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To Be a Witch...

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I came across a video this morning that I was impressed with right away called the Heart of a Witch by Ms Julie Carol. She has done a series of short videos on being a witch.  If you are interested you can find her page here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/MsJulieCarol

Three of them however I was extremely taken with, and I thought she had a wonderful way of describing what it is like to be a witch. They are called: To Be A Witch, The Heart of a Witch, and The Life of a Witch.  So I took the time to write down her poems from each of the video.  I would still encourage those of you who have access to youtube to take time to look at the videos as the images and music these poems are set to are amazing.  She did a beautiful job.  I will put the link for each video after the poem. I hope you enjoy!

Love and Blessings,
Jasmeine Moonsong

To Be A Witch

Through the Ages, in Myths and Fairy Tales
Witches were said to be wicked....
We have been called many things, But now it truly can be said
Witches do not harm, We are the protectors and the healers
Yet, we also do not fear, That which is considered to be evil
It is evil that fears the Witch, Witches are amused by it's weakness
You can be sure that where the Witch is It will not show it's presence
The Witch will venture into places that others dare not go
The Witch eagerly seeks What most don't want to know
The Witch walks with the pentacle It is not only a symbol of balance
It is a Powerful Protective amulet That demands a benevolent reality
The Witch will travel To other planes of existance
It has been said that witch's fly but it's really astral projection
To travel on the astral plane Is a projection of awareness and energy
to keep watch over all or just to be nosey
Alteres states of consciousness Provide inspiration and lucid dreams
We see other realities and know that life is not what it seems
Our state of being is the Master of all that life is 
A clear mind and inner peace is where power truly lives
The Witch's power of psychic ability and strength comes from ceremony and alignment
on every Sabbat and Esbat  a circle upon the earth, a sphere of sacred space
The witch connects with Consciousness suspended in time it is not a place
It is the universal mind The one beating heart
The rythm of life itself  that has been here from the start
As witches we are mindful of every word that we speak
mindful of our thoughts for they will eventually come to be
the witch can bring love and happiness to a heart that is hurting
some music and a special potion and you have a party
there are endless possibilities to the magick a witch creates
the witch can open a heart and erase all fear and hate
witches may have been feared long ago by sickened minds
but today fear or no fear never again the burning times
we are always learning more we inspire and we teach
to be a witch is enchanting to enchant is to be a witch


The Heart of a Witch

The practice of witchery is as old as time
to be a witch is to be chosen a calling that is divine
The divine guides the heart of the witch
A power that comes from within
The witch nurtures this power
It is the center of being the center of all that is
White and black witchery the difference is very clear
each is born from emotions within
one is love 
one is fear
why would a witch with ancient wisdom of wise ways
perform black magick and acknowledge being afraid?
to know the power of the witch is to listen to the wind
to trust in the wisdom as you breathe in
to dare to feel the power of the witch
is to dare to let go of the hurt
to dare to heal with the passion of fire
is to dare to heal the world
to will the power of the witch
the witch must master a will that is unbreakable
a will that can move mountains
to keep silent the power of the witch is to not speak of magick casted
magickal energy has more strength unbroken with a clear path
to keep silent the power of a witch secret knowledge for the witch to keep
dreams, visions the heart of a wtich is a well that runs very deep
the art of witchcraft the art of ritual and spells
is a place of magick and mystery where the heart of a witch dwells


The Life of a Witch

The witch greets the day A candle is lit
with peace and gratitude In meditation she sits
she plans the day by the phases of the moon
she sweeps out the old to make room for the new
she sweetens the air with incense and oils
she cares for her herbs and waters the soil
because she listens she is given answers
there are things she knows when she works her magick
the people she loves in her heart she holds true
she only sees the right in all that they do
the seasonal  Sabbats are festive and fun
a feast of celebration to honor the sun
in the Esbat circle she draws down the power
from the full moon at the midnight hour
when the sun sets low and the witch ends her day
in her bath of salt she washes away
all that not right and what she wants to change
another candle is lit only gratitude remains


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