Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Breaking Through

Merry Meet,

It's been a day of very mixed emotions for me.  I am actually exhausted from the day's events yet it's not even dinnertime yet.  This morning started as a day I was quite nervous about.  My Grandfather's house was up for auction this morning, again.  It has been a struggle of many years for my parents evicting a tenant.  It came to a close this morning as the house that was my Grandfather's is no longer in my family.  With mixed emotions I set about the rest of my day.  However I was blessed with many gifts this afternoon.

Many of you who read the blog will know that I am in the process of writing a novel in under a month.  A personal challenge for myself that I felt guided to do.  It's actually coming along quite nicely and will be in fact complete for the deadline. :))))))  While writing the book I found myself exploring the similarities between witchcraft and Native American spirituality.  It's a path I didn't expect my book to take, but I followed the guidance I seemed to be receiving and it is all starting to fall into place today.

I've long felt I had Native American roots, but wasn't sure where they came from as to my knowledge my father's side was primarily French, and my Mother's was Italian.  This afternoon my father revealed to me that I have French Indian in my line as well as French Canadian.  It is why my Grandfather's spirit feels so close to Native American in his healing practices and guidance to me.  For those of you who may be just coming to the blog, my grandfather is one of the main spirit guides that I work with.  While I need to explore it further and would love to document the names and dates so that I may research them better, it's a huge breakthrough for me.  It was not uncommon for French Canadians and French Indians to marry, however accurate records may not have been kept as it wasn't acceptable in societies at that time.   A theme that is touched upon in my book, "Rebekkah."

In addition I was also told that the white wolf I loved so much was actually seen by someone who lived on the mountain I lived at with my parents when I lived at home with them many years ago.  A fact that nearly blew me away.  To further that my Grandfather had a very good friend who was a Native American, I remember him from when I was younger.  He also use to tell my Grandfather and Father of the white wolf in our area.  Apparently there was a white one and a black one.  A vision not uncommon to me in my dreams.

I am truly blown away as I'm sitting here writing this because I feel like so much is coming together for me and so quickly.  All of a sudden the writing that has been pouring out of me the past few weeks makes more sense.  The question of the strong Native American influence in my work has the beginnings of an answer.  I have been blessed with so many gifts this afternoon I have lost track.

At the auction of the house this morning my father had a basset hound come up to him. When he leaned down to pet him the pup licked him in the face.  Something that might seem uneventful except that my Grandfather had a basset hound most of his life.  Not a particularly common dog in our area and with the timing on it, you can't hep but realize my Grandfather was sending a sign that all would be ok and he is still here. I am grateful that he is such a strong influence and has blessed us with so many signs of his presence.

My father is starting to realize that he has the same gifts I do, as did my Grandfather, in being sensitive to the energy of places.  He's starting to understand when he walks into places and can feel the energy of an area that it's a gift he's been blessed with and I couldn't be happier.  My mother is the Empath and where I get that gift from.  There was so much more that happened today but I am still overwhelmed with it all quite a bit.  I am just grateful for the amazing obvious guidance in my path in discovering who I am, my gifts, and how best to use them.

Rather then being a day of pain, today seemed to be a day of great healing.  It really was incredible.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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