Friday, February 24, 2012

Divine Intervention

"Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a god's active involvement in the human world."


Merry Meet :)))

I've been musing off and on today about what to write about for this week's Pagan Blog Project and Divine Intervention keeps coming into my head.  I have my own personal thoughts on it, but wanted to snoop a bit and see how others defined it.   The definition above is from Wikipedia. I'm not sure that's quite what I believe but...

I can give you one specific example of divine intervention that meets the definition above.  I was around sixteen and had just gotten my license a little while ago.  My first vehicle was a pickup truck that my grandfather bought for me on my sixteenth birthday.  and it was a huge deal.  My sister, who's nine years younger then me was only seven, it was the first time my parent's let my sister go in the truck with me.  They were right behind us on the drive home. It's funny how clearly I still remember the events of this night, and I asked my Mom recently and she still remembers it as well.

I started driving up the mountain, yes, I grew up at the top of a mountain in a log cabin in the woods. :))) Another story in and of itself.  My house was almost three miles at the top of it. At the bottom of the mountain there is a really sharp curve.  It's difficult to see around it.  I remember just getting ready to start going around the curve when I saw the headlights.  They were flying, and I mean flying towards me.  Then it's really strange.  It's as though time moved really slowly in that moment.  I remember thinking, oh my god this is it.  The truck was barreling straight towards me and it was going to be a head on collision.  There wasn't much for space on this turn.  I remember looking at what I could do and there was no place for me to go.  There was a cliff to the left of me and a dingle with a house on the right.  I hugged the corner as best I could and I prayed.  Yes I had enough time for all this to happen, which is what is still crazy to me to this day.  Because the actual event couldn't have taken more then 2 seconds.  What happened next I will never understand.... well yes, apparently I will today. It was divine intervention.  I saw a flash of light.  The most beautiful white light that you have ever seen.  It had rainbow and gold shimmers in it and it started as a ball and the light just streamed out.  I felt as if I was floating for a second.  I couldn't see anything.  Then I saw the headlights going down the hill behind me. 

I asked my mother if she remembered this event the other day and she was actually crying.  She said she could've lost both of us that day.  And indeed there's no explanation other then divine intervention that my sister and I are still here to this day, as that should have been a head-on collision.  It was not my first brush with death, it would not be my last, hopefully I won't have any more, but it was definitely the most memorable.  There is no denying what happened on the mountain that night. 

So yes, Divine intervention does exist.  We are loved, we are watched over.  Now, I am not saying that they will intervene every time, as everything happens for a reason... but they were with me that night as it was not my time to go yet. 

The second time it happened to me it was actually, strangely enough, on the same turn.  I mean the same exact place in that road.  I don't live there anymore. lol   I was on a ehm school bus van.  Was trying to think of what to call it! Too far up the mountain to walk down every day and there was no way a school bus was going up there, so I was shuttled down to the bottom every morning.  One particular morning it was extremely icy. We were coming down the mountain.  I remember the bus driver swearing when she hit that patch of ice and the van flying towards that cliff.  I mean it was a cliff too.  On the same corner where I saw the white light previously. One small metal rope was all that separated the road and the vehicles from taking a long plunge down into the gulley.  I braced myself with that same though.  Oh my god, this is it... and again, that white light. Time appeared to slow down... I felt like I was in a sled flying out of control going down the mountain.  After I saw the light I remember trying to breathe. For some reason I wanted to get out of the van. The van that had two wheels over the edge of a cliff and a metal rope holding it onto the road. I walked down the mountain and phoned my mother to come pick me up.  Again, they saved me.  Is it possible that without intervention that day the rope may have held... perhaps... but I saw the light, and the slowing of time... I know I was helped that day. I also know someone was with me when I walked down that mountain.

Has any one else had any experiences with this?

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. On July 2, 2009 I was in a motorcycle accident. I was the passenger riding behind my boyfriend at the time. We were on the same road that we lived on and had just crossed over the river bridge and there was a truck on the other side of the road coming toward us. Suddenly my bf breaks really hard and I slide up against his back and look over his shoulder. Then I see a car turn right then from behind the truck to turn right in front of us and by that time we had slammed on the breaks. The motorcycle hit the back passenger side of the car. I was knocked out instantly and was ejected 50 ft or so in the air. The witnesses say that it looked as though someone put their hands under me and set me down in the road. While I was unconscious I went to a place that looked like orange clouds all around me and I saw my dead family members. They told me it wasn't my time and I woke up. I know that I have a purpose in life, that divine intervention saved my life and that my family is waiting for me on the other side. I try to keep the faith, do good work, and live life to the fullest. Blessed be <3

  2. The thing is the divine is always intervening. That stranger that pulled over and happened to have a full gas can when your car was out of gas. There are no such things as coincidences after all. Those are just little signs of the divine's hand in your life guiding you to where you need to be.


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