Friday, April 13, 2012

A Crafty Afternoon

Merry Meet :))))

The weather is absolutely gorgeous out today :))) My son and I couldn't help but be outside most of the afternoon.  At his request I took the afternoon off of work and just spent it playing with him.  It's amazing how refreshing he is :)))

The first thing we did was plant some herbs.  I had a little tri-herb planter that I had picked up at CVS on sale for $2.50 so I had him help me plant that.  It had chives, sweet basil and parsley.  I was pretty proud I must confess when he recognized all three just by the pictures. He had a blast mixing the dirt with the water and I must confess it was pretty satisfying getting my hands all muddy as well.  While we were doing that a little lady bug came and landed on my leg.  I tried to get a picture on my leg but when I moved she fluttered down to my deck so I got a picture of her there. :)))))

From there we moved on to beads! :)))) I had gotten a few small bins of beads from Wal-Mart and some pipe cleaners.  It's a craft that's simple for my kids, they love it and it's pretty inexpensive.  We actually spent almost an hour making bracelets! :)))) The first one I made had a gold pipe-cleaner and I chose to use all wooden beads to remind me of the earth.  A couple of the beads reminded me of those old fashioned honey-drippers. I put this one on my left wrist next to a bracelet that he made for me.  I'm one for super expensive jewelry ;) lol :))))

The second one I made was done with a silver pipe cleaner and I made this one to remind me of my chakras and to keep them balanced.  I strung that one with the colors that corresponded to each chakra.  That one I have next to my moonstone on my right wrist.

The last one I made was an anklet.  I chose blue my favorite color.  I strung this one with bright happy colors to remind me of the fun I had with my son this afternoon and to help me to remember to make sure to always take time out not just to meditate but to have fun and play games as well.  While I try to do it frequently I'm a mom of two who works, cleans and does a lot and I don't always make time to play as I should.  I attached that one to my right ankle to help keep me grounded and always remember.

Funny enough, when we were done my son decided to play with the hose as I was cleaning up the beads.  He was watering the flowers, then the herbs, then the sky, the clouds.... :)))  But he said something that made me stop in my tracks and I thought it was pretty profound for a 4 year old.  "Mommy, you have to remember to say thank you for everything." Then he went on to tell me to say thank you for the plants, the clouds, the water, the grass.  My heart just filled with love and joy.  What an amazing spirit.  I definitely have lots to learn from my children.

I hope you all have a magickal day.  Don't forget to take time to play!

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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