Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blowing Up Computers

Merry Meet :))))

Right so I had this absolutely brilliant article going on Bridget Bishop for you ;), but after blowing up my second computer in less then three days, I will be putting my article out on her at the end of this week. :P :))))

Yep you read that right.  I personally managed to blow up two computers in under three days. Awesome huh? :))) Hence why I've been so quiet this week.  I blew up the first one on Thursday. My main laptop, with all my important documents on it.  Thank goodness I back up all my pictures on an external hard drive.  But I lost everything else.  Among that was my book on being an Empath.  I managed to get back a couple beginning bits of it which I am grateful for.

I woke up Thursday morning and turned on my computer.  There was an ad on there for Corel Photo storage. I didn't think much about it just tried to shut the computer down.  It wasn't responding.  I tried clicking on the task manager.... still nothing.   Being half asleep I gave it a few minutes decided to grab a coffee, came back to some message that I couldn't read before my computer went blip and shut down.

That was it.  I was able to access the Bios after that, but nothing further.  My hard-drive on that computer is apparently cooked.  I've never had a computer just die completely like that.  I'm well versed in viruses and getting my information off of the computer before I have to do something to bring it back. Never just had one go black.  Lesson number 1 of the week.  I will be backing up my writing on a zip drive from now on.  Always thought I'd be able to get a couple small folders off my computer if push came to shove.

So I took it to a guy who fixes computers round here, got the same verdict Saturday morning that I had thought, hard-drive is no good.  So I will be doing that when I can get the part in and the money for the part.

I'll be ok though I thought I still have my old laptop.  While it's missing some keys and slow as a turtle I can make a go of it till I can work out a solution for the other one.  So I get setup with that on Friday.  I didn't want to be on the computer more then I had to the rest of Thursday.  Friday I spent about 6 hours working on an article for the Pagan Blog Project on Bridget Bishop.  Was doing a lot of extra research to make sure I had my info right for all of you.  You will see it the end of this week hopefully provided this computer doesn't blow up again. :) lol  Saturday morning I wake up and am ready to finish up the article. .

I'm never on this computer so I run virus scan.  Find a virus.  Awesome! lol Just what I want to see.  Remove the virus go to update Service Pack 2 and this computer hangs on stage three of the update.  Long story short I spent 5 hours working on this computer.  Had to wipe it completely, restore factory settings.  All my research, poof! lol

So I've been stressing all of today on how I am going to get this article out, or an article beginning with the letter B for the Pagan Blog Project.  So here it is.  Week three Pagan Blog Project, B is for Blowing up Computers. :))))

I will overcome this.   I will have a much better letter "B" article for you this week I promise ;) I just figured I would write and let everyone know what's going on over here.  I have been taking lots of Baths, and Burning lots of incense, as well as reading Books that are NOT on the computer. :P :)))))

I hope everyone is having a little easier of a time.  I will be working a spell to improve my luck. :P Just kidding.  I honestly am taking it as a sign.  Probably analyzing things more then I should. But I do have a tendency to work myself like crazy in too many directions and I think I'm getting not so gentle nudges to take some time down and relax a bit and just have faith that everything will work itself out somehow.  I have also gotten a reminder about being more diligent about storing information. :)

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

p.s. I would design a graphic for this, but I have no graphics program at the moment! :)))))  Hoping to have things back in a couple weeks.  I can still write though. :)))))

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  1. Have you considered using something like Dropbox to store copies of your work?


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