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Wands can help us to focus our energy when working with magick. I've been making them ever since I was little. We use to go camping a lot when I was young, and one of my favorite past times was finding sticks in the woods and sitting by the fire carving them. I would strip most of the bark from them, then use a stone to sand them down. I use to carve symbols in the side of it. Now, I didn't realize when i was doing it that I was making wands, perhaps subconsciously, but as I look back it's the perfect example.

Yes you can buy wands in the stores, online, on Etsy, and on facebook. You can get ones with all sorts of crystals on them, and ones that have all sorts of carvings. They have ones that are all crystal as well. You can also find pewter wands and many many other types. If you find one that speaks to you by all means. :))) I've also been seeing a lot of really amazing clay ones on facebook lately.   They really do have some beautiful ones out there and have found myself going ooooohhhh look at that one on more then one occasion. :)) If you are on facebook you can see an example of one of these pages here: Spiritual Mothers and Dragons. One day I may get one for myself. For now though I work with wands that I've either found or made. 

You may also have a different wand depending on what type of magick you are doing, rituals, healing, basic spellwork, etc. Get creative! It's something that you will use, and it's something to help you work with energy in the ritual, so make it how you want to. You can look up the various meanings of trees and select a branch from one that you'd like to work with. Just be sure to ask the tree permission first. From there you can select gemstones that speak to you, a quartz crystal, or simply carve designs or rune shapes in the side of it.

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  1. I found some cool drift wood and thought it would be fun and cute to carve my little girl a wand for Christmas. I have grandiose ideas of making it extra beautiful but was wondering what would be the best sorts of crystal or adornments? I am not sure I believe any of that stuff... but just in case it means anything to her later, I want to be able to say "I used because it has and I used this sort of wire because blah blah blah..."

    You get it. Any suggests where I should start? I have the sticks and tools and lots of creativity. Should I just wing it or do you have any advice?



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