Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Breathe....

Merry Meet :))) 

I had a lot of topics in mind for today, but I chose to go with a super simple one, breathing. 

 "Ok Jas, really?" You're over there saying right now. Yes yes yes! :))) 

I know sounds super simple but you'd be amazed at how much simple breathing can do. Have you ever noticed that you likely hold your breath when you're tense, in pain, stressed.... uh huh. That doesn't help any of those situations. 

So I want you to go through your day today and be super conscious of how you are breathing. When your patterns change. When you hold your breath. Now, if you get stressed at any point today I want you to stop, and take three deep breaths. It will only take about a minute and I promise you'll feel better after you do. While you are breathing in I want you to think of breathing in calmness, breathe out the negativity. 

If you can get five minutes to yourself lay there and find a pattern that is comfy for you for deeper breathing. For instance while breathing in count to 5, then use the same number to breathe back out. Concentrate on nothing but how it feels to breathe, your tummy moving up and down, your lungs expanding. For at least a day really work hard to monitor it and pay attention to how you feel. Once you have gotten the swing of this exercise then you can work with it. Try to make it a point to stop several times during the day and take three deep breaths to ground yourself.  I betcha you will notice a big difference. :)) You might even see the benefits to doing this daily. :))) I know I do! <3

p.s.  If no one is looking feel free to let out a big 'ol sigh :)))))) You'd be amazed how the air out and the noise you make can be uplifting. :))))) 

Let me know if it works for you!! :))) 

Love and Blessings,

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  1. lol Priestess,, I would love to be where that lady is breathing,, <3


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