Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pagan Wreath Making

Merry Meet :)))

I become a crafty witch around the holidays.  Today we are spending the day making wreaths.  It's something I remember doing when I was little.  We are going out into the woods this afternoon to get the perfect branches for the wreaths, pine cones, winter berries, and whatever else strikes our fancy. I think this is a wonderful activity to get us outside during the winter, and our children if we are blessed with them.  The walk in the woods to search for branches and treasures for the wreath is always a treat.

History of the Wreath

As Witches the wreath represents the turning of the wheel of the year, an eternal circle turning through the darkness to the light.  The circular wreaths and it's candles are pre-Christian, and actually an old Pagan tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic people of Germany and Scandinavia.  These people worshiped the rhythms of the earth with the sun being central in importance to them.  During the Winter Solstice the Celts prayed for the sun's return and the reassurance that spring was coming. The center of these rituals was a living wreath.  The wreath was traditionally formed with evergreens.  It symbolized the unending circle of life and rotation of the seasons.  The evergreen was used as it's part of the earth that survives winters cold weather and darkness.  Traditionally candles were lit and set within the wreath bringing light to the darkness. The ritual was done with candles and ceremonial fires.  The wreath was displayed indoors.  Either hung like a chandelier or on top of a table or alter.  Later on in history the tradition was modified to include hanging the wreath on walls and doors.

How to Make Your Wreath

There are many ways to make wreaths.  The following is how I make them.

 - 2 wire coat hangers
 - floral wire
 - floral tape
 - Nature, evergreen branches, berries, pine cones and whatever else you wish to add.
 - hot glue gun optional - to help add pine cones berries etc

Take 2 wire hangers and set them 1/2 inch to an inch apart to form the base for your wreath.

Use floral tape to wrap around the hangers so that they stay in that position.

Use branches that are about 8" in length and start working your way around the wreath by laying a piece of branch on the hanger and wire wrapping it to the base.  Overlap them and keep repeating this process until the entire base is covered.

Add any decorations you wish with the floral wire or the hot glue gun.


Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Thank you was looking for something to do with my daughters, and everything I found was about how to buy it or make one that looks like theirs. So perfect this is how to make it now we can spend the day finding things to put on it :) Melanie


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