Friday, March 9, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Merry Meet,

The other day I took some time to take my children for a walk in the woods.  It was nearly 50 degrees that day.  We have a wildlife conservatory near our house.  The snow was still on the trail but it was starting to get really muddy where it was melting from the warm weather.  We took our time, and I stopped countless time to watch my kids scamper up into the woods to check out a tree, or a little stream.  I couldn't help but smile as I listened to them make their "houses" among the trees and allow their imaginations transport them to magickal places.

Along the way they picked up various treasures like sticks and stones and choruses of "Mommy look at this!" sang to me as we went along our journey.  I noticed as we walked that there were really strong "air pockets" I'll call them. It was almost like journeying through little air bubbles.  One moment the air was cold, and just a few steps more and it warmed a good 5 degrees or so.  I am use to changes in temps when walking in the woods do to shade etc, but these temperatures seemed to follow no rules. For instance I could walk out of a warm temp in the shade into a freezing temp in the sunshine.  It's the first time I've noticed that happening.  But I took it to be a sign of spring, for you could indeed smell it in the air.

Our walk took followed alongside a small river that runs near my house.  We came across a simple bridge that went over the top of it.  My children stopped to try to skim rocks on the water.  And toss in twigs to watch them be swept away by the current.  I was marveling at how simple and beautiful it was when I started catching musical notes off in the distance. I hushed my children and told them to listen well.  A few moments later, 3 boys came out of the woods.  One of them was carrying a guitar, playing it and singing softly.  It was just magickal to watch it.  Like we had been swept back hundreds of years and a minstrel band was coming up the road into the town.  We smiled and waved and they went on their way but I couldn't help thinking how perfect it was.

We walked for another half hour after that, a few miles in total.  I absolutely love how much my children enjoy being outside and hunting for treasures in the woods and I hope they will always be that way.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Rachel x

    1. Thank you Rachel :))) Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment :)))) Blessings :)))

  2. Lovely...
    We need to return to such amblings.. and stop chasing our tails with status and money.

    1. I agree :))) It's amazing how beautiful the world is when you remove those things. I often wonder how different people would be. Am grateful for everything that I am blessed with. Thank you so much for stopping by :))) Blessings


Thank you for stopping by :))) Love and Blessings, Jasmeine Moonsong

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