Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Lessons

Merry Meet :)

Here we go again. Mercury retrograde.  Everyone ready? I must be honest, I've heard people talk about Mercury Retrograde and I'm like ok, really? How can a planetary alignment really be that bad? It happens three times a year and I honestly don't think it's as bad as it may be hyped up to be but I am definitely noticing some differences today! lol  Convincing me that yes, I likely should be a little more aware of it and heed the warnings a little closer.

In the past I've followed the, if I hold positive affirmations and ignore it, it won't affect me.  Yes, I just admitted it, yes I'm probably going to get lots of comments telling me what a dip I am for doing that.  I'm learning ;) It's funny as I avidly follow horoscopes and wholeheartedly believe planets can affect us greatly.  I think just because everyone speaks of Mercury Retrograde so negatively the empath in me throws a shield and looks the other way.  *peers out from under my cloak*

Ok, so what can we expect.  The unexpected.  Simple as that.  Expect lots of twists, turns, tech errors, curveballs.  Pretty much anything that "could" run smoothly most likely won't.  Listen to everything and make sure you are hearing things correctly.  This is a great time for communication issues and misunderstandings.  So take everyone with a grain of salt. Even with this blog post. :P  If someone says something that bothers you, consider if that's really what they meant or maybe they're frustrated from all the whoop-de-doo's in their day and didn't really mean it.  My Lesson Number one this morning.

Now is really not the time to attempt anything complicated or start anything new.  If you do, be patient with yourself.  So I bought a computer last night.  Finally yayyyyyy :)) So today of course, being as ambitious as I am do I take time to see the how the games run? Noooo let's start out by attempting to install every single software program I no longer have.  Bear in mind I just converted from a pc to a Mac. I am absolutely loving the Mac but not an easy conversion with all programs.  Pretty much all my essential ones. So I have dealt with tech errors the majority of the day.  I've also been on the phone, live chat, and email for about 4 hours today trying to solve a technical issue with a problem.  Lesson #2 If it doesn't happen in a decent amount of time, it's not going to.  Walk away for awhile.  Four hours is too much.  It's not in the cards today.  Put a sticky on the table and we will try that again tomorrow.

Let's go outside.  Can't possibly get in too much trouble out there.  So I started a little campfire intending to burn some sticks in my backyard.  My son was bringing over branches to put in the fire.  He tripped and almost fell on the fire bowl, not once, not twice but threeeeee times.  Really? He's never that clumsy.  Enough of a sign for me, don't feel like going to the emergency room, so I let the fire go out.  We will try again tomorrow.  Lesson #3, if the signs are there... walk away.

So back inside and I'm writing this to you.  My son wants to play skylanders.  Anyone have a Wii? Anyone have issues getting that arrow to go where you want it to on the screen? I do.  I usually can get it in a few minutes.   After a couple minutes of frustration and not even seeing the arrow whip by the screen I called in my daughter for assistance.  Lesson #4  If someone is there who can help, don't be afraid to ask! Maybe their luck will be a little better with that task and you can help them with a different one later.

My dog is sitting outside my screen door barking at me completely covered in mud because my daughter somehow misheard me say 4 times do NOT let him offa the leash cuz of all the mud.  See Lesson #1.

Lesson #5, Laugh :)))) We all have not so perfect days right? So make a cup of tea.  Realize everything doesn't always have to roll perfectly and just try to go with it.

I am going to make hot dogs on the grill... hmmm maybe not... fire.... LOL :)))

Magickal Blessings to You and Yours

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. How long does Mercury stay retrograde? I am with you, I have done the same things and ignored it...there is always free will, right? We can choose what does or does not affect us, right? I know that planetary alignments can cause issues. So far, I am having a good day! I wonder if that will change now that I am aware that Mercury has gone retrograde. hmmmm...we will see. Thanks for posting...I always enjoy them.

  2. Merry Meet Trish :)) It stays in retrograde for about three weeks. LOL! hopefully your day will not change now that you read this. I am working on learning more about astrology and Mercury Retrograde is definitely on my list of things I wish to understand better. I can see both sides for why it would or would not affect us. I definitely believe that if people think it will then it will though using the law of attraction. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Big Hugs


Thank you for stopping by :))) Love and Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong

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