Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One of THOSE Dreams

Merry Meet,

I'm still a bit bleary eyed as I write this.  Why I felt this was significant to my blog... not so much sure if it's me who does, but I feel like I need to write it.  So I had one of "those" dreams last night.  You know the ones.  They're super detailed, lotsa color, and you remember a lotta tiny details when you wake up which clues me in that it's suppose to mean something.  So here's what happened in the dream.. perhaps it will make sense to someone out there as I've had you all be able to tell me what in the world they meant before when I was confused.  Course the last time I dreamt of that huge storm my town was actually hit by a hurricane a couple weeks later... given that, I have absolutely no intentions of stepping on a train anytime soon. :P

It was a huge train and it wound it's way through the mountains making several stops.  For the majority of the people on it, it was a daily train ride.  However, it was my first ride on this train and given the amount of people on it, I was pretty uncomfortable.  The seats reminded me of those seats on the school bus when you were little.  Hard and cold, and because of the amount of people, it was luck of the draw who was going to sit next to you.  I found that the person sitting next to me kept changing along the route.  The majority of them did not speak English, well, at least on the train.  Something else that was curious is a lot, and I mean a lot of the population on the train were Chinese.  Nothing against them, just an interesting fact, may help determine where in the world I was?  I don't recognize any of it.

I watched this young couple in front of me all giddy laughing with each other and snuggling and totally oblivious to the world around them.  They were cute to watch and had me smiling.  They couldn't have been much more then 20.  Here's where it really starts to get weird....

We went through this "camp" of sorts? There were tons of people who were living in these tents.... like a tent city.  I remember not liking the energy as we pulled up because I felt like we were not wanted there.  Only one person got on at this stop and took a seat about five or six seats behind me.  It felt like the woman's eyes were just burning into the back of my head.   A few minutes later the train conductor looked into his mirror, (at this point the train looked more like a bus) and I could see fear in his eyes.  I watched his eyes wondering what was wrong.  Then an announcement came over the speaker on the train.

"Ladies and Gentleman, there is a bomb on the train.  We would like everyone to stay calm while we attempt to diffuse it."  Panic set in with me and my initial instinct was to run out of the train.  But what looked like a short run a couple minutes ago when it looked like a but now looked impossibly long as it looked like a long train again. Two arms, that had to be arms of the angels, gently moved me back into my seat and told me to be calm as it was the only way I was going to get off of this train was to master my emotions."

A woman a few seats in front of me stood up... I knew she was the one to diffuse the bomb as she had this badge on her jacket.  I could see the nervousness and fear in her eyes. Definitely her first time doing this.  Her hands were trembling as she walked by me.  She walked to the woman who had gotten on the stop before from the "tent camp" and lifted her up out of the seat.  She asked her to leave the train and diffuse the bomb.  The woman spit in her face and did something to her coat.  I could now hear a distinct ticking.

What happened next was a cross between time going to fast and time going too slow, best way I can describe it.  The guard shot the woman with the bomb in the chest and she fell to a crumpled heap.  There was this man a couple seats back that was really tall.. I couldn't make much else out who assisted the guard and they diffused the bomb.  At the next stop they pulled the woman off the train.  It wasn't my stop but I got off of the train anyway and proceeded to walk the rest of the way.

I work with a Dream Interpretation book called The Illustrated Dream Dictionary, by Pamela Ball.  For those of you interested in Dream Interpretation I highly recommend it.  It said the following about the train...

 - A railroad in a dream signifies the way we wish to go in life.  We can take a way forward and can make informed choices.  A single track suggests that there is only one way to go, whereas a multiple track suggests many more opportunities.  
 - Psychologically, a railroad suggests the idea of keeping one goal (which may be a group one) and being single-minded about it.  One early symbolism of the railroad was the facility of being able to ignore obstacles, to go round, through, or even over anything that stood in the way. 
- Spiritually, the railroad suggests a chosen direction that is usually fairly straightforward. 

 - A train will often highlight the dreamer's attitude to social behavior and relationships with other people.  It will also clarify his attitude to himself.  A steam train would suggest that we feel ourselves to be outdated and obsolete, whereas an up-to-date electric turbo might suggest speed and efficiency.  Catching the train shows we have successfully been able to have outside circumstances cooperate with us in achieving a particular goal. 

 - Bombs appearing in a dream usually indicate some form of explosive situation with which we need to deal.  Exploding a bomb indicates the need for positive action, while defusing a bomb suggests taking care not to make a situation worse.
 - Psychologically, we need to be aware that our own emotions are likely to get the better of us.
 - A bomb exploding is usually an unexpected event.  Dreaming of one would suggest a fear of sudden death.

Rather crazy dream.  I have some ideas of what it all means, but I know it's definitely one of those dreams that will be in my head for a bit until I sort it out.  :)))) I had the urge to share, so there it is.  Perhaps it will mean something to one of you as well.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I see the train as representing a journey or big change. Your on the train willingly, though not sure where your going so this is a change/journey you may initiate yourself, though your not sure if its the right thing to do.

    The bomb represents your fears of what could go wrong. I would take the diffusing of the bomb as any unforeseen situation having a positive outcome.
    But because of that situation, where you were previously on a face pace in your new journey, your forced to slow down (Shown by you getting off the train and walking).


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