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Hearing Your Spirit Guides

Hearing Your Spirit Guides

Merry Meet :))) I believe that everything around us is made up of energy. I also believe that divination works in part, because of that energy. You use various tools to help attune yourself to the energy around you to achieve the answers you are seeking. That being said I also believe that our spirit guides communicate to us through divination as well. When I was little I rememer hearing them very clearly as if they were next to me. However, nowadays I need to listen a little harder, although I am getting quite use to it again. I remember when I first started out though, struggling for my guides to "whisper in my ears" as I had heard so many others describe. It took me a long time to connect that most of what I heard would be in my mind, a lot like my gift of sight. It can make it a little complicated when you're trying to decipher what's your normal day to day conscience chattering and what's your guides, especially when you are an empath. :)) Being an empath or sensitive can make this even more complicated as our minds are constantly whirring along. 

Once in a great while I will hear them plain as day in my ear but it can be very far and few between. Generally when I do hear it this way it's only a couple of words.  However I hear them pretty much daily in my ear and have learned to recognize a couple of the different guides I have working with me. Sometimes I will get more then one speaking at once and it can get a little loud. lol  I read somewhere once, I think it was from John Edwards, a reader asking how do you know the difference between hearing guides and thinking you may be going crazy.  His simple answer was that if you tell the voices to stop, they will.

So how did I learn to hear them? First you have to be really open-minded to it. You will never ever hear anything negative from your guides. Let me clear that up right away. They are always uplifting. Another clue it's them for me is they will have answers that I don't know. I will be asking a question and all of a sudden I have an answer. Then I go and google it and find out it's right. Always amusing to me. They will also urge me to do certain things, say things, write things.

So a couple things to help you. One of the best methods for listening to them is quieting your mind. They love to come to me in the shower.  The reason for that, is that water is naturally grounding and you're likely relaxed. So don't force your thoughts but let them go where they may and be aware of your thoughts. Bubble baths is another great place. Long walks by yourself. Listen to nature around you and pay attention to where your mind wanders too. Meditation. Now until you get the hang of it, after you are done if you have a second jot down what you were thinking. Pretty soon you will start being able to tell what's you and what's them. Yes they can sound alike. I can't tell you how many times I've said wow I am super creative today. Yeah, ehm no. I've had help. lol

With time and patience you can learn to hear them as I believe everyone has this ability.  It can help you to hear them clearer if you are sensitive to begin with.  However if you are not a sensitive it doesn't mean you can't hear them, you just may need to work a little bit harder at developing your skills.  :))) 

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. thnks, jasmeine, love it <3 - i was wondering how.... Blessed Be

  2. TY Jasmine...As Always, Your Posts Are So Inspiring And On Point. I Have An Owl Who Is My Spirit Guide, We Hoo Hoo And Chat Each Day, It Is Probably Quite Humorous To My Neighbors..LOL...I Do Not Really Know What We Are Saying, Or Discussing, Although, The Owl Is In Sync With My Hoo Hoo's ...It Gives Me Delight And Peace... My Other Guide Or Perhaps Guardian Angel I Believe Is My Nanny Babe, Who Passed When I Was A Teen...Every Now And Then, Out Of No Where...I Smell Baby Powder All Over The Room I Am In... It's Her...Remarkable Isn't It....Any Hoo...LOL...TY... <3 <3 <3

  3. I hear them once in a while but I want to hear more.


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