Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grounded for Energy Tonight

Merry Meet,

Yesterday I put out a post to let everyone know I would do a healing ritual here tonight in order to try to raise up some energy to help those of you who have been going through some tough times lately.  I currently have over sixty of you on the list for tonight received through comments on facebook and emails.  I also have a crew of people who volunteered to join with me tonight and help from wherever they are to raise up the energy.  So at 10:00 pm tonight we will all join our energy together and raise it up to try to help you.  For those of you on the list, you may feel a slight tingling during this time.  That is normal.  I just ask that you stay open to the energy and allow the universe to help you.  I also ask you to not only accept the energy but remain as positive as you can.  When you hold that positive energy it will help to resolve the situations that you are in and allow you to heal.

To prepare for tonight I wanted to make sure that I was grounded properly and ready myself.  So I took off this afternoon for a walk.  The afternoon air just smelled so amazing as it had rained much of today.  The sun was peeking out this afternoon though.  The air was absolutely perfect. Nice and crisp yet not too cold.  I had Max, my golden retriever with me.  My focus was on watching him sniff everything and kindof following his lead if you will.  I paid attention to what he was looking at, listened for what he was listening to, and when I saw him lift that nose in the air to catch a scent going by I tried to identify what he picked up.  I have noticed that my sense of smell is definitely improving.  The more I develop my gifts the more sensitive I am becoming to everything around me and smell is definitely one of them.  I can actually smell where old fruit orchards were for one example.  It's a little hard to explain.  But there are sooo many very distinct smells and if you put them together with what you see you can start to piece together what once was.

I made my way more then five miles down the country road this afternoon.   I was just mesmerized by the mountains and everything around me.  One of the coolest things I found, literally actually, was the change in temp as I came into the mountain.  I was starting to get too warm as I made my way down this road with the sun beating on me and feels on each side.  But as I reached the top of the hill and into the mountain I was amazed at the rapid change in temp.  All of a sudden I was surrounded by mossy rocks with ice still on them, melting.  I was surprised by the ice still on the mountain as we've just come off of a week where the temps were in the lower 70's where I am.   The smells were extremely strong in this area and just very soothing to me.  In one area I could smell mint and I remember my Dad showing me these trees, I'm honestly not sure what they were called, we called them peppermint trees.  When you scratched the bark you could smell peppermint.  In this one section that was all I could smell.  

It was just an amazing afternoon.  I was out there almost two hours and am incredibly grounded and ready to send energy in an hour.  :))) I wanted to share the experience.  I hope all of you are having an amazing night.  Stay strong :))) Much Love to all of you. 

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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