Saturday, May 5, 2012

Full Super Flower Moon

Full Super Flower Moon

Can you guess how this moon got it's name? That's right :))) Flowers are becoming abundant now. They are literally everywhere. :))) It can also be known as the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, and the Hare Moon. The Earth is most fertile right now so it's time to start planting! This year however it is also a supermoon! :)))) This will be the closest the Moon gets to us in orbit until 2014! So make sure you go outside tonight :))) The closeness of it's orbit will make it appear to be bigger in the sky when you go to look at it. If you are doing rituals or spells tonight try to incorporate some of the correspondances from below. It's a great night to plant something in the garden. Get a baby rowan sapling and plant it in honor of tonights moon! :) Bring fresh flowers into your house, design a headband made of flowers for yourself, it's also a very passionate night. ;) Have an amazing night!

Colors: Red, orange, yellow
Gemstones: Ruby, garnet, amber, Apache tear
Trees: Hawthorn, rowan
Gods: Kali, Priapus, Cernunnos, Flora
Herbs: Cinnamon, members of the mint family
Element: Fire

The energy on the night of a full moon is very powerful. While it is a wonderful night to work magick, and recharge your magickal tools and spells, it's also a perfect night to recharge your energy.

So tonight I want the emphasis to be on you! Use tonight to draw down the energy of the moon and empower yourself for your working and what you wish throughout the month.

Find a clear quiet place this evening where you can see the moon. You can bring a blanket if you like. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough. I am planning on doing a variation of this with my children on the beach tonight.

As always ground and center before doing this.

Look up at the moon and notice her energy glowing. Can you feel her power? Try to focus on the energy surrounding her and use your intent to bring it towards you. You want to start with your crown chakra. Work on pulling the energy down through your crown chakra. When you can feel the energy of your crown chakra, move down to your third eye chakra. Draw the energy of the moon down through it. Notice it spinning and dancing with the light of the moon. Then move to your throat chakra. Pull the energy down and allow it to cleanse your throat chakra and recharge it allowing it to spin freely. From there we are going to move down to your heart chakra. Draw the energy down into your heart chakra. While we are there try to breathe through your heart chakra. Spend a few moment really working on opening that chakra and drawing your breath through it. When you are comfy move on down to your solar plexus. Draw the energy of the moon through all your chakras and down into your solar plexus. Allow the energy of the moon to free that chakra to spin. Notice any connections you may feel to that chakra. The solar plexus is a very common chakra for us to form connections or psychic cords with our loved ones. Then move down to your sacral chakra. Allow the loving light of the moon to envelope this chakra and remove any negative energy. From there move on to your root chakra. Really take a few moments with this one and make sure that your root chakra is clear of any negative energy and spinning with the love and light of the moon. When you are done draw that energy all the way down into the ground, forming a tube of energy that comes from the moon, straight down through you and into the ground. Ask the Goddess to bless you on this night with her love and light. Make sure to give thanks afterwards. Enjoy!

Please note, if you are doing this it is very normal to get tingling sensations. You may even feel a bit lightheaded after. Be sure to ground afterward and maybe have a bite to eat.

Have a Blessed Full Moon!

Love and Blessings
Jasmeine Moonsong

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  1. Blessings, thank you for your post, they make me happy!


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