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Charging Gems and Stones For Healing

Charging Gems and Stones for Healing

Before using them in magick, stones should be "charged" or "programmed" with energy. This is done simply by holding the stone in your projective hand (usually the right, but the left for lefties), visualizing your magickal need and pouring energy from your body into the stone.

The energy is personal power. It resides within all of us. We can move this energy from our bodies into stones, candles, metals and other objects to help us achieve our magickal goals. The movement of this or other forms of natural energy is at the heart of magick.

See the power flowing out from your body, through your projective hand and into the stone. Charge it with the energy of your magickal need; love, money, power, health.

When you know that the stone is vibrating with your personal power, the charging is complete. This simple process performed before each ritual, will greatly enhance the effects of your stone magick.

Don't forget to cleanse your stones. You can cleanse most gemstones in cool running water. When in doubt leave them under the light of the moon. Make sure you check the properties of the stone before cleansing. Another method is to put them in seasalt overnight. Again just make sure the stone won't be damaged by whatever method you use to cleanse it.

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  1. I Love your blog!!! It's nice to see more people turning to nature for healing and empowerment!!!


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