Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being an Empath and Having the Flu

Merry Meet,

As I emerge from the dark woods, I am able to look back and see the light that was behind me if I could have seen it......

I apologize for my absence the last week.  I have been fighting the flu, literally.  A bit over a week ago I had a cold.  I laughed as I went about my daily routine with my sniffs and coughs.  I've been working so hard on myself physically and emotionally I honestly thought I was invincible.  I kept up my walking every day, and we had a warm weather streak here so I found myself outside doing yardwork.  I boasted about how well I was doing working through my cold.

The universe laughed back at me a couple days later when I found myself bedridden with a high temp, body aches, and a complete lack of being able to control my gifts.  It was a shock to me to say the least.  I found myself getting angry at the lack of emotional control I had as I found myself crying on multiple occasions throughout the day.  Even my effort to distract myself as I watched "The Bachelor" failed as I found myself bawling.  The Bachelor had lost his father and wound up on a date where they surprised him with a video of his childhood.  Watching him struggle to contain his emotions, I lost it and tears streamed down my face.  Really? Here I am teaching people to control their gifts and here I am crying about a tv show.  I was frustrated with myself to say the least.

I honestly was afraid to blog because quite frankly my spirits and confidence were wounded and I didn't trust myself emotionally.  To make matters worse I found out I had a UTI on top of it all.  I was in control of nothing, not physically or emotionally.  So I fought myself this whole week.  I am finally coming out of the cloud of having the flu and looking back I realized that I learned a lot.

I don't have to be perfect.  My stumblings will help me to help you.  I learned some tricks this past week that helped me when my traditional methods of grounding and shielding were failing me.  I also noticed that my "sight" was improved about 200% during this time.  I saw so many things this past week I found myself rubbing my eyes at what I was seeing several times and questioning my sanity.

My shield, while wonderful on a daily basis may indeed be interfering with my spirit communication.  Something I will be working on tweaking coming up soon.  I also depended quite heavily on aromatherapy and herbs during this time.  A couple tricks I found may help you when you have the flu.

Warm Baths  - These became my best friends.  Though it was a very delicate balancing act. While they soothed the aches and pains and chills, I found if I stayed in them too long I would be sick.  Something that I added to my bath that was wonderful is Dr Teal's Relax & Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Foaming Bath. I got mine at Walmart, I linked the one at Amazon so that you could see it.

Tea - I absolutely love Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender tea.  I linked a 6 box pack at Amazon but I picked mine up at Big Y for under $5.00 for one box.  This did wonders to calm my nerves and settle my tummy and my emotions.

Aromatherapy - I burn Bath & Body works stress relief eucalyptus spearmint oil in my room every night.  I had it burning almost nonstop while I was sick.  The smell did wonders to calm me.

Seltzer Water - I live on it.  Any brand will do. A while ago I gave up normal soda and I drink seltzer water all the time now.  It's just carbonated water.  I at least doubled what I drank this past week.  Water is naturally grounding as well.

Meditation - I have a few meditation apps on my phone and I used one this past week quite frequently, Andrew Johnson's Stress Free meditation.  His voice is just soooo soothing to me.  I find it hard to find time to meditate as often as I would like but what a wonderful help to me this past week it was.

My biggest obstacle to overcome was me though.  I needed to allow myself to just be and relax.  To realize it was ok to hold off on doing things and just concentrate on making myself better.  I actually broke down and put a note up on my facebook page one of the days as I just felt unable to even post my daily motivationals that I do.  Their response on there was overwhelming to me, and yes that got tears as well.  The love and support that poured out from all of you was amazing.  So thank you :))))) It made a big difference to me knowing that it was ok if I wasn't perfect for a day. :)))))  As a Virgo I'm a perfectionist . Sometimes I swear the universe was laughing when they put me here as a Virgo. lol :))))

So I'm making my way back slowly.  But I thought I would share this journey with you to show that not everyone is perfect. We all learn from our mistakes, and perhaps one of the most important lessons and hardest ones to learn is self love and forgiveness.  I hope in some way this may ease your next round of being sick as an empath or highly sensitive.

Love and Blessings to you all,

Jasmeine Moonsong

**graphic credit: medusa04**

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  1. thanks for all your tips , Jasmeine - my family are struggling with the flu ATM , and you've given me some very cool ideas to help them cope.

    Feel better soon.



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