Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prosperity Exercise

Merry Meet :)

I have spent the last hour working on a prosperity exercise.  I learned this in a class called Sacred Pathways for the Magickal Mind.   I invite you to join in with me. :) I'm sure almost all of us could use a bit of prosperity in our lives. Ready?

Our first prosperity exercise is a month long commitment which I made today.  The first task is to find a jar, box, pouch and decorate it.  Each day I will put $1.00 in the jar.  We also need to write a list of prosperity affirmations that will be read each day as the money is put in the jar.

First, the money can come from anywhere, loose change you find about the house etc.  It may sound like a lot to some but you will be amazed what you will "find" if you want to and you start looking.  You can do it!

Second, write the list of affirmations. I chose a normal sheet of white paper and wrote the following affirmations, you can use mine or I encourage you to use your own and make it more personal. :)  Once I was done writing my affirmations, I used a bit of a money ritual oil I created some time ago to annoint the paper with.

 - I am thankful for all the blessings the universe provides me.
 - I am open to the abundance I deserve.
 - I know life is abundant and I accept abundance in my life now.
 - Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources.
 - New opportunities to increase my income open up for me now.

Third, the jar. :) The picture above is the jar and space I created.  The jar, funny enough, I found at Christmas Tree Shops in Cape Cod for $1.99 almost a year ago. It's a blue glass as I love blue, and at the neck it has a thin silver wire with a seashell and a star hanging from it.   As soon as I saw it I wanted to use it for this exercise and it has been sitting in my kitchen waiting for the right moment ever since.  I cleansed it with cool water and smudged it with sage to get it ready.

I was surprised how easy the setup was for me.  I have little shelves next to my kitchen sink.  I cleared one of them so that each morning when I get my coffee I will see the shelf with my jar.  It's right above it. :) I found some Christmas ribbons in my basement, one gold sparkly one because I love sparkles that I tied around the neck of the jar, one silver one that I tied about the bottom.  I then added a raven feather to the jar.  It is one of the few raven feathers that I have found on my doorstep waiting for me.  A sign from my guides for me I believe.  I added a bay leaf sent to me from a friend in the jar.   Bay leafs are powerful herbs for protection, psychic powers, healing, purification and strength. Bay trees are known to be guardians of the home and protectors from evil.  And it's green. :) It felt right to me so in it went.  On the outside of the jar I taped a tiny quartz crystal that my son Cole found for me on a mining excursion during the summer. In front you will see my kitchen incense burner and I have white sage burning on it to help cleanse the area.  I have a seperate incense burner that I use on my alter. This one I use primarily for white sage and protection, it has a silver pentacle on it.  I folded up my affirmations and tucked them under the jar.  To the left of the jar you will see a rock that I found on a journey in the woods with my children.  It is packed with gold and silver micah.  I was drawn to the rock when I saw it but wasn't sure what to do with it.  It has found it's home. :) The little jar of oil you see next to it is the money ritual oil.  I annointed the jar and pretty much everything you see with it, as well as the first crisp dollar bill inside the jar.  Behind the jar you will see a little witch's broom made for me by a fellow sister of the Mists who owns Simply Delighted Candles and Crafts.  The pinecone is also from her.  Finally a sand drawing in the back.  It has a bridge the ocean and the sun. :) Representing my dreams of living by the ocean and the bridge of life. Oh! one last thing! I put a little jade turtle in front of the jar.  I believe it belonged to my Gram? It's been here for quite some time.  Jade is a wonderful stone for achieving wealth and your dreams.

Now it's your turn! Will you join me? Let's raise the energy together. :) Let me know about how you do! Would love to see pictures if you want to email them to me at

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Yay Priestess you are just loaded with good stuff for me to do today, and Im loving it,, and I know just the bottle I will use, as well as decorations. Blessed Be, and thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us/me :) <3

  2. Thank you for showing your space you set aside for this ritual. I am always inspired when I what others have done.

  3. thank you for sharing! BB )0(

  4. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for you compassion and understanding of what we believe in. You are the light of my life right now and I know you will lead me down the right path through your sharing and knowledge and experiences of being a Wiccan. I still have some learning to do and I know you are the one that will lead and teach me the right way. Thank you Brandy and Bright Blessings.............

  5. Jasmeine you are always a fountain of knowledge and hope to me. Just when I was feeling so sad today about something (a career change) I want so badly. But it is not happening for me, and I was planning to call my sister & tell her I'm letting me dream go.

    Then I see your post on Bloglovin'. And it feels like its exactly the light in the dark that I need.

    I will join you in this exercise. I still miss Sacred Mists. So I'm thrilled you shared this.
    ~ Julie WiccanMoon )O(

  6. my prosperity jar-


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