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Making Your Own Runes

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It is not known how old Runes are, but rune-like markings appear on cave paintings dated from about 1330BC. The word Rune comes from the Old Norse word Runa meaning a secret or mystery. The Runic alphabet first emerged around 200AD. This alphabet was known as the Futhark after the first six runes - Fehu, Uruz, THurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, and Kauno.

While it is perfectly acceptable to go out and purchase a set of runes to work with, it can be a lot of fun to make your own, and you may find you will have a better bond with them as well. You can make them out of all sorts of material, from wood, to stones that you find in a river or on the beach, or you can get clay and bake it. There are so many different possibilities. 

The Shapes:  Most traditional rune sets are either square or oval in nature but some use long stick shapes as well.  It really is up to you what you are comfortable with. 

Wooden Runes:  This can be done a variety of ways.  You will need 24 pieces of wood that are the same in size. (25 if you choose to use a blank rune in your readings)  You can cut them from a board, carve them from wood, or get some pieces of wood at a craft shop. If you choose to use a tree, make sure you ask permission when taking the wood to make your runes.  With wood, you can use a wood-burning tool to inscribe each rune.  You can also choose to paint your runes. If you choose paint you should also put a clear coat over the top to help preserve the paint.  

Stone Runes:  To make stone runes you want to find 24 stones that are similar in size and feel.  (25 if you choose to use a blank rune)  A great place to find these is at the beach where you can find oval-shaped smooth stones weathered by the ocean.  In the woods you can often find smooth stones as well.  Another wonderful place to look is the streams and rivers near you.  They don't have to be all the same type that is entirely up to you.  However you do want to make them as close in size and shape as you can so that you don't learn the feel of the different ones and have it influence your readings.  To inscribe your stones I would suggest using paint, although with some stones you may be able to use a dremel tool to etch the runes into the stone. If you use paint don't forget to put a clear coat over your paint. 

Gemstones:  You can also use gemstones either rough ones or tumbled ones.  The process for these would be quite similar to making them out of stone. (The ones above in the picture are opalite)

Clay:  Clay is another great material to work with although sometimes it may not be as durable as wood or stones.  Separate your clay into 24 or 25 equal pieces.  Round them in your hand and then flatten them a bit so that you have a place to carve the rune into.  From here carve a rune into each piece of clay.  You can choose to add some additional color to the carved area with paint. When you are done you want to fire or bake your clay to harden it for your use. As I love sparkles I will also add some glitter to the clay before I bake them. :)

Shells - You can use shells as well. :) These can be quite delicate so you will need to be careful with them.  Paint a rune on each shell and clear coat it to preserve the paint. 

Glass - Seaglass is a wonderful medium for this. Especially if you can find similar pieces. You can also go to your local craft store and purchase some of the glass stones that are used as decorative pieces to fill vases and such.  

Once you choose your medium, you can choose how you wish to decorate them, from paints, or carving the runes, to adding little sparkles to the clay the possibilities are endless. You may choose to use actual gemstones or put gem chips in your runes as well. It's all up to you. In addition you may want to research colors and use those that correspond to what you wish to work with. 

I would highly recommend the following website to find out more about runes.  It does a nice job of going into the history of runes and the alphabet:  

Have fun and enjoy!! :))))

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