Tuesday, February 21, 2012

White Hat Society

Merry Meet and welcome :)))

For some time now I have wanted to provide a way for Lightworkers, Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, and any others who may feel the call to come together in a band of light.  For you see, I believe it matters not what name you choose to give yourself to define your beliefs as it does what you actually believe and how you act upon it. Follow your true self, and act with love in your heart always and that is how you will become one with the divine.

In my journey I've seen so many who wish to become witch's who have been told that if you do not venture to the dark side ever you aren't a proper witch.  I'm not in the business of calling people out on things but I watched one very respected blogger tell her readers that if they did not work with the dark magic and engage with the dark side then they weren't balanced and ergo weren't a proper witch.  I felt a sense of sorrow as I watched several comments underneath her post saying that they guessed they then may have not found their path because by her definition they weren't a proper witch.

My heart went out to them.  Wicca is a religion, and a lot of people that are Wiccan also engage in witchcraft and would consider themselves witches.  I've seen many different debates on who can call themselves a Wiccan, witch etc as well.

My position is this... Does it really matter what we are all called? Is it really worth arguing with someone over if they are as good of a witch as you? Does that not make you less of a witch by doing that? I believe that if someone feels called to the path that we should embrace them and help them to find their way.  Teach them to work with the Gods and the Goddess, to embrace the Blessed Mother Earth and all the elements.  Show them that with love in their heart and pure intentions anything is indeed possible.  We have the power to heal the world.  To use love and intention for the greater good and not only heal those people around us, but our dear Earth as well.

As Witch's, Wiccans, Lightworkers, I believe we have a responsibility to the world around us.  Most of you who have found your way here have already been called.  So I am taking a risk of being criticized and standing in the fire for you.  I do not believe it is necessary for you to ever work on the dark side or do anything you don't feel completely comfortable doing.  I believe it is perfectly acceptable for you to work with Jesus as an Ascended master or whomever else you choose.  I believe it's actually a benefit for you to work with the angels and allow them to help you spread the love and light.

"And it harm none, do what ye will"

I mean no disrespect for those witch's who believe that it is necessary.  That is their path, their choice.  I only want to give those wishing to learn the craft the choice to not have to work with the dark side as I don't believe it's necessary.  Balance is necessary and important.  While I believe we need to be aware of the dark side, our shadow selves, negative beings etc, I don't believe we need to walk with them.

I believe most issues can be conquered with light.  When you are having an issue with someone instead of immediately jumping to a binding spell, consider asking the angels and the divine to shower that person with love and help them to see their ego and the error of their ways.

So I ask you to join with me now.  Make a pledge to help those along the way.  Teach them the way of the light.  Work with light and love in your heart.  Follow your path "In perfect Love and Perfect Trust".  Don't get distracted by other's definitions of what you "should" be.  You are perfect just the way you are.  Don't forget that.

We are the Wiccans, The Witches, The Lightworkers
We will walk with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
And use our gifts to help those less fortunate then us

We bind together on this day
May others come to us to help them find their way
"And It Harm None, Do What Ye Will"

I hereby formally invite you to join the White Hat Society

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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White Hat Society

White Hat Society


  1. Thank you Priestess,, I will add this to my blogs as well,, thank you for opening your heart this way, I know that you know how much that means to me. Blessed Be with love and light always

  2. Strange a fellow coven member and I were talking about that very subject this morning. My take on it is a little different then yours. In that I mean I consider myself more drawn to the dark side. However, It is important to say I don't dabble in black magick at all. More that light and dark balance each other, but i don't think dark should be associated with bad. I am a night person. I'm more awake and productive at night. I feel connected with the nocturnal animals. I do not fear death the way most people do. I think balancing your beliefs, practice with light and dark is the way you should be. But again I don't consider dark, bad. I am a nurse, a healer, an empath. I would never hurt anyone unless it was self defense. Sometimes I don't think people can distinguish between celebrating the dark and doing bad things. Just my thoughts....

    1. I agree with you :))) I love the nightime as well and nocturnal animals. I still fear death, but I know that's my ego being afraid. By Dark magic I was referring more to black magic as you are calling it. I actually have seen blogs telling people that they are not proper witch's unless they have died and come back. I wouldn't consider what you do at all in that category. :) And I can tell from your energy that you are loving. It matters to me more what the intention of the magick is, and that no-one be harmed in the process. Other then that I think it's up to everyone what they choose to do. I don't think anyone is any less of a witch for not having dappled on the other side though. Balance is very important. :) So I am agreeing with you. I tried to word it as carefully as I could in the article without calling specific examples as I don't feel that benefits anyone. Thank you for stopping by :))

  3. I do not call myself Wiccan, witch, pegan, heathen, Christian or any other word is used in religon. If anything I am a traveler on a journey to find myself and my way. I read alot and when I read I try to feel war the intention of the message is. I found myself on your page and then here. There is a feeling of truth and light here. Peace and understanding.
    I feel we all have a path in this life and no two paths are the same. Alot of what you say rings true to me..... Does that make me Wiccan ? Who knows. I know I would like to hang out a while and continue my travels on your path and see where it takes me. So thank you for all you do and for opening the garden gate. Blessed be.

    1. Merry Meet and welcome :)) I appreciate you coming by. You are so right that no paths are the same, and that is what I love. :))) I wish you many blessings on your journey.

  4. Nuwedi (Thank You) Jasmeine

    for the invitation, i am honored. Blessed be to everyone. I don't call myself anything but pagan these days. I belong to no coven, i am a solitary. I have title of Reverend and have been a Priestess in my own right since i was a child. I am a empath.

    i have many hero's mythical and human.

    These days, i try to take all that put before me and make it one whole part of me. 'A rose is a rose by any other name' i think is how it goes. I believe in Peace. I believe in the Fay. I believe animals talk to us and teach us. I believe loving someone can never be wrong. I believe in compassion and tolerance. And that Grandmother Earth and GrandFather sky are my names for what some call God. That sometimes i call Them as Dadgda and Tuatha. It doesn't matter what i call myself, or how i talk to Them. It only matters i do so respectfully and sincerely, and its btwn Them and myself.

    And that i harm no one. Does this mean i won't fight back majickly and defend. No, i've learned the hard way recently that some people like the power doing harm does, and will attack for no other reason than the chase and the game. Unfortunetly for themselves they now reap what they sowed in the first place.

    Harm none, also means to me, you may question why someone's tradition is different in order to gain understaning and to be respectful, but you don't have the right to trivialize it put it down, and in my tradition this includes those who are not pagan.

    (Altho i'll be first to admit those on the religious right and especially politicians of any party make me pretty frustrated and mad most of the time.)

    Happy Black Tuesday by the way, am off to make some Jambalaya and then off to play a gig for a local church. Themselves gave me the gift of being a musician, so i try to use that gift as much as i can to help others and well as my own. In the dark days that everyone has been dealing with...its good to bring laughter, light, song, joy, and dance even if just for a little while

    Nuwedi (Its Good)


    1. Merry Meet and welcome :)) I loved your comment thank you so much for stopping by. I love learning about other traditions. I have found so many interesting things that I have adopted and several other that I may not have taken on but just found fascinating. I love to learn. :)) I believe people should be encouraged to learn all they can.

      Jumbalaya yummmm and love that you are an artist. :))) I love to sing as well. I hope you have a Blessed Evening

  5. I am always leery to join group or chats on line because so many people have such a distorted vision of being a Witch. They wear platter size pentacles and weld swords and silver chalices and remind me of children playing dress up. I guess that's why I've always been a solitary ecclectic and did my own thing. I answer questions when asked and teach those what I know who are trying to find their way. I let people know that a wooden bowl of dirt and a pretty glass you got at the dollar store are perfectly fine. You find an interesting stick on the ground...poof you got a great wand. I think you really got it going on Jasmeine and I really enjoy your postings every day. I think it would be fun after full moons and such for folks to share their rituals or celebrations. Witches are a creative lot and it's great to get new ideas or share old ones. Blessed Be to you all and have a magickal evening!

  6. Brightest of Blessings to you. Loving what you've said. It's pretty much the same thing I have taught my children & said to others who walk the Wiccan path. Walk the lighted path be careful not to stray into the shadows. Always mind the Wiccan Rede.
    Blessed Be )O(

  7. Bright Blessings to you.
    You have stated my feelings perfectly.
    This is what I have taught my children as we walk the Wiccan Path.
    Blessed Be- Love & Light to you.
    Sallie )O(

  8. Merry Meet Jasmeine!
    Thank you for the invitation and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Brightest Blessings! Bruce

  9. Sign me up. I am wondering how to make a hat like that? I have practiced being a light worker for many years. I am a christian witch. Or whatever you want to call me. I always liked the fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty - changing a bad situation into something for good. Peace Out and blessings to all - Beth alias Homelight.

  10. I signed up to join your group. I look forward to chatting with everyone.

  11. Hi, I am newish to Wicca and Paganism, your blog is wonderful
    I do not agree that we should encounter the dark side to make us whole
    unfortunately in my job as a paranormal investigator / psychic I have had to deal with a whole lot of mess from people dabbling in what they do not understand !!
    so I thank you for your "white hat society" and I have shared the logo on my page
    love and light to you


Thank you for stopping by :))) Love and Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong

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