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I got my first pendulum several years ago. Before I actually knew what it was or what to do with it. I was in a gemstone shop and saw them hanging there. I was intrigued and wound up selecting one to work with. I remember knowing what to do with it naturally. I decided to bring one home with me that day and then proceeded to sign up for a class on pendulums. I all but fell over when in the first lessons I was instructed to handle the pendulum the way I had done naturally in the shop. Pendulums are an amazing divination tool. The trick to them is to try to clear your mind before you do it. You will want to ground and center before picking one up. They come in all different shapes sizes and colors. Select one that feels comfortable for you. I started out with a rose quartz one and currently I work with a moonstone one. :)) I also have a couple other ones.

 Once you find one that you want to use you can start with basic questions.

1. Show me yes (swings in a clockwise circle)
2. Show me know (swings back and forth from left to right)
3. Show me I don't know or unclear (swings in a circle counter clockwise)
4. Show me maybe. (swings back and forth from top to bottom)

This may vary for some of you. Whenever I start a session with my pendulum I start with these four questions. I then always ask for permission to work with it. Every once in awhile I will have an off day and it will tell me no. I always have to laugh because it knows. As for the accuracy of a pendulum, for me it has had me convinced because I will disagree with it at times and then it winds up being right. :) I always love proof and I believe my guides like that.

Not only are pendulums wonderful for divination but they also can be helpful to use in healing. They can help to indicate issues with chakras, help you to find where an illness originates etc. The more you work with it the more it can do for you.

I've also found that empaths and highly sensitive people seem to have a natural affinity for pendulums. I've seen a lot of people try them and either have no luck at all, or it take quite some time for them to get results so don't get discouraged. With empaths the biggest trick is just to clear your mind. It's easier to start with questions that are not personal to you as well until you get the swing of it. When emotions get involved it can be difficult to get it to read correctly, your energy can mix with the divine energy and wind up with a mixed reading. If you've never tried one I definitely recommend picking one up! :))))

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