Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chakra Balancing Massage

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Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to get a Chakra Balancing Massage.  The massage is a combination of deep-tissue massage, foot relexology and energy work.  I'm not able to get it done often as money is a little tight, but I ask for gift certificates to our local salon that does them, Puffers. They have a full salon and spa.  One of the girls that does massages also does Reiki and she is just amazing.  Truly.

When you go in she shows you a card representing each of the chakras.  You pick out which three appeal to you most at that moment.  You then go into the room for the massage that is just amazing.  Soft celtic music playing and salt lamps and candles make for a beautiful dim light and atmosphere in the room.  You lay down on the heated massage table and get comfy.  She then passes three different scents in front of you each corresponding to one of the chakras that you chose.  It features Aveda Chakra balancing blends. She doesn't tell you which one they are as that will be revealed at the end of the massage.

I chose Chakra #2, Nourished. "Chakra 2 is the center of vitality and sensation where we move beyond our basic needs into relationship with others.  When the pleasure chakra is balanced one has stable energy, alertness, unblocked emotions and is connected to all five senses.  When the pleasure chakra is imbalanced, one feels repression and feels disconnected to the senses.  Aroma: Sandalwood, organic orange and geranium."

It made perfect sense for me in where I was at last night.  I have been working hard to open up and develop my psychic skills even further.  So I wasn't surprised to see this one come up. :)))) The massage itself is just amazing.  I could feel the Reiki energy buzzing in her hands almost the entire time.  So not only do you get a massage but the benefits of Reiki as well.  Then she works on your chakras throughout the massage.  Just a treat for me.

I am certified in Reiki and I do know how to do chakra work, but I find that I like to try to have this every six months if I can.  It almost recharges me? I notice I am stronger the next day in my abilities and it's easier for me to maintain.  I'm not sure if it's the blending of the energies that makes it stronger.  I love it though.

So if you get the opportunity to get a massage, check and see if a Chakra Balancing massage is available.  The person doing it should also be certified in Reiki.  It will take your massage to a new level.  Because the products used are from Aveda you may want to start with an Aveda spa.  There are over 7,000 Aveda spas in the United States. Those are the ones most likely to offer it. You can use their store locator here   If you can find one that does I assure you it's well worth it.  If you are like me maybe ask people for gift certificates for Christmas, birthdays etc.  It's an amazing opportunity.

If you are interested, Aveda puts out an amazing line of Chakra balancing sprays.  I use them all the time.  I have become quite addicted to them.  They have one for each of the chakras.  Very helpful for if you need a little extra help balancing a chakra.  They last forever and smell absolutely divine.  You can check them out here:

For more information on the Chakra balancing massage you can read here:

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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