Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Gift of Clairsentience and Validation

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Merry Meet :)))

I just had the most amazing experience.  An Imbolc gift delivered straight from the Goddess and a dear friend of mine.  She asked what my post for the Pagan Blog project would be this week, and told me that she would be writing about Clairsentience.   I had honestly not gotten to what I'd be doing my blog on this week and was a little concerned on my topic.  Here it was delivered to me today along with a gift of precious validation for me. Something that I hold very dear to me.  

Clairsentience is the ability to feel things that are beyond the normal realm of knowledge, clear feeling if you will.  I've had it all my life and have been aware of it, however not until the past few years have I been actively working on developing it.  I can sense the presence of those who have crossed.  I can see them, hear them, smell them. My abilities don't stop there though, I have the same abilities with those whom are living. 

There are four psychic senses, clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), claircognizant (clear knowing).   I have them all, although clairsentience is strongest in me.  It is not an easy thing to have as you have to depend so much upon trusting yourself and the divine intervention that you receive. Hence why validation is so wonderful to me. I get things all the time.  However I have a difficult time trusting what is not in black and white in front of me so to speak.  

One of the biggest areas I have issues with is when it comes to seeing for myself.  I have the signs all around me but I constantly look and ask for more.  Today I was given it.  A fellow sister and wonderful friend went out on a limb for me today and trusted her clairsentience and read me.  The details she gave me were absolutely unreal.  I found myself actually shaking and having streams of happy tears as she told me details of things I had seen in my future.  Things that I had seen but wasn't sure if I could trust them as they are my dreams.  She not only validated what I've been seeing, but confirmed my gifts for me, and showed me my dreams.  She provided details that she couldn't possibly have known.  Things that I have told no-one.  Such specific details that it could not be questioned of the reading she gave me.  

I am still in shock as I write this but incredibly grateful for this gift that I've been handed today.  On Imbolc no less. A day of new beginnings, and the rising of the sun gods and longer days.  A sign that winter and the cold is indeed ending.  My heart is filled with love and joy that my decisions to strike out into the unknown and keep faithfully following my heart and what I feel is divine guidance are indeed accurate and I can trust. Out of respect for my friend I am keeping personal details out of this. :) However I think perhaps she saw how strong her gift is as well today.  I am proud of how she's been becoming true to herself and following her gifts and paths as well. I do feel she is someone I've traveled several lifetimes with. There are certain people that you just have that connection with in life.  It's amazing when you find them.  So a huge thank you and the biggest hug ever.  

So as I write about having these abilities one of the biggest messages I have is to trust.  I talk about signs I see all the time, and I assure you, they are there.  If you need clarification of something ask and it will be given.  I am astounded at how clear they made it for me this time.   I am grateful to my guides and the spirits of my ancestors whom I know are with me still.  My Grandfather made that clear to me today. I am also grateful for the amazing sister who took a leap of faith today in her gifts to deliver me such a valuable message.  Thank you :))))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. I have a bit of clairsentience as well, but I'm afraid of some of the things I feel or see. I can't quite get past my fear although I try to face and conquer it, and I feel like it is getting in the way of practicing that ability.


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