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Clairvoyance - clear seeing
Clairaudience - clear hearing
Clairsentience - clear feeling
Clairalience - clear smelling
Clairambeince - clear tasting

"I'd like to be the first person to tell you that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CLEAR about any of the above experiences.  I jokingly think that they should be called instead subtle-voyance."

 - John Edwards

Merry Meet :))))

Now how true is that? :)))))  I started reading John Edwards Infinite Quest last night and I had to purchase it and bring it home because I just found myself cracking up!!! If you've not had the chance to read it I haven't finished yet, but I highly highly recommend it. :))) It's like he's standing in the room personally teaching you.  I promise it's an easy read.

I've had multiple intuitive abilities my entire life, being an empath the strongest, or Clairsentience.  I've always been fascinated by mediums on tv's and psychics.  Now, part of the reason I questioned my abilities my entire life because I guess I expected to hear everything clearly? To be shown things that I just couldn't argue with? I'm a Virgo.  I love concrete proof and question absolutely everything.  I mean you see the psychics on tv and it's like they are having actual conversations with those who have crossed? I guess I assumed they could hear them as clearly as they were standing next to them.  Now I understand that some people can hear them quite clearly.  That would be clairaudience.  I do have this at times.  Typically though I will only get a few words and it's not usually when I ask for it. It usually happens right when I'm falling asleep in a dark room by myself.  Awesome right? Have I mentioned I'm afraid of the dark? Nothing more settling when trying to fall asleep at night with a quiet house and a  voice comes outta nowhere that you don't recognize.  I'm grateful that only happens once in awhile.

The majority of the time it's like an inner voice that you hear.  Learning to decipher which voice is which can be a task if you're unfamiliar.  But with time it can be done.  One of the most valuable tools for me was being able to get validation.  When doing any medium work, when I pass messages I will ask for validation from whoever is coming through.  I do it through my guides.  I like specifics.  I want to give whoever I'm passing the message to something concrete that there's no way I could've known.  I love when it means absolutely nothing to me and I can say, yeah I have no sweet clue what this means but I am seeing a picture of this.  Here's some details.  Does this mean anything for you? There response is always priceless to me and honestly that is the best feeling in the world.  To be able to hand them over that proof that yes their loved one is here and wants them to know they are ok.

That being said it has been the biggest obstacle for me to trust my intuition, and learn who's speaking to me and when, but mainly to trust.  It's tough to realize that the things happening to me or that I'm hearing aren't a wicked active imagination. My guides must love me because I'll get a sign and I'm like, ok that was cool, but could you sent 10 hawks instead of 1 so that it's really really clear that it's you? :)))))

I am grateful for their patience in working with me. I've come to accept my gift and I honestly love it and wouldn't have it any other way.  I have never received money for any medium work that I have done and I honestly am not sure I ever would?  They come through when they want to.  I am perfectly happy being a go between and bringing that sense of peace and love to whomever the intended message is for.  Next life I would request that I be stronger in Clairaudience though :P :)))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Your amazing Priestess, I've always loved John Edwards also, I've only read one of his books, but I've seen him live and yes his books are just like he is right in front of you. These are the two that I have. Clairsentience - clear feeling, Clairalience - clear smelling, not sure if there is a corresponse in those but I live with them, and getting used to them is hard at times. Blessed be and keep up the good work, your a wonderful teacher.


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