Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Mist, Little Bird, Sunrise, and Answered Prayers

Merry Meet,

I just woke up about a half hour ago.  The house was still quiet as everyone was still sleeping.  I made my way to the kitchen shivering a bit as my feet hit the cold stone floor in my kitchen.  I found my way with eyes half closed to the coffee maker to poor my morning cup of coffee.  Then I heard it.... this bird... she was right outside my window somewhere but I couldn't see her.  Singing the most amazing song loud and clear.  I just heard the one bird singing as if she was singing a good morning song right to me.  While looking out the kitchen window I noticed the sun starting to peek out from behind the trees.  I sat there with my morning cup of coffee listening to the song of this one little bird and watching the most amazing sunrise give way to a field covered in the most amazing mist.

Spring is coming :)  I know in a month I will hear the chorus of the birds again in the morning.  It's a sound I have most definitely miss.  We don't get mist a lot where I live.  I know it's going to be a warm day today and hence the reason the field is likely so beautiful this morning.  But I am thankful for the serene experience I was given this morning.  I have been put in a situation where I need to say no to something.  Today is the day.  It sounds easy enough right? Not really, not for someone like me.  That has been a huge obstacle for me to overcome is going with what I want and not what everyone wants from me.  As an empath I hate conflict.  I mean I really really hate conflict.  It makes me very uneasy, and puts this feeling in the pit of my stomach, so whenever possible I try to avoid it.  But I have a situation that I am incredibly uncomfortable with and I am choosing not to partake.  So today I will stand my ground and say no, and pray it doesn't come back to bite me.

I lit a white candle last night and asked for assistance in being strong today, and to help have those involved understand where I'm coming from.  This morning I awoke to the amazing gift of the song of that little bird.  Who sang so loud and so proud.  Even though it was still dark outside her voice lifted through that darkness and brought with it the sun and an amazingly glorious day. I never did see where she was, but I know she was there.   I am thankful for the signs and the strength and knowing I am never alone.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Lisa J. O'DonnellMarch 18, 2012 at 8:18 AM

    Jasmeine, I often look at my 2 girl cats, so soft, and pretty, sweet, gentle, and loving... and they look like pampered princesses, which now they are, as it should be.

    But they were both rescues, and knew lives and treatment that no living creature should know. I have had Luna for a year now, and just the fact that I can rub her belly is a miracle.

    Ya Ya lived under my bed for 3 months when she came here...

    It takes much love, compassion, understanding, and healing, to befriend a feral, abused or neglected animal, and much time. YaYa withstood seclusion and neglet, Luna withstood abuse and homelessness.

    Yet when I talk to them, I often tell them how proud I am to know such strong, courageous creatures... they survived, and they were actually able to regain their ability to trust another human being.

    Our smaller creatures do not have the ability to speak Engish, but they speak to us as they can, through vocal and psychic communication, through body language. While they cannot speak the word "no", they can teach us through example the courage, and necessity of using that word ~ to set boundaries, to survive, to thrive.

    I am forever deeply moved by the enormous and amazing moxie of such tiny, vulnerable creatures.

    Yesterday you said that the signs of our angels are all around us. The night before, my angel brought me a strange dream that I still can't figure out, but he was there, nonetheless.

    Today your angel(s) sent you a delicate, inspiring birdsong, she was leanding you the strength that you need right now for this situation.

    I, too, hate, strong word, but I really, really, dislike discord, as my comfort is found in harmony. I also get physically ill and high anxiety fro situations where I have to say no... butit gets easier the more you do it.

    Just remember, no is an expression of what you are able or comfortable doing. Not everyone can do everything, and if someone wants you to go against what feels right for you... well, then they are probably not a healthy part of your relationships ~ even more reason to put up that shield and say "no", as proudly and as beautifully as that little bird sang her song this morning.

    Never forget, you are a fair, good, and generous person, but you can't please everyone all the time, and there are many people who will just continue sucking you dry if you don't define your limits with one, small, little, tiny word... :-)

    Wishing you strength today,


  2. Merry Meet :)) Thank you sooo much for your message. It meant a lot to me. I always find animals just so amazing. The ones I've had the blessings to deal with have been the most innocent loving uplifting souls. They are just such precious gifts. You are amazing with your furbabies :)))) Thank you again :))) Big Hugs and Many Blessings


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