Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Native American Validation

Merry Meet :))))

I've been working on my book Rebekkah quite a bit the last couple of weeks.  I reached a point in the book on Friday night that I was questioning the direction I took my book.  For those of you who have been following me a bit, the book is about a witch living in Massachusetts in 1682.  I brought in a bit of a Native American line to the story as well, as it felt right to me.  I was questioning how it would be received though.  That's me, I question everything hundreds of times. :))  In any event, Saturday morning I woke up and did my tarot pulls like I do each morning.  I usually pull a single card from at least one deck, usually a couple.  This particular morning I was drawn to use my Magical Unicorns deck.  I drew the following card:

Family Culture

Learn More about your family's stories and history

Your family's history affects you in many ways. This card asks you to learn about the stories of your family's past. Find out which countries your parents and their relatives come from.  How did they travel to their current location? What languages have been spoken? What jobs have your family members held? The answers to these questions and more will help you understand yourself better.  You can also feel good about your heritage as you learn more about it.  And learning about your family will help you feel closer to them.  

Two things about this interested me.  The first was judging by the card, I took it as confirmation that yes indeed I was on the right path with my book. :)) Out of all the decks I have and all the cards, I'm pretty confident there's a less then 1% chance of me drawing a card to do with Native American culture.  So that sign came through for me really clear.  Then it said to check into your family history.  For some reason I've always felt I had Native American ties in my family but I can't find them in the books.  Not to say they aren't there, I've just not got ancestry to track them down yet. lol :) I feel them a lot around my Grandfather, but to my knowledge that side of the family is all Canadian French.  

In any event, it definitely has an influence on me from somewhere, and I'm sure in the future you'll get one of those AHA! posts from me when I sort it out. :))) Fast forward to later on in the day.  My Mom was watching my son for me.  We had talked about my trip to the ocean and how I was attracted to certain areas, as was she.  Exchanging conversation with her I found it interesting that several of the places I feel really at home in have ties to my family.  Not that they necessarily lived there but they spent a lot of time there.  Wells Maine was one of them.  She also went on to say that she believed one of my Uncles on her side had Native American in him.  That might be the Aha! that I was looking for, but I feel like it's something more then that. It was quite the interesting conversation. :)))) I would love to say that I planned that based on the advice of the card but I didn't.  It's just a piece of how it all works together.  

Fast forward to Sunday, Mother's day.  I was incredibly sick that day, well the whole weekend, still am lol :) I'm a Mom though, time doesn't stop when I'm sick. :))) So I went to a Mother's Day party that day with my family.  At the end of the party we passed the Brimfield Antique Fair on the way home.  It's one of the biggest Auction fairs in the country.  I really wanted to poke around a little bit.   The reason became quite clear to me later on.  About 20 minutes in there was this booth kinda at the back of the fair.  It was closing down as it was the last day.  I know I've mentioned since I got my Reiki attunement my intuition for finding things has increased 100 percent.  When there's something I'm meant to find my hand will start tingling.  Sorta like a dowsing rod in my hand. :) So I followed it and wound up at this man's booth.  The amulet at the top, was what I found.  It's an arrowhead, with a small piece of quartz crystal and snake charm wrapped to it.  As soon as I picked it up it just felt strong to me.  I felt it was a protection piece for me.  The energy on it was just strong, wise and confident.  I also felt that it would help me with my path for a couple of reasons.  The snake symbolizes both healing and wisdom to me.  The quartz, spirit, and meditation, healing as well.  I also find it interesting that the snake has been a symbol of Pagans.  I just found finding this particular piece extremely ironic after the writing I was doing, the card, and the chat with my mom.  

I am open to any opinions and interpretations :))))) I am still digging through meanings and looking for more information as well.  I wanted to share it with you though as I thought it was a nice validation experience.  

Love and Blessings, 

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Beautiful!!! I've seen some of your posts on my fb wall but this one really pulled me in. I feel I must add the connection of learning your family for they are your Ancestors and will help guide you and share their wisdom. Another concept among lightworkers (energy workers) is that those of us drawn to this type of healing are connected more strongly to the Divine and came from pleaides (sp?) so in a sense of the greater connection among us all, we are all one and all of the same "race". Blessed be on your journey and I can't wait to read more!

  2. French Canadians traded alot with eachother quite possible there was love interest as well:)

  3. thanks Jasmeine love Native Americans and Wicca they have a lot of thing in common!! Blessed Be Sis)O(


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