Monday, December 12, 2011

Rudolph Magick

Merry Meet :))))

I drove my son to preschool just a little while ago, and on my drive was contemplating what to write about today.  I have quite a few ideas roaming about, but I hadn't settled into one yet.  When we got to the school I got ready to walk Cole in and he was clutching his stuffed Rudolph in his arms.  "Cole, we have to leave that here." I told him.  His eyes started welling up and I braced myself for the argument I knew that was coming.  But Mommy, I want to introduce him to my friends.  I love him.  With that he pressed Rudolph's nose up to his, and gave me the sweetest puppy dog eyes.  *sigh*  He knows just how to get me.  That innocent voice and those puppy dog eyes.  I started questioning how big of a deal it would be to "break my rules" and let him bring in Rudolph to see his friends.

Cole stared at me knowing he had won.  I didn't even have to say anything, he just knew.  He jumped into my arms with Rudolph and said oh thank you mommy!  All the way up to the school he held Rudolph out in front of him and introduced Rudolph to pretty much every person we walked by.  You would think he was personally escorting Rudolph himself around his school.

But that's the thing.... for Cole he was.  Can you remember back to the age of 4 when everything was magickal, and stuffed animals really were alive and the spirit of the holidays were all around you.  When you couldn't wait to watch shows like Rudolph on tv because they took you to that magickal place again.  I remember it was a big deal during the season when those specials came on.  I'll age myself here a bit. lol  Back then we didn't have videos or any of that, you waited to watch those "specials" each year around the holidays and it was a huge deal.  You got to stay up late and have popcorn.  It's a tradition of the holidays that I miss. One that I've actually tried to start bringing back with my little ones this year, and yes Rudolph is on the list.

I watched Cole, beaming as he walked into that school with his friend Rudolph in tow.  When he got to his classroom I braced myself thinking it might be an issue that we brough him in. His teacher gave the biggest smile and said "Well, hey there Rudolph! I thought you were busy at the North Pole, so nice of you to join us today!" And all the little eyes in the room lit up as they gathered around Cole to bring Rudolph.

It's funny as  a Mom you spend time enforcing these things that "should" be done.  I bent the rules this afternoon and the joy it brought both to my son and his class was incredible.  Cole brought not only Rudolph to school but that holiday magick as well to his class and to me.  As I remember back when I was little how those moments felt, and that magick.  

Do you remember?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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