Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rebekkah - Sneak Preview - Coming Fall 2012

Merry Meet :))

The following is a sneak peak of the book that I am currently working on :))) I hope you enjoy!


She clutched the side of her cloak and pulled it tightly around her to try to ward off the chill of the night that was slowly setting in.    With bleary eyes she tried to focus on the world around her, noticing first the scents of the damp leaves and the crisp air in the woods around her.  Her midnight blue cloak matched the shadows around her, and the white inside it’s hood glowed in the moonlight.  She noticed a warmth next to her side and instinctively reached down to touch the fur of the animal laying silently next to her.  He nuzzled his nose under her hand and seemed to be urging her to open her eyes and realize that she was safe.  His white coat glistened in the moonlight and his bright blue eyes were kind but strong.  She slowly opened her eyes to focus in on her wolf, silently thanking him for his guidance in the night. 

She stretched and slowly sat up trying to focus her sight on the dark shadows around her.  Where was she? What had happened? Her hands were itchy with fresh scratches made by branches ripping against her skin.  Her cheek felt bruised as if it had been struck by someone.  All her muscles were extremely tight and a bit of fear still tightened in her chest.  As she slowly started to wake up the events of the night before started coming back in a haze.  
“Seize the Witch!” their cries pierced into the night as she had run for her life through the thick woods.

I lived alone on the outskirts of town.  I hadn’t always been alone. My grandmother had raised me in this house I was in since I was a baby.  While it was just one room it was home to me and I loved it.  The hearth in the center of it was always warm and inviting and the shelves of herbs around the house made it always smell amazing. I fell asleep each night on a soft nest of cloth covered hay as I watched the crackling of the flames lights dance across the walls.  At night as I fell asleep my grandmother would tell me stories of the fae, and the elementals who lived in the woods around us.  She spoke of spirits among us and how if I quieted my mind and listened I would hear them as well.  We had a little bit of land that we kept a vegetable and herb garden on to help supply our food through the year.  The best part of it was the little creek that babbled through it where I was able to catch fish to eat for dinner, and where I spent countless hours daydreaming next to when I was growing up. 

My grandmother had come to America hoping to find the promised land that they spoke of back in London. The plague had hit London and claimed everyone in my family but my grandmother and I. The sorrow was much for both of us to bear so she decided it was time for a new beginning.  She had always heard the talk in the local marketplace of the land of opportunities and dreams.  They said it was a place of peace and happiness and lives begun anew.  A place where being independent and a lady with ideas was not a crime.  She longed to be a medicine woman and practice the healing remedies passed down through our family, and have a garden full of fresh herbs that her and I could work with without the scorn of the town upon her. 

You see, we came from a long line of medicine women, since ancient times our ancestors had long been regarded as the Priestesses and Elders of the Villages. They were leaders of the communities in their right providing spiritual sanctuary, and healing for the sick.  For ages our work had been handed down generation after generation to pass on the knowledge that we had acquired through the centuries.  That is until, the witchcraft hysteria started to hit England. While some of the hysteria had finally started to die down, it had left it’s mark and left my family living undercover in fear that the assistance, guidance and love they offered the members of the community would be outed and the village would turn against them.  
A once admirable life had turned into something that had to be hidden to protect our lives.  We were no longer able to live freely and provide our services that our soul felt called to practice.  My grandparents had often talked with my parents about being able to live freely again and start anew.  However, we barely got by on what we were doing and never were quite able to acquire the significant amount of coin it would take to provide all of us safe passage to the New World. 

So when my parents were lost and my grandfather, my grandmother took that jar down off of the mantle.   She made the decision to give me a better life then what her and my parents had been leaving.  Leave behind the sorrows of loss and restrictions of the society we lived in.  She sold everything we had to get us those two sacred pieces of paper that would provide us safe passage to America, with the belief that we would be free, and able to take our place in a community again where we could practice our craft and help heal those less fortunate then us. 

However what we found when upon our arrival was much different.

.... Coming Fall 2012 :))))))

Love and Blessings, 

Jasmeine Moonsong

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