Monday, January 2, 2012

An Ice Spell and a Long Walk

Merry Meet,

I was surprised how warm it was on New Years Day.  It was almost 40 degrees here. Ok some of you are probably laughing at me right now.  40 degrees, yeah that's wicked warm.  But for New England in the middle of winter, it's warm! :)   I wasn't in the most social of moods yesterday.  It happens.  Being an empath I get literally burned out if I'm around people a lot, and it's been one really long week of being surrounded by people.  So I found myself extremely drained socially yesterday.

So I set out on a walk.  I had no clue where I was going, when I was coming back.  I walked down my driveway took a left and let the road take me where it would.  I could feel the stress starting to melt away as I walked down that road. With each step I took I felt a bit more grounded.  The more I walked the more I settled into the nature around me on that road.  The smell of the trees around me. The farms I was walking past and mountains off in the distance.  I even saw an oppossum on my journey.  I've never seen one in daylight.  I wound up walking for over two hours.  The only reason I turned back was that the sun was beginning to set over the mountains and I didn't want to be out past dark, given there are no streetlights where I was wandering and I was totally unprepared to be out after dark. 

So today I intend to do the same thing except with the children today.  The sky is blue, the weather is similar.  So after I finish writing this post I will be off to the shower and I am going to bring the kids and the dog for a long walk.  See where the road takes us.  

It's important to constantly rid yourself of negative energy.  Especially so if you are a sensitive person or an empath.  Going for walks outside is one way to do this.  Being around water is another way.  Below I'll put an Ice Spell for you to work with today. 

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

An Ice Spell

While the year is still new, use this ice spell to rid yourself of any negativity.  First light a gray candle to neutralize all negative forces you feel you should get rid of.  Next, in a dark-colored bowl, place an odd number of ice cubes in the bowl - three, five, seven, or nine - and then fill the bowl half full with water.  Use your power hand or athame to stir the ice cubes counter clockwise.  Begin gently, then faster.  Feel all the forces you wish to rid yourself of swirling away from you .  Visualize your problems disappearing into the darkness of the bowl; "see" them being drawn away from you. When you feel the banishment is complete, stop stirring the ice and extinguish the candle.  Leave the ice cubes alone and let them melt completely.  Then pour the water down a drain, and as you do, feel the negativity going with it. 

 - spell written by James Kambos
 - ice girl by ForestGirl


  1. A walk sounds about good right now. I need to get back out into nature. I wish I had a different setting though. Great spell, can't wait to try it. :)

  2. i have just recently (mid Dec) moved into a house situated on the KY river. i can see the river outside of my dinig room windows. i have been wanting to get outside more, especially since our move. but, unfortunately, i havent due to breaking my arm just before the move, and the weather. but, i DO plan on doing that VERY soon.

  3. Very cool,, I want to try that one. We have such a large area (property) that, that would actually be an easy task. Blessed Be..


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