Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eagle Behind My House

Merry Meet :))

I'm sitting here working on the Daily Affirmations and Quotes when I gazed up at the frost covered field behind my house to admire the rising sun and all but dropped my coffee.  An eagle swooped down across the field.  I watched for a few moments to make sure it was indeed what I saw.  A few minutes later it rose up out of the high grass in the back of the field and circled around the field a couple times before it flew off.  I have seen an eagle only one other time in my life, and never near my home. It was amazing to see, it's black body and white head just glistened in the early morning sun as it spread it's wings wide to swoop down over the field.  This was a very good size eagle.  I only wish I had a better camera to capture these types of things.  My iphone is good but not that good lol.  It won't take the distance shots that well.

American Indians see the eagle as a sacred messenger that carries prayers to the Creator and returns with gifts and visions.  We use eagles feathers to connect to this majestic and powerful spirit guide as we know the eagle feather holds cleansing and healing powers.  The eagle is seen by many cultures as a symbol of courage, vision, strength and endurance.   The Eagle represents a state of grace that is reached through intense inner work and challenges to help one identify their true self and reclaim their personal power.

Eagles appear to inspire you to reach higher and become more then you think you are capable of.  They want you to be courageous and stretch your limits.  The Eagle teaches us to see clearly.  It helps to give us patience to wait for those perfect moments.  The Eagle teaches us to live in perfect balance with the Great Spirits and the Earth.    The Eagle reminds you to be free and follow your heart.

Eagle feathers are considered sacred all over the world and used to help assist in healing.  The feathers of the Eagle are symbols of power, healing and wisdom.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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