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Aura Colors and Their Meanings

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Today I thought I'd write a little bit about the colors of a person's aura and what they mean.  Some people are able to see these colors pretty easily.  I must confess I'm not one of them. :) As an empath I can feel much more then I can see.  However I will see various shades on people, but for me it's different and I was curious if anyone saw the same.  I see shades ranging from bright sparkly whites with rainbow bits like described below, usually gifted children that may have autism or asperger's, to beautiful golden shades indicating a person's health, down to gray if they are ill or getting ready to cross.  I can tell if someone will cross soon as their light is very dim, and gray in color is the best I can describe.  I'm not sure if I see this way because I'm an empath or for some other reason and I'm unsure why I see this way as opposed to colors.

Let's back up a little.  What is an Aura?

For those who may not know the aura is the electro-magnetic field that surrounds your body and the body of every living thing.  For those of us who are sensitives, this is what we are sensitive to and helps us be so intuitive.  These particles of energy surround your body in an egg like shape.  It extends from the body by about 2 - 3 feet on all sides.

You can practice trying to see your aura by standing against a white wall.  Then you need to focus your attention on one spot, say your nose and just let your mind relax and see what colors may develop.

For those of you who may be able to see colors or are curious to their meanings I have put together the following for you as a guide.

Aura Colors

Pink - Loving, sensitive, artistic, may indicate clairaudience.
        - Muddied Pink - can indicate dishonesty, being fake

Red - powerful, determined, energetic and passionate.
       - Bright Red - grounded, realistic
       - Muddied Red - Can indicate anger, overwhelmed by change, or frustration

Orange - Excited, lots of energy, self-expression, creative, adventurous, socially outgoing, sensuality
            - Orange-yellow - creative, intelligent, perfectionist
            - Muddied Orange - lacking reason, self-discipline

Yellow - Bright and happy, alert, inspired, intelligent, creative, playful, optimistic
            - Light Yellow - emerging spiritual awareness, optimism, or excitement for a new idea.
            - Bright yellow - struggling to maintain control, fear of losing control
            - Muddied yellow - student, overanalyzing,  fatigued,  stressed, ego-driven

Gold - Spiritual energy and power, enlightenment, divine protection

Green - Comfortable, healthy, peaceful, nurturing, intelligent, close to nature, teacher, social
          - Emerald Green - May be a healer
          - Yellow Green - creative with heart
          - Muddy Green - Jealous, resentment, envy, frustration, loss

Turquoise - Sensitive, can easily influence others, therapists

Blue - Calm, composed, loving, sensitive, intuitive, loves to help others, freethinking
         - Light Blue - peaceful, caring, truthful
         - Bright Blue - Clairvoyant, very spiritual, generous
         - Muddy Blue - Afraid of the future, fear of self-expression or speaking truth, sadness, mournful

Indigo - Intuitive, sensitive

Purple or Violet - Wise, psychic power, attunement with self, intuitive, magickal

Lavender - imagination, daydreamer

Silver - abundance
          - Bright Silver - Receptive to new ideas

Black - can indicate long term unforgiveness, may indicate entities within a person's aura, needs compassion, unresolved karma

Gray - Depressed, pessimistic, negative

White - Pure state of light, often a new energy in the aura, purity and truth, angelic

Brown - Grounded, down to Earth
            - Muddied Brown - Feeling Worthless, anxious, distracted by past issues

Rainbow - May indicate a starperson someone in their first incarnation on earth.


  1. I love this ~ thank you! It's funny, I thought I was kookie until I just read your post on WHS. No matter how I try, I have trouble seeing the auras of those that I am not connected to, or those with a strong vibration.

    Which leads me to this... I usually "sense" the color of people, if I meditate on them and close my eyes, I will see their aura and its color(s).

    These are the auras that I will actually see, as best as I can describe them, with my actual eyes ~ rainbow people, a kind of a shimmering, sun's ray beaming out of the person aura, yellow, and the gray of the dying.

    My sisters each have their usual colors, which change with emotion, sickness, etc. The surgeon who is operating on me on Tuesday is both a beautiful warm golden glow, and bright, clear green, like Emerald City Green. I cannot see, or even sense, everybody's aura.

    I also wonder how our own perception of color affects how we sense or see them. For instance, when I was little, my oldest sister told me that red is Mother Nature's way of saying "Danger, stay away!" and I have always had an aversion to red, sensing it as a color of danger, the color of war and violence.

    So, I really don't use red, especially bright red in ritual or on my altar. I just wonder if even the most intuitive of us see or interpret colors in their commonly assigned meaning, or if we see the color that we associate more personally with an attribute, mood, etc.

    My sister struggled for years with an illness that took her life. But I never saw her in gray. She was warm, soft pink to me in health, and carried rainbows with her in the years leading up to her death.

    She was an amazingly incredible woman, the best of the sisters by far, and the only person that I ever knew who passed over without the usual gray shroud.

    Anyway, I am glad to know that you sense/see things, as well, Jasmeine. I think that sometimes what I see in this way is more reliable than what I see with my eyes...

  2. I really like this list of meanings, it is the most accurate that I have found. I can read auras when I connect energies with people. I only see the base color of the aura but as an empath I can sense the rest. I wasn't able to actually see auras until a couple weeks ago when I had a spiritual break through. Before that I could sense the general color but could not see it. Thank you for your page!

  3. Thankyou for telling the colours! I wondered what they ment. Especially the blue, pink, black, gold, white and green. They were the usual colours I saw. Thank you!!!! :•)

  4. Today while sitting outside with some friends, I noticed that another friend was sitting alone at a picknick table the out of no where I noticed what looked like a rainbow radiating all around him.

  5. I wanna share my experience though but I thought it was the effect of opening my third eye to see auras. I'm not quite sure if the thing I saw is reallt an aura. This happened when I woke up today at 4 in the morning to get ready for school but actually my usual waking time is 4:30. So, I just closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep. But a few moments later, I was shocked of I saw because the moon was a Full Moon last night and now, 4 in the morning it was so bright. I noticed that there was some kind of an egg-shaped growing. I thought it was just the one they call "Halo". But when I saw this post, I'm a little confused. Does the moon even have an aura? Please Reply! :)

    1. Merry Meet :))) The Moon has what appears to be a halo that is made up of water vapor. The same thing is actually around the sun but we can't see it because the Moon is so bright. It looks just like a rainbow depending on the view that you have so this can sometimes be confusing. :))) I hope this helps! :))

      Much Love and Many Blessings,

      Jasmeine Moonsong


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