Monday, February 20, 2012


Merry Meet :)))

I settled down into my bed smiling as the comforting coolness of the sheets hit my body.  I let my mind drift about to wherever it wished as I waited for the dreams to come.  As I lay there my hands started to tingle a bit.  Realizing what was happening I tried to relax and allow it.  It was becoming familiar with this sensation.  I settled into it and the rest of my body started to tingle.  I took a deep breath accepting and waiting.  Then my thoughts became focused. I walked through a haze of sorts and found myself back in my grandfather's garage.   A place I hadn't been in well over 10 years.  As soon as I walked through the door I was in awe of all the detail.  Everything was just like I remembered.  Then a familiar scent hit my nose.  My grandfather.  I would know it anywhere.  I sat down in the chair across from where he usually sat and tried to focus.  And then yet another veil of mist parted and I could see him.  He opened his arms to me and I was actually able to come close to him and give him a hug.  Something that doesn't happen to often.  He then proceeded to give me a message for my father. Something very simple but I knew it was important to him.  Just a few words.  He then gestured to the cup of tea in his hand.  I knew I was to remember everything and pass it on to my Dad in the morning.  With that, it gradually got hazier as I remember talking to him but it started to get less vivid.  I was drifting into a deeper sleep.  I went to fight it, but my grandfather told me to "relax and go with it."  I awoke the next morning not remember much but the beginning of the dream and the message for my father that I gave him that morning. This is just one of the many experiences I have had with dreams.

Ever wake up in the morning and it takes you a bit to realize that what you just dreamed about isn't real... or is it? Most morning I wake up pretty quickly save for the couple that it takes me a bit because the dream was that vivid and that realistic.  Then usually a cup of coffee will do the trick :P

I have received information through my dreams pretty much my entire life.  Although I wasn't completely aware of how they worked.  I've now got them categorized a bit. I should note that almost all of them I remember the emotions attached to them the most. Remembering the emotion attached to them is a huge help for me trying to decipher the messages.

The first type of "dream" I will get is a visit from someone who's crossed.  More often then not, this is how my grandfather contacts me, as in the story above, but I have seen others this way as well.  It usually happens right as I'm falling asleep.  That point where you're not fully asleep but you are nearly there.  I can reach it via meditation if I get quiet time in the house.  These are extremely vivid for me.  In these I am able to see, hear, smell.  That's how I know what they are, because everything is extremely detailed and I feel like I am actually there.  I usually will only get a sentence or two and it tends to be repeated. I will also usually get some sort of symbol or something meaningful to help me with validation for the person the message is intended for.   This is something I would love to work with more in the future.  However with two little ones, there's not a lot of chunks of quiet time to work with this more. :)  When I receive these types of dreams from someone who's crossed but I don't know them as well, I tend to get less smell and sound and more exaggerated symbols.  For instance I will see them holding a piece of paper with a symbol on it.

The second type I get are those dreams that pertain to events that could happen in the future.  I say "could" as sometimes I am given information to change the situation.  A warning if you will.  These dreams are always obvious to me as well as how vivid they are.  The colors are always extremely, well ... colorful! lol The detail is usually pretty incredible too.  I also have a tendency to get ripped out of them depending on when they happen.  Three in the morning is a pretty common time.  Something will make a loud bang in the house startling out of my sleep.  It's as if they want to wake me quickly so I remember the details.

The third type of dream I get is the repetitive one.  This one I'll get either several nights in a row, or it seems to continue on.  Like picking back up a movie where it left of.  The thing with these types is it doesn't seem to be as much what's going on in the actual dreams as the symbols in them.  I use a book to help me with these and I find the interpretations usually make complete sense to me.  The book is called the Illustrated Dream Dictionary by Pamela Ball.  I can't begin to tell you how much I love this book.  I've used it with friends as well who have told me they keep having a dream over and over.   Barnes and Noble has them online used for $1.99.  I picked it up from Barnes and Noble a couple years ago when it was new.

Most people will get messages through their dreams.  The reason for this is we have our "guards down" at that time if you will.   It's easiest for guides and loved ones who have crossed to send us messages then.  I see a lot of people who recognize when dreams are significant but aren't too sure what to do with them.  A good place to start is keeping a Dream Journal.  This helps you to become more aware of your dreams, encourage lucid dreaming, and help to point out patterns in your dream.  Just pick a notebook or a special place, and each morning when you wake up, write down as much as you can remember.  It doesn't have to be perfect, words, pictures, whatever will help you to remember things. It serves as a wonderful reference and it will help you to tune in and start realizing what your dreams are trying to tell you.  Pair that with a book like above and you'll be on your way! :)))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely get the book you suggested. BB

  2. I have had dreams that are precognitive and come true, or would have if I had not taken certain actions. And yes, somehow, these dreams feel different, not just a dream. I have also had precognitive moments awake, and telepathy.

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