Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Natural Wiccan

Merry Meet,

It dawned on me this morning that one theme I see coming up quite frequently is people having the money to complete courses etc that they would like to take as a witch.  I myself have said it at times.  However when answering an email this morning I thought the answer was pertinent enough to share.

If you are Wiccan you are a child of the divine and one with nature.  There really is nothing you will need to practice that you cannot find or that won't be provided for you.  You don't need to have a super fancy altar or tools.  What matters in magick is your heart, your spirit, and your intent.  So do you need the $50.00 moonstone wand that you saw on a website? No.  Yes it would be brilliant to have and work with, but honestly you can walk in the woods find an oak tree and craft your own want.  Spend time lovingly carving it with runes that mean things to you.  In my opinion that is better to work with as it comes from you, and your energy.

Some other examples, for my offering dishes I use abalone shells.  I have several stones and feathers and such that I have found on various wanderings in the woods. You can craft a pentacle out of things you will find in nature, branches, herbs, just use a bit of ribbon and glue to hold them together.   My alter is done up with little trinkets and such that have meaning to me and I have collected along my journey.  The price of your alter doesn't matter it's the time and thought and love you put into creating it.

I also believe that one of the most important things we learn along our path is learning to communicate with the Goddess and our Guides.  While I am involved in classes and Sacred Mists, is it necessary to pay for classes? No.  As a Wiccan you will learn to listen to the voice of the Goddess.  Learn to recognize the signs put in front of you.  She will provide you with whatever she wants you to learn.  If you are meant to learn about herbal medicine you will be nudged in that direction with signs.  You will notice repetitive things in your day to day life pay attention to them.  The majority of what I have learned has been given to me by my guides and the Goddess.  Things have a way of "falling onto my lap."  It always amazes me.  Honestly it's like receiving lots of mini-presents throughout the year.  It is made known to me if I don't get it right as I will be made to do it again as well.  The divine is the best teacher you could ever wish to have.

So take time to meditate and listen.  Walk in the woods and listen to the whispers in the wind.  Pay attention to the signs every day in your life.  Craft a meaningful spiritual alter with the help from the Goddess.  In pagan times they did not have access to online classes, stores rich with Wiccan goodies, and they were lucky if they had someone to teach them. Live each day with intent to serve the Goddess and help others and you will be provided for and the way will be lit for you.  Keep your faith and walk your path.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. You are so right Priestess,, it's been a rewarding, and somewhat of mysterious path for me, I've been welcomed into a coven where I am learning so much, Im in the process of making my own wand,, I already make my own wreaths from grapevines that I find when hiking, and Im meeting people that are as eager to teach, as I am to learn. Im loving it, the life style, and the feeling I get when crafting my own tools. Blessed be with love and light.

  2. Beautiful post and right on target! Most (if not all) my tools and altar decorations are of my own design. The energy I put into making them makes them special to me. They become an extension of me. There are plenty of courses and blogs and forums and whatnot to keep you reading for ages. There are even schools that are free for those who want to learn. I personally do not find any credit in any program that demands you pay some huge fee. And after some hard work and searching you'll start to realize what is a good resource and what may not be...

    Anyhoo... great post! And thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hope!


  3. I am so excited that you found a coven near you! Perfect for you :))) You are ana amazing lady. Blessings to you :))


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