and amazing to watch.  I watched the dark colors of purple and blue slowly give way to pinks and oranges against the night sky.  It truly was one of the most beautiful sun rises that I have ever seen.

As I sat there watching the sun rise I remembered the Yule ritual that I attended last night at Sacred Mists.  In the meditation the girl stayed up all night on Winter Solstice to watch the longest night of the year, and the newly risen Yule sun give way to morning.  It is Yule!  The Sun Father is reborn as the Sacred Child of the Solstice.  In the ritual last night part of the meditation centered around our home.  What's interesting is I saw my cottage. The one I believe to be from a past life, my sacred place this life if you will.  For you see that cottage is where I retreat to when I want to leave the cares of the day and travel to a place that's simple and loving.  The cottage is a one room cottage. At least I have not seen any other rooms in my time there.  It has a small front porch with an overhang and is on a lake surrounded by very tall evergreen trees.  As you walk into the cottage you are immediately greeted by the warmth of the fireplace on your face.  A kettle hangs over the fire and there are various cooking utensils on the hearth.  In front of the fire is a handmade wooden table with two chairs.  There is a bookcase in the room, and another shelf filled with herbs as well as various herbs hung around the cottage.  It is a simple place and one that is familiar to me. So I was very happy to have been there last night in meditation.

As we worked through the ritual last night, we worked with one quality that we wanted to rid ourselves of, and then we worked with a goal we wanted to replace it with for ourselves.  As we were doing this in the room each person typed into the ritual chat what they wanted to be rid of and what their goal was for the year.  This is when the energy really started to soar for me.  My fingertips were tingling and I could feel the magick that everyone attending the ritual was raising up.  It's just an amazing feeling when you feel this attending one of the rituals at the Mists.  It's the undeniable knowing that there is powerful energy going to work for the greater good of you and those who surround you.

As we closed the ritual and wished everyone a Blessed Yule I found myself absolutely starving! So I made myself a peanut butter sandwich and a hot cup of tea and perused the Sacred Mists shop for a few minutes to try to calm my mind from the excitement of the night.  It truly was a Blessed Evening.

On this day of Yule, may you and yours be blessed with loving energy and light.  May your hearts be warmed by the new sun, and your paths be ever illuminated for you.  May love an positive energy surround you always.

Love and Blessings

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time for Yule! Blessed Be. <3

  2. Merry Yule! Very descriptive post!


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